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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 14, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 6 world Pacific stars and stripes february 1983 Japan to limit Var exports to european Community compiled from wire services non said the agreement will restore an Issue in the 1984 presidential Tokyo Japan saturday bowed Normal japanese Var shipments to to Tough bargaining from Western which last year imposed a Brocks main message on Satur Europe and agreed to Export no unilateral restriction on japanese Day was that even if the dispute Over More than million video tape Var autos was imbalances in the recorders to the 10nation european f 7 Trade relationship will common Market this ministry exports to not be corrected without fundament of Trade and Indus try officials Japan also agreed saturday to Tal changes on japans in the agreement came out of a extend a million ceiling on Auto by Japan had a round of talks Between japanese exports to the United states through Trade surplus with the Trade officials and their counterparts March United the agreement to extend the Brock and Yamanaka voluntary Export restraint for a third signed a joint letter calling for year was it came after a unrestricted and free steel Trade meeting Between Trade repro and pledging to fight against a tentative William Brock and Yama global steel who gave from the United states and Japan also agreed to introduce a minimum Export Price system to avoid torrential Var shipments to the european according to a statement released by Trade minister Tadanori japanese Vars assembled in Europe As Well As Japa Nese assembled units Are to be included in the Miti figures show Var exports to the dec in 1982 were percent higher than the same period in which posted a billion Trade surplus with the dec in also agreed to limit exports of color to numerically controlled machine tools and automobiles to a moderate Yamanaka Brock said the move would help defuse a local contents Bill before the that he called the essence of economic the local contents Law would do us More harm than anybody Brock by raising consumer reducing americas competitive strength and inducing com parable measures in other Extension of the voluntary quota for a fourth year was not an Issue in current according to the he cautioned the Japa Yamanaka a steel baseball Bat in a symbolic gesture of settlement of a dispute Over import barriers barring Ameri can bats from said the Reagan administration Hopes to keep steel Trade restrictions to a minimum despite a recent pact with the Brock and Yamanaka also exchanged notes formally endorsing recommendations of the working group on High technology which urged the two governments to engage in continuing dialogue to ensure full Mutual Access to Trade dec vice president Etienne Davig Nese that Auto imports could become and investment opportunities in High William Brock technology embassy sources in an apparent attempt to meet Canadian demands for curbs on japanese car Yamanaka also said japans automakers will exercise prudence in car sales to Canada this Yamanaka made the Promise in a meeting with Canadian Trade min ister Gerald Japan exported passenger cars to Canada in 1982 under an Export restraint program that expired last like the United Canada has put pressure on Tokyo to Cut Down the level of japanese Auto but Tokyo has walked at setting a self imposed Export quota for can Ada this palestinian refugees Are targeted in Lebanon Lebanon a fifteen bodies have been found near a palestinian refugee Camp in an area of Southern Lebanon where death threats Are being directed against the United nations Relief and works Agency said in the Syria controlled Mountain town of police said gunmen killed four Brothers relatives of Christian former president Elias Sarkis jeopardizing a ceasefire in the Battle Between Christian and druse druse spokesmen denied Christian allegations that they were the which works with palestinian said 15 bodies were found near the Ein a Hilweh refugee Camp at the Edge of the port City of Sidon during the last two it said Many victims had been identified As but did not specify How they had the Palestine liberation organization news Agency Wafa has claimed the bodies were found by lebanese villagers in a mass grave and the victims had been imprisoned in the israeli run Ansar Camp where about suspected guerrillas Are being held near the South Lebanon town of the statement made no mention of a mass this notices were found at mosques in the area calling on each lebanese to kill a the Agency Hisham head of the lebanese internal Security said last week that eight palestinian men had been abducted from their Homes and murdered in the past month in the area of 25 Miles South of he said four others were shot and the statement said the potential for further intimidation of refugees in the Sidon area is enormous and listed As an example the forced evacuation of palestinians from Homes outside the israeli demonstrators seeking government ouster of Sharon a who declined to be said some of the people threatening the palestinians have identified themselves As police in 10 Miles East of said unidentified gunmen burst into the Home of Distant relatives of former president Sarkis on thursday killing Karim and his two other brotherly and were abducted at and their bodies were found Friday evening in a Forest near the police the Christian phalanges party accused druse militiamen of the killings but druse spokesmen denied they were a ceasefire arranged by the israeli army last week halted Christ Andruse fighting that has claimed More than 170 lives since compiled from up and times Tel Israel israelis demonstrated in Tel Aviv and the Northern Galilee Region saturday against the governments reported plan to keep Ariel Sharon in the Cabinet despite his forced resignation As defense israeli diplomats said prime minister Menachem begin has asked Moshe israels ambassador to the United to replace Sharon As defense minister and Arens is inclined to Arens refused to comment pending a formal announcement by the israeli Cabinet on sunday of Sharon giving up the defense ministry in an interview on Cable news network in new York Arens said it was hypothetical to discuss his becoming defense minister at this Sharon refused to comment publicly on his plans since he agreed to quit As defense minister but Energy minister Yitzhak Modai told Israel radio Sharon told him he planned to undertake any assignment the prime minister May assign him in the Sharon foes maintain his removal from the government was the intent of the Beirut massacre commission that censured the defense minister for not foreseeing the danger of a Slaughter of palestinian refugees by israels lebanese Chris Tian the Kahan named after the head of the supreme court president Yitzhak recommended tuesday that Sharon resign or prime minister Menachem begin fire former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin blamed the government for creating an ambiguous situation in which it was possible Sharon could be kept in the Cabinet As a minister without More than 200 members of the peace now which is opposed to the governments Hartline stance on Lebanon and the occupied West gathered at Highway intersections in the upper Galilee Region carrying signs demand ing that Sharon leave the i think that if Ariel Sharon stays on in the then we will have to bring the subject Forward next said peace now spokesman Amira Goldblum told Israel radio the peace now movement would begin a Campaign to pressure citizens and officials to get Sharon out of political crime gang protests in Italy Italy a More than italians marched through this Southern italian City Friday urging the National government to Lead the fight against the the mafia style gangs that control crime in five Hundred chartered four special trains and private vehicles brought protesters from around the they marched under Gray skies through the heart of the City waving banners and chanting slogans against the ant bases coalition in Manila up an estimated people packed a College auditorium saturday to demand the removal of military bases from the the rally marked the inaugural meeting of the coalition a Broad Alliance which includes in its ranks More than a dozen Catholic opposition labor leaders and critics of the which include the sprawling Subic Bay no and Clark both about 60 Miles outside claim the facilities make the Philippines a nuclear

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