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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 14, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Forces swing into action Vietnam Bureau Saigon within hours after the end of the new years truce at 7 fighting was returning to its full fury in most areas of South and korean forces resumed the offensive a total of 16 operations interrupted by the in the orders to re sume fire brought air strikes and artillery action near the City that Shook the buildings within 15 minutes after the truce some two hours after the fight ing was resumed a Tan like recoilless Rifle vehicle was blasted by a mine made from artillery shells 19 Miles Northwest of heavy casualties were reported among the Threeman Crew and four other men the vehicle was operations involving and free world forces were continued the three Northern areas of the Onlynn the in corps Delta area was there of no reports were available from vietnamese revised casualty totals during the 4day truce stand at 18 dead and 158 there were 89 significant clashes with the enemy during the sup posed a spokes Man Twenty three vietnamese army were reported killed in v o u s Viet con initiated at tacks during the a vietnamese spokesman said 93 Viet Cong were killed in the same a total of 118 incident s affecting vietnamese government forces occurred during the other statistics for the truce include 34 vietnamese soldiers 20 and two individual weapons Twenty six Viet Cong were Cap tured in the actions 23 enemy went Over to the vietnamese government Side and 28 individual weapons were seized by Friendly one new operation was revealed sunday with the resumption of the units of the 3d Lith armoured Are conducting operation Muncie 42 Miles East of the launched has netted seven enemy dead and 23 suspected one of the major operations of the ended sunday in Dinh province Southwest of Bong operation Thayer ii accounted for enemy dead since its Start 25 by units of the 1st air and the 3d brigade task Force of the Friendly casualties were a vietnamese oblivious to the War around eats a handout of sugar As marines sweep through Village on an Dpi Radt photo truce Vatican City a Pope Paul referring to the resumption of fighting in the Republic of said sunday efforts by himself and other world leaders to prolong the truce into negotiations had but he added he would not give up Hope and would Pray even the pessimistic tone of the Popes speech to the sunday crowd in Peters Square caused some puzzlement because he made no reference to report that the United states had not immediately resumed bombing North up reported Vatican sources said Pope Paul was not yet aware of americas apparent decision not to resume bombing North Vietnam immediately when he delivered the gloomy address in his regular sunday when he Learned of this important american a High Vatican source the holy father was deeply and prayerful hopeful that presi Dent to Chi Minh will some sign that he too wants peace Laos Supply traffic along the Road network leading to South Vietnam again is at the High level of a year intelligence sources said for nearly three months late last these sources said the flow of communist trucks and other vehicles South Ward along the to Chi Minh Trail had slacked senator Ai waste up Birch Bayh said sunday the Agency for International development program in Vietnam is chaotically administered with extravagant waste in both time and told a Randolph county any Hopes that this might indicate a possible easing of North vietnamese support of the Viet Cong have now been dispelled by the most recent information gathered by Royal lao army ground the movements Are now up to about what they were at this time one american official air Force officers in Saigon have said the biggest southbound truck traffic in 1966 occurred in february and a year senior american democratic dinner honouring military officials reported the Woodrow i insist on co communists had used gangs of pretence and performance from the Aid personnel in Vietnam just As strictly As we do from our he said he will make renewed attempts to Block the appoint ment of Rutherford Poats As Deputy administrator of survived firing squad Tau Vietnam a Jose Gonzales is a soft spoken youngster with twinkling eyes and a ready he looks As fresh and Green As a bran new shave Tail lieutenant he has fought on three Conti he has been a secret agent and a he was once adrift at sea in a Small boat for he has survived faced a firing squad and escaped from in he stalks the Viet Cong with a cold professionalism that even some of his Soldier comrades find when his company first went into action last october it was an even Money bet that Gonzales would be the first to kill a Viet he the Only son of a Wel Todo landowner in Gonzales left school at 17 to join Fidel castros guerrillas in when the Batista dictatorship gon Zales was among the revolutionaries who paraded streets of through the within a year a disillusioned and five comrades fled Cuba in a Small when the engine they drifted 6 Pacific stars stripes 1967 helplessly for before the coast guard spotted them and towed them to within 10 Days Gonzales had volunteered for the american backed invasion Force then being formed in went Back to Cuba on the last Day of As Leader of an infiltration Gonzales says our Mission was to prepare the Way for the invasion sabotage Bridges and things like the Only problem was that among the Many foul ups of the Bay of pigs invasion there was no Contact with the infiltration Gonzales was 30 Miles away and helpless to do anything when his comrades landed in for the next 10 months gon Zales went underground in Havana before being captured by castros the next month was the worst of my whole Gonzales re he was questioned for untold hours and dragged out before a firing i heard the shots and knew that i was he the firing squad was using a shaken youth was dragged Back in for More ques with seven Gonzales escaped through a hastily dug Tunnel that emerged too close to their barbed wire five of his companions were shot Down but Gonzales and one Man is this Gonzales escaped from Cuba by being smuggled to a Central american country he wont i made three More trips into Cuba for Short periods in the next several Gonzales re he Doest say for whom he made the trips and smiles non commit ally when asked if lie Paul Bard a a 45 Miniute Power failure left a group of women sitting in the dark during a visit to the Washington state but a Seattle Paul came to the say ing follow be i know All the the women trailed after Barden into the ladies was working for the Central intelligence at any Gonzales admits hat within a few More months was asked if he would go to the Congo and went there for eight of his role in the Gonzales says he was fighting communist rebels and lets it go at his Saga led to Vietnam when he decided to take advantage of the army program that allows veterans of the Bay of pigs Force to apply for direct commissions As despite his expert Gonzales went through Basic last he resumed his leading a platoon of the 3d 4th Gonzales has applied his own knowledge to the War in for one thing he wears unmarked with no name tags or officers my men know Gonzales i dont want to make myself a target by wearing All that what does he think of Ameri can tactics in Vietnam in just a second Gonzales id better not coolies to prepare of Miles of roads in the laotian this intelligence sources the communists have been Busy repairing and maintaining their expanded Road rather than making any major additions to the reds use rafts and boats during the Rainy season to make up for the difficulties their trucks encounter on the theres not much coming Down the streams this time of an american official Thall probably begin again in when the wet season set say anything about were doing All but hondurans bring Relief for Viets Vietnam Bureau military observers from Honduras arrived in Saigon sunday with a cargo of Relief supplies for War the Relief consisting of More than pounds of medi Cal supplies and clothing contributed by the people of Hon will be distributed through the vietnamese red the group will attend briefings in Saigon before flying to Vung Tau to visit a Republic of Korea Mobile army surgical they will visit a Spe Cial forces Camp in Tay Ninh aussies end operation Saigon elements of the 6th Royal australian 1st australian task ended operation Tamborine in Phuoc Tuy province wednesday afternoon with seven enemy cumulative Friendly casualties in the which began were

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