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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 17, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 4 world Pacific stars and stripes february 1983 officers fired after rebel raids compiled from wire services Manila the military has relieved two senior officers of their provincial commands in the Wake of an upturn in communist guerrilla attacks on Island in the Southern the philippine news Agency said the military also has installed Tough new commanders Over Davao City the associated press with one million Davao is the largest City in the Southern the Southern Philippines top commander vowed to break the Backbone of the communist the Relief of Milton Tiburcio and Salvador Sayson coincided with an fallout military offensive against the rebels in the Northern and Eastern provinces of the Southern where the two officers had been serving As provincial constabulary at least 100 filipinos rebels and civilians have died in the worst six weeks of violence in the Philippines since president Ferdinand Marcos ended eight years of martial Law in january offensive to continue the Southern command Delfin said the week old government offensive on Mindanao against the communist new Peoples army spa will not be relaxed until the rebels Are seven Battle tested Marine sup ported by helicopters and Navy have been sent to the Region to flush out an estimated 600 the philippine news Agency said monday that government troops were advancing on suspected rebel bases in rugged mountains in Southeastern 600 Miles South of Marcos ordered the government push Early this month after several recent attacks by bands of up to 200 about people fearful of being caught in a crossfire have been uprooted by the United press International reminders of Vietnam its a real the associated press quoted an unnamed Diplomat As saying after he travelled through Central parts of the Road look like with slogans painted on the pavement and soldiers the deaths have include executions of civilians who have refused to cooperate with the the associated press there have been reports that government troops have abused civilians during the drive against the up and a we get letters from All Over about human rights and actually i think we Are sometimes too Castro a report by the Davao chapter of the Philippines bar association has accused the military of forcing people to move from their Homes to strategic hamlets similar to those set up by and South vietnamese forces during the Vietnam in strategic hamlets were established to try to Cut off supplies to the Castro said the people who have moved have done so voluntarily because they were harassed and taxed by Pedro Northern Mindanao regional said some rebel units have tried to confuse the populace by trying to pretend they were government Twenty rebels left dead after one encounter were found to be wearing regular army officials the Large scale fighting Between the communists and the government has shattered the peace that had prevailed on Mindanao since the waning of a moslem secessionist movement that took More than lives in the a few moslem rebels still harass the but military sources say most of those who have not surrendered under an ongoing government amnesty have been absorbed by the bolder and better equipped Marcos told a group of moslem visitors in Manila last week that he has intelligence reports indicating the communists Are supplied by an unnamed foreign military sources in Mindanao say soviet weapons have been found with the and one officer said he believes the communists Are actually More soviet than hampering diplomatic relations since the the a the Philippines has been trying to improve relations with both the soviet Union and China while remaining one of the United states closest third world although there is scattered communist activity elsewhere in the Mindanao has been the hotbed Zafra said the Jungle covered terrain of Central Mindanao is Ideal for a guerrilla he can be five meters 15 feet from and you cant see your he the a quoted unnamed military officials As saying that the insurgency problem is worse in Mindanao than elsewhere because Marcos political opposition is most Active Bagayan de Headquarters for Zafrans regional is run by an opposition mayor and provincial the Aquilino said the opposition the Only alternative to the Are dissatisfied with Marcos if we dont keep the process of people turning to violence will be that much More he Korea claims violation Tokyo a North Korea official news Agency has claimed that a spy plane infiltrated North korean air space the Agency called in one of a series of vicious acts of espionage since the joint korean team spirit exercises the unc denied North Korea we have repeatedly stated in response to North korean allegations at various military Armi Stice commission meetings that we do not violate North korean air a unc spokesman the korean Central news Agency said a sr71 Hig Altitude Jet was in North korean air space for six minutes monday East of in the North part of North 7th Fleet joins search Singapore up the 7th Fleet has joined in the search for a missing private Jet carrying a sri lankan millionaire and five other air traffic controllers lost touch with the Lear Jet 15 minutes after it took off sunday from Subang International Airport in the malaysian capital of Kuala it was in route to sri Lanka at the there is every probability that the plane crashed in the Indian said an aviation expert close to the the 7th Fleet has joined in the land and sea search by the armed forces of a India and sri Singapore officials sri Lanka is an Island in the Indian Ocean near the six men aboard the plane included its Philip Upali who not Only is a flamboyant but is a Cousin of sri lankan president Junius agreement on tap London up leaders of Britain striking water treatment workers agreed Early tuesday to bring their wage demands to arbitration in a move that could Lead to a settlement of the 23dayold a govern ment panel the strike has forced some million people in Wales and Northern Ireland to boil their water and left with no working taps at negotiators Between the nation Al water which represents and the strikers broke Down on the government is offering the water workers a percent wage the Union is demanding 15 the water who earn an average of a Are demanding pay on a Par with other Public Utility letter bombs defused London a bomb disposal experts have defused letter bombs delivered to the British agriculture ministry and the Canadian embassy in Scotland Yard police believe both bombs were sent by the animal rights an extremist group which claimed responsibility for a letter bombs sent to prime minister Margaret thatchers residence Lebanon from Page 1 this is the first time that the restructured lebanese now totalling has established control Over the entire lebanese capital since it broke up into sectarian factions during the 197576 civil West Beirut is the moslem the move into the East part of the City was seen As an attempt to gain wider moslem support for the Christian who has been under pressure from moslem leaders to disarm the Christian militiamen just As the army disarmed lebanese moslem militiamen in West Beirut five months uniformed Phalanx its maintained a guard on the Beac Side Headquarters of their command in East Beirut Tarantina neighbor but there was no Challenge to the regulars As they set up Check Points and sandbagged posts in several the Lebanon biggest righting Christian party which is headed by the presidents Pierre Germayer had pledged to terminate its Public military pres ence in East Beirut simultaneously with the entry of the reporters visiting one Phala Gist Barracks monday night found the 15 or 20 including the guard at the in civilian clothes and Only one a sub machine in but one of the militiamen said the the christians traditional will come Back in five 10 and the militia would not speaking of the agreement on israeli officials said they did not know if the renegade major will remain in command of his under the Israel lebanese agree Haddad will keep his it Saad Haddad was not if More senior officers would be dispatched to South Lebanon to take Over the Haddad broke away from the lebanese army during the Chris Tia moslem civil War and declared a narrow strip abutting israels Border As a sem Independent enclave named free his troops were equipped and paid by on Haddad opened a Garrison in a key Southern town and announced he had dispatched another unit to the Israel held Bekaan his militia now is in control of an area roughly Matching a Southern Lebanon Buffer Security demanded by had dads new moves followed the establishment of a Headquarters monday in Lebanon third largest he attempted to counter rising fears that his moves to consolidate his position were leading to the partition of reiterating support for the Central government he rebelled against in

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