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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 14, 1983, Tokyo, JapanMonday february 14, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes audio video 9 computer prints thieves demise new York up the elec tronic computer is being used to take the Drudgery and High Cost out of fingerprint identification. The ancient babylonians were the first to realize an individual s fingerprints Are unique. This was accepted by the chinese As Early As the eighth Century and in Europe bythe 14th Century. Fingerprint identification How Ever did not become enough of a science to be accepted As Lega evidence until the 1900s. It generally remains a tedious and expensive affair. The files of big Law enforcement agencies like the Fri in the United states use automatic fingerprint readers developed by Rockwell International corp. Using computerized data the identification proc Ess is speedy compared to tradition Al methods. The Fri now the prospects of getting a match Are too Remote. The chief value of a latent print a present is As evidence after someone is arrested and his or her prints can be compared with the latent print. Delarue acquired the Basic technology from Rockwell and then developed Pri Trak. He has sold the system to police departments in Minneapolis St. Paul Miami Sanjose and Houston to Sao Paulo and Bahia in Brazil and to the Swiss National police. Snyder said a Pri Trak system fora metropolitan area of about 750,000 people will Cost about $1.3 Minneapolis St. Paul police found the Pri Trak equipment Cuttle time needed to match latent prints by at least two thirds an increased the probability of finding a match by some 30 said it took Rockwell about with the system it is not difficult to compare the Complete set of prints of an arrested person with the prints of hundreds of thousands of criminals or suspects in the Agency s files. With the system it is not difficult to compare the Complete set of prints of an arrested person with the prints of hundreds of thousands of criminals or suspects in the Agency files. Now a California subsidiary of the Century old Delarue Security firm in London is marketing a system that goes much farther. Pri Trak can examine latent or unidentified fingerprints taken at the scene of a crime. The information i computerized and classified in a Way that searching for matches in Large fingerprint laboratories will take several hours As opposed to Sev eral weeks. In fact said Delarue Printza president Richard Snyder very few latent fingerprints Are even sent to 10 years to develop its automatic print readers. Delarue Pri Trak spent several More years developing the hardware and software to expand the system s capability tomake cold searches for matches for latent system also is used to enter and store information from ordinary10-print cards taken from persons who Are arrested or fingerprinted for other reasons. But its great Advance is in encoding classifying an storing computer information about latent images of course Are not stored in the computer. The remain on photo cards and Are scanned at High Speed. Only the coded measurements and minutiae Are put in the computer. We p 5 Waterproof Walkman Tokyo ass Sony has a new Waterproof Walkman ready Togo on the Market. The wm-f5 is designed for outdoor sports such As skiing skating yachting and swimming. It has a High accuracy disc drive system and a High performance pm set which will go on Sale feb. 21, will sell for about $130. A Waterproof ear receiver also can be purchased. Photographing Snow skies easier with meter by Sandy Colton a s Here and the Snow has finally arrived in Quantity in the Northeast country. Great numbers of photographers Are going to be perplexed wondering Why their Black and White Snow pictures Are so Gray and color so Blue. It s simple. The camera meter lie to you As it can in a number of Harris a widely known lecturer teacher inventor and author on the subject of photography has come up with a simple Gadget recalls the Harris memory meter ii which predicts exposures accurately for any camera any film in any lighting from sunlight to Moonlight. Easy to understand it s a pocket sized plastic laminated meter with two dials and a handful of instructions that can be understood in just a few minutes. Know its contents and operation an you will never have to worry about that meter lying to you again. And Best of All it Only costs $5.95, which includes i asked Bob to explain just How his memory meter might help especially in the Case of Snow photography. This is his you look through the View finder on a modern 35mm camera you re not just framing a picture you re observing a Parade of peripheral information such As led readouts winking and blinking color coded lights gyrating Needles even sound effects. You d think All this modern technology resting on your eyebrows would be goof proof butt in t. Snow exposure cures take a picture subject like Snow for example. There s not a single meter not one that will give you the Correct exposure when you take a picture that includes a lot of the White Fluffy stuff. Unless you override it the mete will give you an electronic Snow Job because it has been designed to evaluate subjects that have a variety of dark medium and Light tones Withan even smattering of highlights and shadows. Skiers and other Snow buffs beware if you be taken successful Snow pictures chances Are you be relied on one or both of the two common cures for the first involves using a color print film such As Koda color ii wit hits incredible capability of absorbing camera exposure errors. If you Renot impressed with your Snow prints it s still possible that your Tofini Sher can make them the Way you like you Are using color slide film however the Snowshoe is on the other foot. The second cure for picture Quality is the photographer at the camera controls. The Best pictures go to those who know How to talk Back to their camera meters and override them to get the brightness and sparkle they expect from a Snow scene. Some meters listen better than others so Check your camera instruction manual to learn How to override the meter on your camera. Talk Back to meters once you know How the next question is How much it s an easier judgment Call than you the area you Are photographing is nearly All Snow covered add on Estop More exposure Over that called for by the camera meter. If you meter says f-16, make it f-11 instead. You la probably never need More than one Stop but you might add less. For instance you might add Only one half a Stop if you re photographing a Snow scene with some shadows and a few dark Trees scattered about. On the other hand you might use a Normal meter Reading with no compensation at All to picture a ski Trail surrounded by a lot of dark Trees and shadows. Here s a Rule of thumb if it s Al Snow covered add one Stop if it s half Snow covered add a half you re talking Back to your meter. That was t so Tough was it Bob Harris recommends his in expensive meter for double checking exposures not Only in the Snow but Sand or Long time exposures As Well. It s Handy to have in Case of meter failure and goes into such esoteric shooting As spotlighted subjects onstage candlelit subjects fireworks lightning and even Moonlit land scapes. You can order his meter by sending $5.95 to memory meter . Boxx Rochester . 14617

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