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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 18, 1967, Tokyo, Japan To attack red stronghold Saigon up marines in from the South China sea landed thursday to begin a sweep Inland against a longtime Viet Cong stronghold 315 Miles Northeast of military spokesmen said the americans splashed ashore in an assault near the coastal port City a Huynh launch an operation dec House there was no Contact in the Early hours of the military spokesmen Saigon up Large scale layoffs construction workers been scheduled in the face of an imminent cutback in de sense department spending for a billion Dollar construction pro Gram in informed sources said american Navy officials con firmed an adjustment is going to be made in the massive construction being parried out by civilian contractors in Viet but they said details have yet to be worked the Navy escalate Washington up John Tower just Back from Southeast called thursday for stepped up bombing of major North vietnamese Mili tary targets regardless of where located and action to close who conferred with president Johnson wednesday night on his trip to said in a statement that the communists exploited the recent tet truce period at a rate that will extend the War and increase american Are but we can win much More rapidly by an intensification of military pres he Vwe must continue to apply unrelenting pres sure on the Viet on North now is not the time to relax the Tower said i no reason Why we should not bomb every major military target regardless of where we should destroy the enemy airfields and his aircraft on the ground when we should proceed at All deliberate Speed to close the Haiphong it makes no sense to interdict rail lines but not sea Supply it is fatuous to think that important War Materiel is not moving through supervises the informed sources said the entire program was currently under study in other sources said cutbacks could in the next few in the laying off of As Many As workers out of a total labor Force of about now engaged in the the firm affected by the pro posed cutbacks is the pm Brj the larg est construction Combine in the it includes the Morrison Knudsen construction Raymond Brown and and the Jones construction the firm has built six major developed three major and constructed scores of other installations in support of the War it handles about 80 per cent of the construction work in with the rest being done by the army engineers and Navy the Navy officials said some of the layoffs would be due to the Normal completion of certain construction so Well Over half of the billion Dol Lar construction program has been it was Learned that the main reason for the layoffs was an apparent decision by Washington to Cut Down on the funds being supplied to pay for the construction some projects now being handled by the civilian contractors would be turned Over to Mili tary the sources major projects yet to be completed include an Airfield at Phu cat in the Central the k 50 million Dollar new port in the Saigon area and a new military housing Complex just outside there Are scores of smaller the special Landing Force of marines and the seventh Fleet amphibious ready group wedged itself into what quickly became apparent was a 3pronged drive against communist for tresses in the Republic of Viet name Central to the other Marine units were battering the Viet Cong in their own backyard in an opera Tion known As de to the the 1st air was sweeping through the Central the hew the first land ing of marines since an invasion of the Mekong Delta in opened about 69 Miles South of a Marine base at Chu the marines aimed their initial thrust at suspected major infiltration Points for enemy sup american spokesmen weary Warrior a 173rd airborne trooper sits on his resting ills weary head in his during a recent drive in War zone 55 Miles Northeast of a Saigon up Republic Lof Korea prime ii Kwon Chung said thursday an Allied Victory in Vietnam is within our our prime objective in Viet Nam vis to achieve an said now on a Day visit with leaders in Saigon arid with his country troops in with the firm Solidarity and close cooperation among free he i am sure that Victory is within our the South korean Leader addressed students at the univer sity of Saigon where he received an honorary Chung said the dark Cloud of fear which covers Asia today originates in communist whose leaders Are Bent on expansionism by Force and Vio he the current turmoil on the chinese Mainland must not put us off our As Long As the communist regime rules Over main land China it will never cease to create conflicts in Asia and Saigon up the whereabouts of two american soldiers reportedly released by the communist Viet Cong Morie than a week ago during the lunar new year was a mystery american officials said they had no knowledge that the two prisoners had been set other than a from the comm in a virtually unprecedented the american m i s s i o n urged communist officials to give them More reportedly released were pfc diaries Earle and Sammie the communists said they were set free american officials said Womack was with the 25th and was taken prisoner near cd crafts was reportedly an adviser with the vietnamese Ranger and taken prisoner at inh deepening the mystery was a report from vietnamese psycho logical warfare official who said he had seen a report that government troops had picked up two americans on 7 after they had been released from a communist prison in War zone a Viet Cong stronghold about 40 Miles Northeast of but both the american Mission and the Headquarters of general William Westmoreland said they had received no word that any american soldiers had been american sources said that a red Alert had been sent out to All Field units advising them to keep on the Lookout for the two casualties total Saigon casualties Rose to last an in crease of 85 Over the week be an american spokesman the total includes 107 Ameri killed in action and last weeks totals were 117 killed and 920 free world casualties de creased to 42 from 91 the previous enemy losses were com pared to killed in the Previ Ous Pacific stars stripes wounded Vietnam Bureau Saigon two civilians employed by the rms construct Tion firm were injured by a grenade at 11 thursday near the Mekong Delta City of my the two both were Riding in a jeep when the grenade tossed by a the men were not in their identification was of in Saigon a mine near the thai american building killed an 11yearold boy and injured three other also in Saigon a terrorist at tempting to an explosive charge in front of a government office in the fifth precinct was killed by the apparent Accident discharge of the plastic no other casualties buddies move fast for wounded aussie an australian one of a number wounded when they accidentally set off a Booby trap during an operation near Nui is raced to a Heli copter for evacuation to a Field Hospital at Vung up Radl photo 250 drown in storm Iran Hundred and fifty passengers drowned when a motor launch capsized in a storm in the Gulf of it was reported thurs

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