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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 12, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 12 entertainment pac1fic stars and str1pes february 1983 while youre up get me a Grants if i Ever stage a it will be for one of the most underrated diseases of the 20th Century Cabin Cabin fever has been with us for As Long As there has been but during snowstorms the disease reaches epidemic a minister in Iowa recently noted that cites dial prayer number increased 125 Calls a Day due to the theres no doubt about he Cabin fever is a reality and people Are depressed when there shut in and unable to get Back in Ohio when the kids were i used to crawl out of bed every morning during the fall to my Knees and please let there be for my intentions i would offer up 18 shirts to be ironed by the end of the 30 pounds of hand washable to be and a Promise to return the Banks everything gets through to you when you have Cabin its As if you have no control Over your own you find yourself sitting there watching a child Force a Button up his nostril and saying you see them colouring your marriage License and you stay in the Ernia Bombeck you go to the window and for the life of you cant remember what color the Lawn used to be or what the downtown area looked to keep in touch with reality you count by sevens backwards recite the greek alphabet or name the presidents in your mind drifts Back to your youth when the most traumatic moment in your week was when you had used up All your no Shower Days after you envy nuns their social life and make plans for All the things youre going to do when the weather these include training for the Boston finishing College and dedicating your life to population Cabin fever is nothing to kid Ive seen women who Retreat into the House just after the new years eve party As spirited women Only to emerge in april heavily sedated and nearly help stamp out Cabin fever by taking a Mother to lunch or offering to carry her colouring were making due to last years sparse we have research going to one rat has responded to a cure for Cabin All we have to do is cure him of his acute Field enterprises weekly television schedule Korea 12 circus Lobo Tea sports legend kingdom train Sevareid boat people a Man called Adam James Mich Eners dynasty Boom town Law Crest at the i prov squad Sevareid project 13 9 of Power closeup n the press week in review Tea across the Pacific Gold world of Disney minutes a special kind of love this week and Hutch 14 minutes show Hope Hospital Street Campbell feud say the darn est things bunkers place is enough of life and love tonight show Letterman 15 bunkers place asked for it 1 Simmons Hope Hospital sesame Street country family feud say the darn est things asked for it Law Crest Young lawyers show Letterman 16 rising asked for it Hope Hospital Street store feud say the darn est things Haw greenes new wilderness Day at a time encounter with disaster Letterman 17 health Hope Hospital company Blue Marble Bear in Rock feud say the darn est things tos House on the Prairie fever immortal tonight show letter Man Tempo 18 h to5 venture Hope Hospital company racer Beauty feud say the darn est things Blue Knight fun killer by night Okinawa 12 8 Blue Marble 8 Albert Man Black Beauty blazers racer train Tea Magazine array Leonard this week Haw and Simon Shirley Fri the Day War the Caribou Trail search and destroy Mcclains Law love boat classic theater 13 8 Home with the Bible and the spoken word a vision week in re View sports leg ends week in the nil Tea classic theater id Gold in the news minutes world of Dis Ney bunkers place drama special in a cold climate special Calls a living 14 asked for it search of feud say the darn est things Hospital Hope minutes Kerr Days Japan h Tea Thomas store Hospital 15 Sevareid Chron icle greens new wilderness family feud say the darn est things Hospital Hope h a living company kingdom Kerr people fun Ransom special Hospital 16 Simmons feud say the darn est things Hospital Hope in a cold climate Kerr Japan a break remember Harlem Crest code red of Carson country Hospital 17 health feud say the darn est things Hospital Hope Crest a break company in Rock Kerr Merlin special survival of Dana evening at the i prov 18 asked for it tin Tempo feud says the darn est things Hospital Hope fun Kerr project the Cracker factory Philippines 12 7 Blue Marble and Paddington Bear blazers racer Billy Beauty Starler is the mysterious train Tea kingdom this week highlights facts of life goes to Paris a living icon Crest Santa be Trail Chapparal 13 7 Home with the Bible and the spoken word a vision witnesses project week in review sports leg ends Ray Leonard Tea Sevareid chronicles minutes highlights Days boat i remember har Lem a woman called Moses Gold 14 asked for it say the darn est things minutes Valley fever Hope Hospital Donahue program highlights Shirley Tea Valley of the Hill variety Spe Cial Hospital 15 health 11 greenes w i i dearness say the darn est things and love Crest Campbell company Hope Hospital Donahue highlights bunkers place world of Disney i remember har Lem i Valley of the glitter Hospital 16 Simmons search of say the darn est things boat i Street Hope Hospital Donahue highlights people i remember har Lem Imon and s Imon of Carson tos i information special general Hospital 17 say the darn est things Book electric company Hope Hospital Donahue highlights i remember har Lem Law Valley of the dolls store Tempo Hospital 18 asked for it adventure say the darn est things Haw a break Hope Hospital Donahue highlights fun Sophia Loren her own Story kanto Plain 11 6 Campbel i 7 of hazzard Kung fun happening Law of Carson relentless at the i prov store service happening 12 9 Billy blazers search of Ray Leonard Bluebonnet bowl Haw Sevareid chronicles sitrep30 edition schedule whats happening id Gold boat Crest schedule whats happening Valley this week crisis in midair Odd couple evil touch happening rogues 13 9 closeup of Power Isth life project week in review greenes new wilderness sports legends heaven can wait movie the lodger train schedule whats happening minutes Waltons bunkers place and Simon schedule whats happening kiss me Kate and love happening 14 country Hospital Hope crisis in midair Griffin feud happening Days fever cat on a hot tin roof news happening of life Killerby night happening Tyler Moore show is gospel show Hospital Hope kiss me Kate company racer asked for it feud happening Shirley people a woman called Moses happening a break Iles in Rock happening Days 16 glitter Hospital Hope a woman called Moses Book health feud happening world of Disney to5 a living happening Hill a special kind of love happening people 17 Tempo Hospital Hope a special kind of love company Blue Marble kingdom you asked for it feud happening remember Harlem a woman called Moses happening Letterman to 5 special happening of life Shirley 18 Simmons Hospital Hope a woman called Moses Street Beauty feud happening Campbell of hazzard fun Misawa 12 blazers Blue Marble Albert racer Ray Leonard Bluebonnet bowl achievements in american history train marquee Paradise special classic theater ight owl theater marquee Paradise special classic theater nurse 13 close up of Power heart project week in review sports leg ends Plimpton 1982 sports scrapbook Tea Tea Tempo Sevareid Chron icle minutes world of Dis Ney and Mindy in w n n 7l 7n 5

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