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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 17, 1983, Tokyo, JapanThursday february 17, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes Mia s daughter nabbed in Thailand compiled from wire services Bangkok authorities have arrested the daughter of an Ameri can Pilot shot Down Over Laos and a45-year-old american Man who May have been connected with an ill Fate november attempt to Rescue any . Pos who might still be inlays. Lynn Standerwick Davis 26, and Lance primer were arrested after police found illegal radio equipment Gas masks Jungle fatigues binoculars and scuba diving equipment i their House at Nakhson phanom on the thai Laos Border 390 mile Northeast of Bangkok. Meanwhile thai officials also said that intelligence reports indicate that three other foreigners have slipped across the Border into Laos recently. No other details were available. Authorities have said that the Leader of the november raid former Green Beret it. Col. James g. To Gritz has re entered Thailand recently and might be planning another Mission into Laos. They have been searching for thai government has denounced the Rescue attempt and said Ritz and his associates will face charges if they Are located. It said Gritz will be charged wit illegal entry and Possession of illegal weapons. He could serve 20 years imprison. Davis and primer were charge with illegal Possession of a High powered radio transmitter. Diplomatic sources in Bangkok said Davis is the daughter of it. Col. Robert l. Standerwick who was shot Down Over Laos in 1971. His remains never were recovered. He i listed As presumed dead. Primer usually reliable source said is an associate of Gritz. Authorities said both Davis an primer denied any connection with the Laos raid but admitted Gritz an three other americans stayed a Short while at the rented House. The House where Davis and prime were arrested was also believed occupied by Gritz before the november raid. Davis and primer denied knowledge of the radio and other equipment found at the House saying they arrived at Nacho phanom Only three weeks ago. The . Embassy in Bangkok said a consular official had been sent to Nakhson phanom to offer Standar Legal assistance to the americans. It. Col. Sukhontha Marn of the Nakhson phanom police said Davis is from new Mexico an primer from California. Nakhson phanom located on the Mekong River which divides thai land and Laos was the jumping offprint for Gritz s Mission. The Rescue attempt which ended three Days after it began was financed in part by Hollywood actors Clint Eastwood and William , three other americans and a group of laotian mercenaries were ambushed just inside Laos by an armed group believed to be anti communist guerrillas. All of the americans eventually made it Back to Thailand although one of them was injured in the firefight and his release was secured Only after a Ransom was paid to the attackers. Gritz a decorated Vietnam War veterans has reportedly become intensely involved in the Mia Issue in recent years saying he is convinced some americans remain alive in Indochina. Laos and Vietnam have denied holding More americans and the . Government has also expressed scepticism. James g. Gritz last weekend a four Man Ameri can team flew to Vientiane the laotian capital for talks with communist officials on the Mia Issue. The group returned to bang Kok monday. The United states and Vietnam also have held talks in recent years on a full accounting of the mias. Drugs from Page 1 Over the counter japanese Medica Tion outlawed in the United states by the food and drug administration because it contains codeine. The fact that Bron May be purchased legally by the japanese does not alter its illegal status for . Citizens .military officials said. Names of the dependents implicated in the Yokota drug Case Are being withheld because they Are minors base officials said. A teen Ager who was identified As Thering s supplier has been barred from the base and jailed by japanese police for alleged use and Possession of heroin. He faces trial in japanese court this week. The remaining ring members five High school seniors four juniors five sophomores and seven who Are out of High school face disciplinary action that includes loss of base driving privileges suspension California � from Page 1 the two democrats who together pay the state s Bills and control its Cash said the first registered warrants will be issued next wednes Day. The warrants checks that cannot be cashed for several weeks will go to about 40,000 taxpayer expecting refunds and to about 10,000 businesses that have provided serv ices to the state Cory said. In following Days warrants would go out to More taxpayers due re funds to state employees in lieu of paychecks and to counties and the Federal government for the state share of welfare benefits. The Lous could go to As Many As 8 million protective suit eyed from extra curricular activities a school and mandatory Community service work As Well As the possibility of Justice in the japanese judicial system base officials , one student has already been sent Back to the states another is being processed for return and still another is being considered for the same action said maj. Joe Corfield chief of Public affairs forthe 475th air base Wing. Corfield said parents met with the win commander and offered to take Stern parental action which willbe subject to monitoring by a Wing staff member. No action is being taken against the parents. The possibility of a drug ring a Yokota came to Light after a concerned and very conscientious Parent came Forward and reported to the air Force office of special investigations Corfield said. He said the investigation began full scale Jan. 20 and subsequent action resulted in a systematic take Down of users and dealers who reportedly had been holding an transferring drugs since october of last was systematic police work Corfield added. Interviews led to admissions that people had been users or dealers. Not every kid was found with a stash. Don t think from what we re seeing Here that we retaking about the kind of drug crime problem we re having in the ."Corfield said the Wing commander col. Barry j. Howard worked closely with parents school officials and investigators in the breakup of the drug this Case started breaking i found All the parents More than willing to cooperate Howard said. We Learned a lot from this investigation and our experience has enhanced our ability to Deal with this kind of problem. If parents and school officials continue to cooperates they did in this Case we can feel somewhat secure in our control of future problems of this other base authorities echoed Howard in emphasizing that the investigation was not a one shot Deal and that drug use would continue to be a High interest item for Yokota s Security police. The japanese government has primary jurisdiction Over any Crimi Nal offence committed in Japan abase Legal spokesman pointed out adding that it holds True even i you re a . Citizen arrested by a . Policeman on a . Air japanese courts often mete out stiffer sentences than american courts for drug addition under japanese Law a suspect can be held in jail for More than three weeks incommunicado before being formally indictment suspects can be held indefinitely. Taxpayers expecting refunds and to86,000 state employees. The Federal government has said it will not take the warrants Unruh said. As Unruh and Cory spoke re publican gov. George Deukmejian met again with legislative Leader behind closed doors in an attempt to end a stalemate Over solving the $1.5billion deficit in California s $25.2 billion budget which went into effect last july 1. A tentative agreement reached last week fell apart monday during Athree hour meeting Between Deukmejian and the frankness of the agreement had surfaced Over the weekend when staff members tried to put All the elements into president pro Tern David Roberti said Senate democrats an the governor s staff still disagree on what economic events should trigger a tax increase. Deukmejian wants a tax increase Only if the Economy worsens and tax revenues drop while Senate democrats want an increase immediately to pay off the deficit and maintain social programs. Deukmejian who took office i january wants to save $600 million in the current fiscal year by budget cuts and get the rest of the $1.5 billion shortfall through More economies next fiscal year. Consumer and Energy programs would be hit the hardest. Expanding on the state s financial problems Unruh said Moody a one of the country s leading Bond buyers guides is close to a decision to drop California s Bond rating from a a Toa. Holders of California Bonds will face a loss if this happens he said. The state has about $7 billion i various types of Bond obligations for everything from school to canals. Plagued by declining tax collections during the recession it also owes $400 million to a consortium of eight Banks headed by Bank of America. It has borrowed another $1billion from its own special funds. Atlanta a the army worried that soldiers would be hampered by their protective cloth ing in chemical warfare has asked researchers to try to develop chemical Armor to neutralize nerve University chemistry pro Fessor Fred menger Hopes to find polymer material such As Nylon with giant molecules to wage a microscopic Battle against the deadly Gas can attack through any unprotected area of skin. Once inside the body menger said the agent inactivates an important enzyme inthe nervous system and induces immediate is testing synthetic poly mers which have shown Promise i neutralizing substances similar to nerve Gas. Nerve Gas is not used in the tests. According to maj. John Myers an army spokesman today s protective suit stops nerve Gas but interfere with the wearer s Mission. The army would like to replace the current suit with gear that gives full Protection and still allows the Soldier to proceed with his Mission

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