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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 16, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes february 1983 birth it better to know that parental notification thing looks pretty Good on but As soon As you try to apply it to people and situations you it Falls at least it does for in of of the recently promulgated regulation requiring that federally funded agencies notify parents when they provide contraceptive drugs or devices to i can see what the Fashio ners of this Rule had in i dont like the idea of some federally funded or interposing itself and its amorality Between me and my especially on so explosive an Issue As if my daughter has a problem in this i want to know about it so we can work it As i read is the Point of the it will Force daughters to talk to their parents before embarking on and that will give the parents at least a fair shot at talking them out of on in real i find it impossible to imagine it working out that the whole thing seems to be based on a false alternative your teenager is seriously thinking about having sex with her but is smart enough to under stand the risks of therefore she will a Avail herself of some form of contraception under the new Means that you will be notified so that you and she can have a Good old Heartt heart or b she will balk at the notification requirement and decide that sex want such a Good idea after what is far More i is that if she is already planning to become sexually she will either use some Means of contraception if that Means she has to let you in on take her chances without relying instead on advice from naive the regulation was supposed to go into effect on a Federal judge in new York barred the department of health and William Raspberry human services from enforcing the Rule until a trial is the regulation is calculated to assure parents right to know about the sexual plans Andor activity of their teenage its framers dont understand that a lot of parents including perhaps a majority of fathers really dont want to what would we do with the information for bid our children to indulge in sex but we do that either directly or by telling them that its their Choice while shaping our advice in such a Way that theres Only one Choice threaten to break their throw them out of the House or murder their boyfriends that is hardly the sort of parental discussion the regulation if we Are prepared to Deal intelligently with the the chances Are weve already had our Little sex which is hard even where Parent daughter relationships Are we Are stuck with trying to communicate two contradictory messages dont do it because its stupid or immoral but if you make certain that you use a its like saying to your son dont shoplift its immoral and extremely but if you heres How to avoid getting it int sexism that leads me to talk in terms of sexually Active daughters rather than the proposed regulation refers to prescription drugs or prescription and that Means not Ive tried to think the thing and i simply cannot come up with any scenario in which the regulation is Likely to do More Good than at least theres this if the new Rule keeps your daughter from getting the contraceptive devices she wants and she winds up she can always have an the supreme court has already ruled that she Doest need your consent for Washington Post pacifists could Divide Europe Washington there Are two emerging dangers in the present nuclear arms debate that the militarists will want too Many nuclear and that the pacifists will want too or none at if either Side should the Western Alliance that has avoided a third world War for two generations probably would be of has been the one Clear objective of soviet policy for the last 37 on the one if Washington pushes the arms race beyond the tolerance of Public opinion in it surely will lose the support of the Allied governments it even if it insists on its present subzero it is Likely to end the present negotiations with the soviets and the allies with precisely that on the other if the peace movement manages to persuade Allied governments to reject Washington efforts to maintain a nuclear russians wre not afraid to look Over Twe Edge James Reston balance on the ground in it will undoubtedly lose the support of the United the chances Are that neither of these dismal prospects will take a More Likely scenario is that some kind of satisfactory to will be worked out with the soviets at reducing the number of soviet inter mediate missiles targeted on and per mitting the United states to counter them with fewer cruise and Pershing 2 missiles than it now wants to install in West Britain and but at this we cant be what seems fairly certain to officials in Washington is that the United states is not Likely to maintain an army of Over Europe if the soviets Are permitted to keep their missiles targeted on military Headquarters and every capital in while the United states is not permitted to maintain a balance of nuclear weapons the other the Oxford University Union in England marked the 50th anniversary of its debate when it voted 275 to 153 in favor of the proposition that this House will in no circumstances fight for its King and this took place 10 Days after Hitler came to Power in Germany and just before Franklin Roosevelt began his Long residence in the White last when the same proposition was debated in the Oxford Union that this House would not fight for Queen and it nuclear destruction was Defeated after an interesting when a Leader of the British women Dis armament movement proclaimed that Britain was an american occupied a Young British undergraduate asked the american Rhodes scholars and other american students at Oxford to stand these Are the enemy you Are talking about he these Are our occupiers Tell them to he and they even there is an awkward the United at the of the Allied proposes if it cannot persuade the soviet Union to dismantle All its new ss18 and All its old ss4 and ss5 intermediate Range missiles targeted on the american army and the Western european capitals to put 572 new cruise and Pershing 2 missiles in which we could fire or not without their Oxford is not alone in wondering who would decide such things in this is what the argument is All the West German and italian governments Are willing to go along with Washington As an but Are not sure they can get the agreement of their they urged vice president Bush on his recent trip to Compromise and move toward that objective by nothing is Likely to be done about this until the election next month in which is the main propaganda but its Clear that even after the German no reasonable Compromise to maintain a nuclear balance of Power will be possible if the militarists or the pacifists have their the main thing is not the number of missiles on both sides even if they agreed to Cut their arsenals in both superpowers still would have enough weapons to destroy the other but on holding the Alliance for if the militarists or the pacifists manage to impose their will on the governments of the they will Divide the United states from its european and this is precisely what Moscow has been aiming at since the Days of times

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