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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 13, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 6 National Pacific stars and stripes february 1983 shark deaths pose baffling problem making friends with a Lemon san Diego a sixteen of the 50 Sharks in sea worlds viewing tanks died last week and the displays have been closed while baffled officials search for a we dont have any prime suspects at this according to spokeswoman Jackie just a whole lot of things were looking at six species Are represented by the 16 Sharks that died in sea worlds million shark j some Sharks began swimming spasmodically before their tails others swam faster and bumped into their neighbors and Many had trouble the 5yearold shark tank is designed to bring people As close As possible to the mysterious visitors enter a darkened room and come face to face with Sharks swirling behind a 8foot High plastic killed were Bull Brown Lemon Blacktop Galapagos Sharks and Bonnet head ranging from to 9 feet and weighing 45 to More than 300 officials said the Bull Sharks struggled for hours before expiring but the nurse shark species were experts have begun dissecting the dead animals kidneys and livers to search for toxins or the Sharks began dying in the Middle of last week in a Pool at the Marine others died in a Pool where tourists stand on Bridges and look Down at smaller Sharks swimming with sting Keyes said the culprit could be a disease but probably if it was a disease wed probably see it take All of frs prewar detention plan no big Surprise Washington a the chair Man of a commission investigating the world War ii internment of japanese americans said it is a common mythology that president Franklin Roosevelt acted impetuously when he signed the detention commission chairman Joan Bernstein said she was not surprised by the disclosure that five years before Pearl Roosevelt proposed the military be ready to put hostile japanese in Hawaii in a concentration Camp in the event of theres a common mythology of a decision made in haste by a harried Bernstein said of Roosevelt issued at a time of near hysteria on a West coast swept with rumours of japanese a military necessity the president was i dont think that anybody officially or unofficially justifies that decision on those Bernstein even the supreme court said the justification for it was a military she said the disclosure of the existence of frs memo would not cause her panel the commission on wartime relocation and intern ment of civilians to reopen its in sure but some mostly on the West were held in Camps in the Interior for the duration of the Only about were detained in the panel knew All along that Roosevelt executive order of had been carefully Bernstein said in a Telephone inter there were All sorts of Docu ments that show some people were urging it upon and other people go she it was deliberated within the for right or for that is what the record nobody held a gun to his Tokyo leaning japanese frs memo concerned japanese living in Hawaii whose loyalty was directed to rather than people of japanese citizens or who had made a commitment to Amer the memo responded to the navys concern that japanese on Hawaii then a territory had been spying on military movements and Roosevelt wrote to the chief of naval operations one obvious thought occurs to me that every japanese citizen or Noncitizen on the Island of Oahu who meets these japanese ships or has any connection with their officers or men should be secretly but definitely identified and his or her name placed on a special list of those who would be the first to be placed in a concentration Camp in the event of declassified documents at the National archives show that the military replied that it already had compiled lists of the first to be they that As Early As 1924 the military Felt it had been spied but could do Little about sailors with cameras six japanese sailors without authority ascended the Tower of the Royal hawaiian hotel and were seen taking camera pictures of the Harbor and nearby said a report to the Secretary of the it noted that japanese naval officers arriving in Hawaii visited suspected centers of espionage activity and conduct motion pictures and exhibitions designed to Advance japanese nationalism among the local Resi special interest is exhibited in the West coast of Hawaii which embraces four excellent Landing Franklin Roosevelt places and is populated almost entirely by individuals considered apathetic or hostile to inter the report Bernstein said her commission will Issue its findings 24 and will make recommendations to Congress several months Hollyw tit style earthquake Drill staged in los Angeles a yellow hatted firemen and paramedics scrambled Over peered through thick smoke and dodged milling reporters to reach 125 moaning victims in a Hollywood style Drill that capped an International earthquake Confer the demonstration in the los Angeles coliseum parking lot included 17 fire at least two assorted 300 emergency two search nearly 100 photographers and television red Cross Coffee and doughnut three junked cars and the facades of a movie about 400 conference participants from 28 countries overflowed portable bleachers and dozens of residents watched from across the conference spokesman Walter Zeisl said the exercise Cost about were not really Hollywood but we assistant fire chief Frank Borden told the were going to try to build in As much realism As to show you How Well react in we Hope to learn from before the explosion that started the inspector de fire department pointed to the eight false fronts of with three Rusty cars tossed this is for theres no question about he since we cant actually shake the were doing amid a Cluster of trailers and forests of antennas a Mobile command Post for emergency officials from most City depart ments officials were being thrown varied and scattered problems throughout the after the disaster was a dramatic the City said the called Sei Smos was meant to depict one of Many varied incidents that might occur after a Large earthquake on the dangerous Newport Inglewood the fault stretches along the Pacific coast from los Angeles to Long such a quake could Large parts of the densely populated at the donated studio according to the a High pressure gasoline line ruptures in the causing an explosion and fire that injures about 125 two Sharp explosions at an overturned car sent a fireball 20 meters into the air and dense Black smoke poured Over a scene of unnervingly realistic mostly teenagers made up with grisly Lay sprawled and moaning on Mounds of debris and in the the both victims and took their roles seriously As batteries of cameras rolled and in contrast to the three Day symposium that received Only spotty Media it is an accepted fact that los Angeles will at some time in the future experience a major Borden the Only unknowns Are when and

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