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Pacific Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Feb 15 1983, Page 3

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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 15, 1983, Tokyo, JapanTuesday february is 1983 Pacific stars and stripes National 3 defector in North Korea writes Home to parents compiled from wire services St. Louis a . Soldier who disappeared across the demilitarized zone into North Korea Las summer has told his parents he is Well and is teaching English to two University and Kathleen White of St. Louis described contents of the first letter they have received last week from their son pfc. Josepht. White. The 21-year-old Soldier disappeared from his 31st in Fantry battalion army Post in letter contains Only Assur ances that he is Well and expressions of love and concern for family and friends the Whites said. It makes no com ment or explanation of what happened at the Serviceman told in the letter of helping Harvest crops in the communist country the couple said. They said he also wrote that he would like an almanac and a dictionary. He said the people Are very moral hard working and have great respect for authority teach ers and senior citizens the Whites left his Post at the demilitarized zone aug. 28. Follow Ingah inquiry the defense department listed him As a defector. White in Pyongyang North Korea sex Epa official defends her actions compiled from wire services with one of two paper shredders acquired by the Washington Rita Lavelle a top Environ Agency Jan. 4. There was nothing to be Agency official fired by embarrassing so Why would i purge my files mental Protection president Reagan has defended her performance and denied any wrongdoing while heading Epa s toxic waste cleanup unit. Breaking a week Long silence Lavelle said she did not know Why she was dismissed. I have always conducted myself in an ethical professional Way she said. I have nothing Lavelle denied that she had entered into sweetheart deals with polluters or that the Agency had manipulated the $1.6 billion hazardous waste cleanup fund for political purposes. She said she also knew nothing about automatic paper shredders being run after hours to get rid of sensitive record is a Good record and i am proud of it she said. I can defend every action i have taken. I am willing and anxious to do Epa administrator Anne Gorsuch facing inquiries from five congressional panels asked for Lavelle s resignation As assistant administrator because she said she lost Confidence i Lavelle s ability to run the $1.6 billion hazardous waste superfund program. Lavelle refused and was fired by Reagan. Feel like a Scapegoat asked if she Felt she was being used As a Scapegoat to deflect mounting criticism of the Epa Lavelle said i Don t know what i feel. I just know that i m unemployed and i would like Ajob and my reputation. I m still i guess a Little shocked at what s happened she said. I m still trying to put i together. There has to be a reason for my firing and i Don t know the her statement and responses to questions she denied destroying Agency files and memoranda she a controversial memo that Epa officials have Given As a principal reason Gorsuch Epa chief Gorsuch up decided to fire her. The memo attacked Epa general counsel Robert m. Perry for being too Tough on Industry saying he is systematically alienating the primary constituents of this administration the business i never wrote that memo Lavelle said. It s not even a memo. It s notes. Prepared by Staffin anticipation of me using them. I did t edit them i did t write them. I never directed that a memo be written. To the White House. That s ridiculous. As far As i m concerned the primary constituency of the administration is the american Public of which business happens to be a altering her calendars being sought by Ahouse subcommittee investigating her for pos sible perjury in sworn testimony to the panel about her alleged harassment of an outspoken Agency employee. Lavelle said she has the calendars adding sarcastically and i m planning on Selling copies because i m out of a Job right she said she would be Happy to let Fri Laboratory technician review the erasures on the calendars which she attributed to scheduling changes. Further investigations three subcommittees in the demo crat controlled House and sen. Gary Hart d-colo., have announced new investigations of the conduct of the waste programs. While All of the investigations have somewhat different focus they All reflect the suspicion that political considerations special favors to business and perhaps criminal or corrupt behaviour tainted the management of the said the recent developments May be masking larger and far More threatening abuses and corruption at the stateside help for stranded window Rock Ariz. Up seven army National guard Hel copters worked saturday to com plete an Airlift of emergency supplies to families stranded by deep mud on the Navajo Reserva Barrow spokesman for the Navajo division of Public safety estimated that 300 to 400 people still were waiting for fuel and of those were in Arizona Barrow said adding that Resi dents on the new Mexico portion of the reservation have pretty Well been taken care helicopters worked the Pinon area and four flew out of window Rock taking commodities from the . Depart ment of agriculture and firewood to the Remote said the operation had gone pretty Crews in Arizona worked really hard Friday he reached More than 100 families when they normally reach 70 to 80 in a . Bruce Babbitt declared an emergency on the sprawling reservation two weeks ago after series of storms left roads impassable because of mud and 3 feet of Snow in some area. Searching for survivors Portsmouth a. Up coast guard Crews used spotlights sunday on the dark frigid Atlan tic in a vain search for More survivors from a 605-foot ship that capsized and Sank off the Virginia coast. Only three of 36 Crew members bodies were recovered saturday and two coast guard cutters that searched Over night failed to find any of the missing nine Crew members Petty officer Barbara Smith said the cutters hampered by poor visibility were joined by a helicopter at Daw sunday but the crewmen had Given up Hope of finding any survivors and were just looking for bodies floating in the Choppy 605-foot Marine electric loaded with 27,000 tons of Coal and 147,000 Gallons of fuel was Enro Ute from Hampton roads va., to Boston when it capsized about 3 30 . Est saturday off Chincoteague Island. Cyanide threat in water Lake Providence la a City officials turned off the Public water system saturday night after an Anonymous caller warned it had been poisoned with was the first Louisiana cyanide threat in two weeks. More than 50 cities and towns in the state received telephoned threats about their water supplies in lat january. Tests produced nothing More than natural amounts of cyanide in drinking water any general trass said the Call came to City Hall shortly after10 . He revealed no other details

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