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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 17, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 12 Pacific stars and stripes february 1983 february 1983 Pacific stars and stripes 13 martial arts on stage at bases in Japan by Hal Drake senior staff writer its a fanciful setting that could be the hollow ruin of a Cathedral or an empty japanese the flow of Light coming through stained Glass or a torn paper Jason Heller puts his hand on the Haft of a sword and uns heaths a slashing whistle of and strikes a series of formalized a Fine Blade goes Back into a Long Heller on a a Tanto a Short sword for the close in artistry of assassination or now he in Brown Robe with Green crowned with a head the uniform of a there is the Remote chorus of a to what god does this Warrior with the Sharp and Pale features Pray now there is a strident oath and another figure enters in a Robe of Blue the Kabuki color of he kneels behind who starts the Rustle of the intruder and turns on his a few soft insults pass Between then a hoarse met As both leap to their swords Flash like fists would in another world but with the elegance of an old world fencing Academy and Vance and thrust and As Graceful As the turning Point in by they thrust and wrestle in a blooded splash of and hellers hardest face is like the image on an Amulet As he Steps Back and measures his assailant for a Jason Heller concentrates As he eyes his photos by co Ken George killing its All done in slow motion Heller moving his Blade in a lateral slash As the other Man raises his like a Heads mans As the assailant is Heller suddenly Springs into berserk to his sword swinging Over and because a new assailant has jumped into the a being in a Black cowl like that of the sackcloth of a religious this is a one of the Catlike creatures of japanese legend who scaled Castle Walls to assassinate Feudal lords in their sword straight like the right Jab of a Southpaw Heller seems a being scarcely moving his Torso while whipping the Blade across in a Short the dark figure jerks and As if acknowledging then fades Back with Gaudy and dramatic now another would be he and Heller lock their eyes stalking each other As their bodies turn in unconscious hellers blow is Down the his opponent stif then folds downward in the ritualized finality of the Light of the real world Falls across the stage As Heller sheaths his weapon with casual Grace and the audience Breaks into a tired Heller wants Only a Shower and something Cool after this performance at Camp since his Zama he has been preparing for an even bigger martial arts fantasy dream at Yokosuka two performances of the drama at 6 and will be held Friday at Yokosuka Benny Decker tickets Are available through Yokosuka spec Ial services or at the if Heller has his hell Periscope the Yokosuka cheers into an approving Roar from a firs night Broadway Heller should he Call this strange creation of this combined space fantasy and licensed steal from japanese history ninja of that wont Heller is will come to him and it will be As he As the inspired notion that fastened him to turning what he had thought would be a Brief stay into 12 after coming to Heller studied zen self denial and emotional the doorways to spiritual he turned the resolve that he Learned in zen toward mastering martial arts bar handed and in which bound strips of Bamboo simulate the two handed Samurai As an a weapon less Heller can make broken boned losers of four attackers at in his martial arts one of his weapons is a a three pronged device like the Trident that Gladia tors carried into the roman Colos the nag Inata is like the Quarterstaff of Robin Hood and Little hellers show reflects his skill at the fast draw of the its How you the Speed that you Lancit Pating the Angle of your opponents draw he Heller formed action inter seven foreigners and three to stage martial arts which have a Story line like that of a Republic studios Western an attack on the hero repulsed by his Resolute the shows incorporate the Art of the dark Clad Midnight Heller Learned that from kunihiro who holds 37 separate martial arts degrees and is an expert in the climb up the Castle Wall and the killing Heller and a Friend have put together a script for the futuristic martial arts review that will be shown at the script involves an Wells Type time with trav e 1 e r s debarking in the Feudal Days of the main character will slip in and out of the time to the ninja and the martial its a Heller it gives me an Opportunity to express myself artistically As an to say in a spiritual with his ninja Heller he can make martial arts look like stylized away with pointless Bannister busting and fur the younger kids Only want to see the fighting and the action and All of that he complained the Heller is hard ening into something of something worthy of the big if he can Rustle up the none of this was supposed to have Heller a 41yearold who tried Hollywood for a while As an he came to the West coast after his late1950s graduation from West Jefferson High school outside for 11 years in he had Small parts in to thrillers such As Mission impossible and in Burt Reynolds first big represented by the prestigious Desilus Heller was offered what seemed like a fascinating on shot Deal the key role in a Samurai movie on which would require him to learn some chinese and Lay unfamiliar hands on a leaving in the same year his Jack got a Luck break part in easy Heller spent a year in Taipei As the filmmakers took their and on the Way Back to Holly i decided to visit Kyoto in Heller i just wanted to stay a few and i got a bit involved in and i loved Kyoto the atmosphere was too a few weeks became five Heller did a japanese television playing a i who married a japanese and then was killed in it was the first of Many film parts that would keep him profitably afloat As he moved to it want Heller to move from the passive discipline of zen to the Active one of martial after every one of those arts had roots in where Temple elders were the first to healthily flex bodies that could atrophy during hours of motionless in one of hellers routines at he narrated a taped monologue a Hundred years there was a caucasian adventurer in his character thought Power was the prime mover in martial but was beaten by a better learning that careless Force had to be reined in by spiritual they in a real if you have a thought for just one youre already Heller exit moves into the psychic As danger is Felt before with a due list halting a backward step because sensor like impulses warn of an enemy or a trap behind you develop your intuitive sense to an extreme Heller we i Are a bit too intellectually we dont get the balance that where the meditation comes a lot of Western Heller have shamed martial arts with excessive but he has Faith in his own the thing that going to do it for he is the theres a place in the Market for that it Hast been in there in Nutsu is going to be the next big in going to create the How can Heller be so sure he has this gut this an assailant prepares to strike meditation ferocity shows As an attack is joined

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