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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 16, 1983, Tokyo, JapanWednesday february 16, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint 13 the uplifting integrity of education calling Standard aptitude tests for prospective teachers an academic electric chair education professor Walter Mercer of Florida am has joined a movement to eliminate october the Black passing rate on the teacher licensing test was 37 percent compare to 90 percent for Whites. And or. Joseph Baldwin president of the National association of Black psychologists denounced Florida s minimum achievement tests required before a student is graduated from High school As a racist instrument amounting in his words to european cultural he called upon Florida Blacks to resist these apologists for Black non performance May be unwittingly embarked on could be the most humiliating putdown for America s Black citizens since equal Opportunity was replaced for a drive for affirmative Opportunity was originally defined As the equal Chance for self betterment and Equa Access to the fruits thereof. Affirmative action assignments. 2 t5ach yourself to write 3 tfx a cur stuff arithmetic Jenkin Lloyd Jones it was said would be the seeking out of presumably equally qualified members of minorities for available jobs. But it was quickly redefined into special privilege and the demand for racial quotas. Thus Black firemen and policemen Wouldhave to be hired regardless of their standing on competitive tests and promotions would be based not on probable competence but on skin color. This was a dead end Street. For if it was right and proper for Blacks to resist discrimination the reverse is equally True. To believe that racism can be practice in behalf of Blacks without creating racial tensions is to demand that White meekly accept what Blacks understandably abhorred. The rationale for double standards of perform Ance was that Black talk is so different from Standard English that Young Blacks Are required in effect to learn it As a foreign language. But nobody offered special privilege to vietnamese refugees to whom English really was a foreign language or to Many thousands of european immigrants who did t demand special testing. It is time to tackle head on the plaint that literacy in Standard English is european cultural it is on the contrary the we Ike Only door that american Blacks will find to wide Opportunity. Where does the perpetuation of the gobble of the ghetto and glossing Over wrong answers really Lead no employer will willingly hire anyone who cannot understand directions. No one takes on As a Secretary a person who writes ungrammatical Yand can t spell. But there Are More serious problems. What about the next generation if Black teaching candidates in Florida Are Tobe qualified even after they have avoided or flunked competency tests what happens to the next generation if we were to desegregate schools then Only Black children would be victimized. But if we hold to desegregation All children Are cheated. The Alabama White Parent who two years ago reacted with anger when a Black teacher sent Home an illiterate note were not guilty of racism. They were protesting discrimination against their child in order to provide a Job. There currently is a loud Flap about efforts bythe Mcaa to raise academic standards required of College athletes. This it is charged Isanti Black which is another Way of saying that a larger percentage of Black athletes could t make the consider the alternatives which Are two poor academic achievement would have to be tolerated among athletes of any color or there would have to be a two tier system one set of standards for White athletes another for Blacks. That of course would be racism. When Kyle Ross former Captain of the Creighton University basketball team quit school and returned to Chicago to learn to read and write in a grammar school class what was this but the revelation of a fraud against Ross who had passe through a system that had pretended to educate him and had done nothing there Are two words integrity and can t have one without the other. . Times Bah Humbug to St. Valentine s Day sentiment Washington St. Valentine Day May be a Dandy time fora Gangland massacre but it s not my idea of a National this Day across the nation from every living heart and Hearth Stone comes an outpouring of simpering sentiment and commercialized affection that is enough to wring the heart of every Truelover. St. Valentine s Day is giving sweetheart a bad name. This used to be the weekend we celebrated Lincoln s birthday. At least in the Northern states feb. 12was a Day for the recitation of the Gettysburg address in it seems that or. Lincoln was born too close to St. Valentine s Day feb. 14. This year to accommodate those who want a three Day week end Lincoln s birth is often being observed on monday the 14th Valentine s Day slipping the moorings of memory stores have decided that Lincoln lacks sales Appeal. No More Lincoln s birthday sales those sales now come on Washington birthday a couple of weeks later last weekend was for pushing Flowers and Candy and jewelry. has shoved Lincoln aside. At the High end of the scale Tiffany s offered an orgy of Dia mond studded hearts. For hoi Pollok heart shaped Candy boxes press in at every drug store Check out florists Valentine s Day activity William Safire is exceeded Only on Christmas and easter having just passed Mother s greeting card manufacturers i suspect Are the prime routers of Valentine s Day. Lincoln did nothing for greeting cards. St. Valentin provided a Bonanza for people who care enough not to write their own sentiments. Back in the old Days the idea Wasto create the Valentine card yourself and then Send it without signing recipient would wonder who was asking will you be my Valentine and was Able to Puzzle out the sender from the handwriting. Received an Anonymous Valentine a few years ago and had to hide i until i figured out it came from Clare soothe Luce who was this St. Valentine any Way that All our swains commend him he was a third Century Chris Tian Martyr whose feast Day before Pope Gregory fiddled with the Calendar was feb. 14. But he Wasan upright fellow whose life. Involved no known leering at girls or dragging Home a Whitman s Sampler whose Price was to be Cut in half the next Day. According to the Century diction Ary s edition of 1897, the custom of sending Valentines had its origin in Heathen practice connected with the worship of Juno on or about this Day feb. 14 its association with the Saint is wholly about that be who indulge your lecherous greeting card Pur chases on the theory that it also does Honor to some All but forgotten mar Tyr. The Day has no cloak of respectability at All St. Valentine had nothing to do with it. What then to do about the commercial need for a lovers Day lovers Day and let s Call it that rectifying the mistake about poor St. Val and with our Apost Rophe properly placed should no come seven weeks after Christmas when buyers Are still broke fro gift giving s superbowl. Far better in the fall when love affairs tend to break up anyway. Between labor Day and halloween seems natural conforming to the German Fasching will say that a february Valentine s Day has become to deeply imbedded in the american psyche to move from its familiar Date. They forget what we did to armistice Day which used to be to health Day of the Lith month and was switched in the dead of night to veterans Day. Quick when is veterans Day of America what s it to be a reverence for Lincoln or an Ever growing bacchanal to a huge Bosomed Heathen goddess we who on this Date Salute the Union have nothing against those who wish to give that word a More personal meaning. Let s just not Rainon each other s Parade. . Times Roppo Ngi 7-chome, Minato Kun Tokyo. 104 Japan Contemp of this publication. Opinion ass ssh official . Addresses. Copyright relict on preclude acceptance of subscription tar delivery .0 individual address Hon the Continental United states. Pacific stars and stripes col. Joseph e. Burlas Usa commander editor in Chi i. Col. Denis m. Mehigan Usa Deputy commander business Mil. John w. Higginbotham. Usan Deputy cow under marketing operations or Timothy r. Hutch6ns executive editor. Zm-3310. 3140 Don Mccaffrey Pacific editor Tokyo i29-315j Dwight trimmer Usan Washington Bureau chief Pentagon 727-m95 Steve Davis Usa Korea Bureau chief Yon san 7iso, 050, 7447 Helen Webb Usa Japan Bureau chief Tokyo 719-3374,3153 Dave Ornauer Usan Pacific sports writer Tokyo 779-3153 Danny Layne usic Okinawa Bureau chief Mak Minato 437-14 0 Pete Meher. 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