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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 18, 1983, Tokyo, JapanFriday february 18, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes entertainment 17 radio Japan news on the hour .4 05local afternoon pro gram6 00news, sports i8.e 7 05mary Helen Barrio 7 30del de mantreux8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim pewter9 05wolf Man Jack 10 05mystery theater Lew Erwin Mother Earth news11 05pete Smith .12 05east of Midnight 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlie tuna5 05harry Newman 6 05local morning program7 00news, sports Paul har vey7 30local morning program 9 05charlie tuna 11 05local noon program .12 00news, sports Paul har vey close up 1 05gene price2 05don Tracy 3 05mary turner4 05local afternoon pro Gram Okinawa news on the hour .5 05clockwatcher 7 00-news, sports Paul har vey 7 30clockwatcher 9 05charlietuna11 05day tripper . 12 00news, sports Paul har vey 1 05gene price2 05don Tracy 3 05mary turner4 05on the Road 6 00news, sports7 05nite line 9 05-Wolf Man Jack 10 00mystery theater11 05pete Smith .12 05potpourri 2 05kris Erik stevens4 05humble Harve 6 05weekender Philippines news on the hour . 5 05harry newman6 00news, sports Paul har vey6 30morning line 9 05charlietuna11 05brown paper bag radio . 12 00news, sports Paul Harvey 1 05gene Price 2 05don tracy3 05mary Turner 4 05the roadrunner 6 00news, sports7 05mary Helen Barrio 8 05golden Days of radio8 30jim Pewter 9 05wolf Man Jack 10 05mystery theater 11 05pete Smith . 12 05midnight rambler2 05kris Erik Stevens 4 05humble harve6 05saturday morning live Korea news on the . 4 05afternoon show6 00news 6 30jim pewter7 00 bulletin Board 7 05mary Turner 8 05mystery theater 8 50point of law8 55lou Erwin reports 9 05pete Smith 10 05soul show11 05wolfman Jack .12 05after Midnight 2 05gene price3 05mary Turner 4 05mary Helen Barrio 5 05morning show6 30news 6 50bulletin board7 00morning devotions 7 05morning show8 30local scene 9 05charlietuna10 05roland Bynum 11 05harry Newman . 12 00news12 30golden Days of radio l 05charlietuna2 05don Tracy 3 05country caravan4 05afternoon show Guam news on the hour .6 05great Day in the mom in 7 00news, weather and sports7 20paul Harvey 7 30great Day in the morn in 9 05charlietuna 11 05fen today .12 00news, weather and sports12 30jim Pewter 1 05gene Price 2 05 Don tracy3 05aaary Turner 4 05omnibus6 00news, weather and sports7 05aaary Helen Barrio 7 30 Del demontreux8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim Pewter 9 05wolf Man jack10 05mystery theater 10 55-aao1her Earl i news11 05pete Smith .12 05east of Midnight 2 05musical4 05humble Harve 6 05dick Clark movies Japan thu Fri Yokota West 1 2yokota East 3 Camp Zama 4 5, 6sanno hotel 7 Negishi 8 9benny Decker 10,11 Nagai 12 13atsugi Gateway a ats ugly 14 Nakam Seyan Nana Fri Richard Bong 15 showboat T Sakura i7 18 Okinawa Fri butter l Keystone 5mcas 19 Foster 20 Kinser 1 olympic 22ora-wan 23,24 Camp Hansen 25,26 Chim Uwan 27 Torii -28camp Shields 29 Philippines Fri Bobbitt 27colin Kelly 30 Subic Bay 1cubi Mas 32 Frisini Coican 33 Kalayaan 4 Grande Island 35john Hay 36 Wallace 27seafront a Korea Fri Yon san 2 37 Yon san 1 .38camp Coiner 39 Camp red Cloud 39camp Essa Yons 40 Camp Stanley 1camp Casey 42 Camp Hovey 3camp Howze 2 rec Center 4 44 Fri Camp Greaves 38camp Humphreys 45 Friend Village 46camp Carroll 2 Camp Henry 47pusan 48 Camp Page 49camp Long 2 Camp Colbern 50 Osan a 51 Taegu a 43kunsan a 39 Kwangju a 40 k-16 48 2nd a 52 Guam Fri Meehan 29 sky View 53 1 they All laughed pm 19 2 Firefox pm 20 3 the nesting r 1 4 cheaper to keeper r 22 5 Empire strikes Back pm 3 6 jokes my folks never told me r 24 7 r 25 8 the electric horseman pm 26 9 loophole pm 27 10 Folkes pm 8 11 Road Warrior r 29 12 in god we Trust pm 30 13 Urban Cowboy pm 1 14 fighting Back r 32 15 for your eyes Only pm 33 16 kiss me kill me pm 34 17 partners r 35 18 Nightshirt r a not available ruckus pm stunt Man r tron pm Porky s r Rock n Roll High school pm mag wheels r Back roads r Chatterbox r the seduction r Deathtrap pm greased pm the secret of nigh g Oil pm a time to die r if you could see what i hear pm kill and kill again pm the Best Little whorehouse in Texas r television 36 the pirate movie pm 37 stunt Rock pm 38 graduation Day r 39 reds pm 40 some Kindo hero r 41 Annie pm 42 the sinful bed r 43 pets r 44 Conan the barbarian r 45 the unseen r 46 the great robber y pm 47 Slaughter in san Francisco r 48 head Over heels pm 49 Therri reaper r 50 Meg Force pm 51 Headin for Broadway pm 52 whose life is it anyway r 53 Hanky Panky pm kanto Plain thursday feb. 175 05 .what s happening 5 10donahue 6news7l remember Harlem 8jeffersons8 25movie a woman called Moses 10 05news10 35what s happening 10 40david Letterman 11 259 to 511 50variety special 12 40 .what s happening 12 45facts of life 1 10laverneand Shirley 1 35news Friday feb. 1811 35 .Richard Simmons noon news 12 05general hospital12 50ryan s Hope 1 15movie a woman called Moses 2 55sesame street4 05 Black Beauty 4 40family feud5 05what s happening 5 10donahue6news 7.glenn campbell7 25feedback 7 30dukes of hazzard 8 20 fame9 10kungfu 10 05news10 35what s happening 10 40mcclain s law11 30best of Carson 12 20 .movie 10 Rilling ton place2 10evening at the i prov 3music store3 25what s happening Misawa Friday feb. 1812 10 .family feud 12 36richard Simmons 12 58news 1 03movie Between two Brothers 2 39ryan s Hope 3 01sesame Street 3 59big country 4 23donahue5 15general Hospital 6news6 35kungfu 7 30house calls7 55when the whistle blows .8 50an evening at the in prov9 40quincy 10 30delphi bureau11 25news 11 45david letterman12 30 .kungfu 1 22housecalls1 49when the whistle blows 2 40an evening at the in prov Iwakuni Friday feb. Ib11 55 .general Hospital 12 40 s Hope 1 05dynasty1 55fight Back 2 20room 222 2 45phyllis3 10black Beauty 3 35sesame street4 35donahue-take Kerr 5 25family feud kids say. The darn est things5 55classified ads 6news6 30iwakuni scene 6 35walter Cronkite s uni verse 7mork and Mindy 7 25code red8 30family classic theatre 10news 10-15movie Delphi Breau merchant of death Midnight David Letterman 12 45movie White line be ver3 28quincy Casebo Friday feb. 181 .sesame Street 1 55bon adventure2 20p.m. Special edition 3 10donahue take Kerr 4 05ryan s hope4 25lewis and Clark 4 50general hospital5 35family feud kids say the darn est things 6news6 30in search of 6 55hee Haw 7 35taxi8 15nero Wolfe 9 05side Street 9 55news10 05movie halloween 11 35movie phantasm Okinawa Friday feb. 18 10 30 .cartoons10 35you asked for it 11latin tempo11 30 family feud 11 55kids says the darn est things noonnews12 15general Hospital 1ryan s Hope 1 30nurse2 30kung fun 3 30meandmaxx4sesame Street 5cartoons5 05donahue 5 55take kerr6news 6 35genesis project 7wkrp8movie the Cracker Facto ry9 30in search of 10news10 15movie set death flight Midnight Benny Hill 12 30 David letterman1rock world 1 -.30general hospital2 15news Philippines Friday feb. 1810 30 .you asked for it 11bon adventure11 30family feud kids say the darn est things noon news 12 05quicy1hee Haw 2gimme a break 2 30sesame street3 30ryan s Hope 4news4 05general Hospital 5what s happening Donahue 6news6 30program highlights 6 35kung fu7 30movie Sophia Loren her own Story 10news10 15david Letterman 11an evening at the i mprov11 49profiles in Rock 12 17 .big country 12 41general Hospital Korea Friday feb. 18noonnews 12 15mas h12 40-9 tos 1 10glitter1 35bonad venture 2donahue2 50ryan s Hope 3 15general Hospital 4electric company 4 30speed racer5black Beauty 5 25family feud 5 50kids say the Dandes things 6news6 30the Blue Knight 7 20kung fu8 15movie killer by night 10news10 30benny Hill 11gunsmoke11 50tonight show 12 35 .sctv2 05cannon stripes looks at movies scoff Mutton Superb in suspenseful taps is is a Well crafted and original film about the perils. Of false heroes and uncontrolled militarism. Cadet leaders of an Eastern military school inspired by their spit and polish commandant seize their Campus in armed rebellion against plans to close the school for condominium development. What begins in altruism ends in tragedy As the Young rebels lose control of the Becker the onion Field directs with a sure touch creating almost unendurable suspense As the siege casting is Well nigh perfect. George c. Scott is an old hand at military types and he adds a pathetic Quality tothe wrong headed Gen. Bache. He is seen Only in the first third of the film but his presence is Felt the Well meaning Cadet major Timothy Hutton gives another award worthy film has a flaw a major one. The explosive finale seems illogical and a needless Concession to the Youthful audience s supposed taste for violence. Bob Thomas associated press taps rated pm is appearing in Japan at Iwakuni Mas on sunday. Burt Reynolds miffed at enquirer May sue by Marilyn Beck Tribune company Syndicate Urt Reynolds is talking to his attorneys about suing the National enquirer for malice. And this nine months after he figured he had made peace with and had Bee assured accurate reporting from the tabloid by submitting to an interview and photo s got Burt s Dander up is the enquirer s latest examination of his relationship with Loni Anderson a Story he claims is a pack of lies. She has t moved out of his House he says because she never moved in. And As far ashis entering into a new Romance with Donna Dixon he insists he and the actress have never even met. Trying times while Peter Strauss has Bee completing space Hunters adventures in the forbidden zone in Canada he s been keeping a close Eye on the climate in Hollywood where fear grows Over the possibility of a screen actors strike. Waiting to hear from Abc i be got two Abc projects i be been working on for two years i m supposed to Star in and produce and i m now waiting for word from the network As to How they want Togo Strauss said Over the Long distance Horn. As he Points out the networks Are ordering a delay of some shows that could get stuck in the Middle of shooting while a strike is going on and Are Rushing others int preparation so they won t get caught without product if the walkout happens. And i Don t know where my shows fit says it would be possible for him to go before the cameras with either of those projects one a drama about the shutdown of a Mill the second a world War ii love Story. But it would mean Rushing right into action after finish this film and frankly i need a break. the $11 million 3-d space Hunters he says has Beena particularly exhausting experience because of its very complicated and technical nature. The studio is taking extra pains to make it a class production though and that s great because it s going to have to overcome the stigma of being a 3-d 3-d with a difference Strauss reports that when he signed on for the visual space fantasy he had no idea it would be filmed As a three dimensional offering. When i found out i did t want to do it. But they convinced me it was going to be different. Instead of using 3-d As a device to frighten or fool audiences it was going to be used As a tool to enhance the perspective to truly provide a new dimension to film making. And from what i be seen of the rough footage they re achieving that feat magnificently. But it has create some problems and has left me absolutely suds italian style it had to happen. With the Success of american prime time soap serials such As Dallas and dynasty it was Only Likely that foreign lands would Start making the most of the idea. And now it s Italy that s about to Market its own Brand of suds with lit continues starring Verna Lisi among others

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