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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 13, 1983, Tokyo, JapanSunday february 13, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes rigs Roll but bitterness remains United press International big rigs loaded with goods barrelled along the nation s turnpikes without incident Friday but some striking rebel truckers charged sellout and vowed to stay off the highways. Their Campaign did not appear to have to much effect. Most state Highway officials reported traffic about Normal and moving smoothly exception the Northeast where a major Winter snowstorm snarled traffic. Even the Pennsylvania Ohio combat zone where hundreds of trucks were hit by gunfire rocks and bricks was quiet. There Haven t been any reported cases of violence said transportation department spokesman. Com Merce seems to be moving along but the strike left a bloody record. One trucker was killed and 98 persons were injured during the 11 Days that saw 656 shootings and 2,023 acts of violence and Parkhurst president of the Independent truckers association called off the strike thursday and said truckers protesting hikes in fuel and Highway use taxes had been Able to accomplish for the entire Industry More than behave Ever been Able to in the but Parkhurst s chief rivals joining in coalition of truckers called the Independent truckers Unity committee announced they would hold meetings throughout the East and Midwest during the weekend to seek support for continuing the strike. Sellout of the Century one of the most outspoken members of the coalition Bill Hill president of the fraternal association of steel haulers Friday called tieback to work order the sellout of the As far As we re concerned we re asking All our people who shut Down to continue to shut Down and keep their rigs parked he said in Pittsburgh. There s a Man killed. There s men that Are going to prison because of this thing. There Are families that Are going to be ruined. There Are Guys who Are going to lose their business. And what for a Promise. He s getting a commitment that s not even commitment from third string congressmen that when they get time or something they la look into it. That s nothing Hill lobbied Congress for special hear Ings to consider legislative reforms to the 1982highway Revenue act which the truckers said imposed inequitable fuel taxes and Highway use fees on the Industry and would Cost each of them about $5,000 a a letter from four congressmen reps. Peter Kostmayer d-pa., de Jenkins d-ga.,Douglas Applegate a Ohio and Carroll Campbell jr., . Did not say Congress would reopen hearings on the fuel tax Bill. Kostmayer aide John Seager said 35 of the 435members of Congress had agreed to sign the letter although Parkhurst said he expected 100 congressmen to do St. Paul minn., Art Wilson president of the Minnesota Independent truckers association said he was Happy the strike was Over but reaction from striking Minnesota truckers has been of them were glad to be Able to go Back to work and the other half wanted to stick it out longer to try to get More positive results he said. Sharon from Page 1 there was a reshuffle of portfolios and that s the end of the problem Sharon said. I am Stillin the Cabinet. Begin did not fire it was not known what Cabinet role he would assume. According to diplomatic sources Israel s ambassador to the United states Moshe Arens expects to take Sharon s place As israeli defense minister. Formal announcement of Arens appointment will be delayed at least 48 hours until Sharon s position is clarified the sources said and Arens makes a firm decision on his american reared and educated Arens is a former member of the Knesset the israeli parliament and is an unabashed Hawk on military in Kaunas Lithuania dec. 27, 1925, Arens emigrated to the United states As a boy and served in the army corp of engineers in world War ii. He was educated at Massachusetts Institute of technology and went to Israel in 1957.the massacre report which brought about Sharon s downfall exposed Sharp divisions in Israel that erupted in a hand grenade attack on crowd of peace now demonstrators calling for Sharon s ouster outside begin s office thursday estimated 5,000 mourners turned put Friday for the funeral in Tel Aviv of Emile Grunzweig a Reserve paratrooper and peace now protester killed by the explosion. Nine other persons were injured. Leaders of the government the Knesset and the parliamentary opposition also attended the funeral in an expression of National Shock Over the killing. The explosion was the worst outbreak of civil violence since the founding of the jewish state in 1948. Tuu police investigating the blast detained rabbi Meir Kahane the american born founder of the extremist jewish defense league but released him after questioning. Defense from Page 1 co s annual report required bylaw discussing some possible ways in which Congress might reduce the budget deficit. Cancelling my would provide the largest savings of any of the Steps suggested by the budget office report which put the five year savings at $23.2 billion in outlays and$27.8 billion in budget authority. However the budget office report said that Over a longer period of time the greatest savings would come from its suggestion that a new class of Navy destroyers known Ashe ddg-51 class now still in the design stage be eliminated. The Navy plans to acquire 63 such ships beginning in 1985, at a now Esti mated Cost of $800 million each in current dollars and probably Muchmore in future inflated dollars. Although savings in the 1984 budget would be less than $50 million the ultimate total Cost of the ddg-51 program would exceed that for any class of warships Ever procured at any time by any Navy the report co analysts suggested fulfilling the ddg-51 Mission by building a few More modern cruisers and by keeping older destroyers on duty while an even More capable destroyer design was developed for the report discussed the possibility of stopping purchases of the f-a-18 dual purpose fighter and attack aircraft and increasing Pur chases of an attack bomber called the a-6. Already purchased f-a-18s would be used by Marine air Wing Sand on two smaller Navy aircraft carriers. This course would result in Only very Small savings in the 1984 budget but would yield savings of $3.5 billion Over five years the budget office report also suggested a plan to scale Back purchases of the f-15, the air Force s most expensive fighter and increasing purchases of the less expensive f-16. This would reverse an air Force decision made last year to expand its planned Long term purchases of f-15s from an original goal of 729 planes to 1,395. The scaling Back would thus in effect amount to cancellation of the pro Gram decision made last year and would save Over the five year period $5.9 billion in outlays and $9.9 billion in budget other procurement suggestions made by the report were to cancel the army diva division air defense gun program a pro Gram to modify army scout helicopters and an air Force program to continue development of a cargo aircraft known As the c-17. The report also suggested that somewhat cheaper engines be used to replace old engines on the air Force Fleet of Aerial refuelling Tanker planes. The savings in outlays in 1984 for All of the procurement cuts suggested would be Only a Little More than $3 billion. But the report contended that in More than five years outlays would be reduced $39.4 billion and budget authority $62.8 billion. The report also suggested de activating one army division which including immediate sup port troops would affect 20,000 men. Other Steps Analysed were to limit the administration s requests for operating and maintenance of the armed forces limiting growth in pay and benefits and pressing Canada and Japan to share More military expenses with the United states. These options would save Little Money in 1984, but the report calculated five year savings at $25.3 billion. Up the Navy s embattled f-a-18 fighter bomber

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