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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 12, 1983, Tokyo, JapanW f f. F saturday february 12, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint 11 let s foreclose on dead beat nations "s6nuemeh gentlemen i had a dream. A Bunch of big american Banks treated countries like Mexico Venezuela and Nigeria like they treat american foreclosed on them for default ing on their Loans and scheduled a auction to sell them to the highest was exciting. The Bankers told those Strong Arm collection agencies to Lay off harassing widows and children and go after All those Pecoil countries. Pay up or else roared Citibank Etc. You think we re charitable organization then just As the first National Bank of Boston announced it would develop Mexico As a parking lot for los Angeles some experts Rode onto the scene on their terrifying Blackhorse and dispersed the Happy mob of Plain americans who had Bee buying gasoline for 25 cents a gallon. Good news we were told was actually bad news. Instead of going out and buying up All the Gas guzzlers on the Market we were told to rally around the open member Sand save them from the disgrace of having to sell their Oil for less than that Nice gouging $34 a barrel. Think of those poor american an european Bankers we were told. They negotiated All those foolish Loans to the open gang and a Sharp decline in Oil prices would be hazardous to their financial health because it would Cost Large Oil exporters billions of dollars in revenues. The loss of those revenues could mean those nations could t pay the interest on their Loans. And if they did to there would be an epidemic of bankruptcies and ban failures in the West. Alas. We can All remember 1973, when we had to drive our cars int Long lines at the Gas pumps because the Arab sheiks and their fellow conspirators not Only jacked up prices but Cut Down on Oil supplies. But now when it seems that lower Oil prices Are possible the experts Tell us to Knock off the cheering an eschew Champagne toasts. Instead we Are told to Rush to the Aid of certain open nations for political , we Are ordered to wish saudi Arabia Well. If you think Andrew Tully that s Odd you re right. It was the saudis who invented those massive Price increases that sent inflation soaring added millions to the unemployment lines and All but wrecked the world s Economy. And they still want to reduce Ope production and keep Oil prices up. Most of us could t care less if the saudis suffered a Little and maybe were reduced to spending a few billion dollars less on High living. The catch say the experts is that the saudis Are engaged in a dogfight with Libya and Iran for control of Pec. Saudi Arabia is for financial and political stability Libya and Iran represent chaos. Bah what All this Means is that we the people can t win because lower Oil prices would be bad for the Bankers and for Oil companies that have borrowed too much Money. I going Back to bed hoping for a replay of the first half of that delightful dream. Mcnaught Syndicate winds of War poses some vital questions i am watching the winds of everybody said All America has been waiting to see the winds of so i am watching it too. I want to feel one with All America. So i am watching the winds of War and my mind is wandering. One virtue of the winds of War is that it does make heavy demands on your attention. So i am watching the winds of War an washing the dinner dishes and holding two questions simultaneously in my mind 1 will Hitler spoil a Macgraw s vacation in Poland by starting world War ii 2 is it Worth trying to scour off some of this Gritty Black caked matter bonded to the Bottom of the frying pan Hitler was that kind of Mani easily dispose of the first question two hours before the winds of War does. Yes Hitler will spoil Ali s vacation because that s the kind of Man Hitler was. What s More Ali Macgraw will havea Devil of a time once the wehrmacht starts to Roll and no producer on Earth will let the Star fan 18-hour movie be killed in its first three hours. The second question is harder. No it is no Worth trying to remove the Gritty Black caked matter. Even for a Young Man this would be Alife s work. On the other hand if i quit hacking at it with the Butcher knife there will be nothing to do but watch the winds of oh sure i could turn off the winds of War but then i d miss the intermittent passages that fascinate me. Like the scenes that show nazis walking up Beautiful a carpeted staircases those beautifully polished jackboots hitting every tread with ominous echoing cadence. I got interested in nazis walking up Beautiful staircases watching the Scarlet and the Black which spent the better part of a half hour focus Don two sets of Black boots climbing a magnificent staircase at the Vatican. It reminded me of the time when at age 12, i climbed to the top of the Washington Monument except that the Naz Sweren t even breathing hard when they got to the top to inform Pope sir John Gielgud that they would t put up with the likes of monsignor Gregory Peck outwitting the this time of course the camera had shifted from boots to faces and All suspense collapsed Russell Baker since you knew the nazis like it or not were going to have to put up with Gregory Peck outwitting them because Gregory Peck was the i am hacking at the Gritty Black caked matter and being rewarded by the winds suddenly there is an immense staircase an j look at this a whole clutch of nazis and the camera is focusing on those Beautiful boots and the nazis Are going to March up the staircase in perfect cadence. Step after step after step after step and Good lord Ali Macgraw vacationing in dip the frying pan in scalding water and feel my mind slip into the future. I try to Stop , Here i murmur this is no time to wander. The winds of War is introducing Hitler and the producers seem to be under the delusion that Hitler carried on just like the fellow who was Moe in the three stooges " the mind is not interested. It has leaped far into the future and made me an old Man. There is a child on my Lap. Did you Ever see nazis Gramps she is asking. Could t do much else but see nazis in mayday child. Why i remember one Day me and grandma went to the movies to see Sophie Choice just crammed with nazis. Came Home turned on the television and watched the immortal Gregory Peck outsmart nazis in the grandma like nazis hated pm. Nazis nazis nazis she said on Day when we were watching a rerun of Hogan s heroes that was an old sitcom about some dimwitted nazis who were a barrel of fun. I m sick of nazis she what did the nazis do that was so terrible Gramps Don t they teach you anything in school anymore Why the nazis wore these Beautiful Lack boots and marched up these fantastic staircases. And mean now suppose you were planning a vacation in Poland. You know what the nazis would have done a child by the to set said dad would you quit talking to the frying pan please. Hitler has just invaded Poland and the Luftwaffe is attacking Ali . Times Nau Roppo Ngi 7-chome, Minato Kun Tokyo lot Japan Apo san 94503 of i daily except i january to 23-17, a Sartre r Sisr. Ida chief Pacific or t a ii he in authorized personnel for 35 cents daily subscriptions Are monthly paid in Advance per a 230-1 7�i mails a sch on Are available Tor minimum six month periods for 139.00. Third class postage paid at aia Minal tyo Lor local mailings Seco Klass postage paid at san Francisco calif., for Apo Fpo and official . Addresses. Copyright restrictions preclude acceptance of subscriptions Lor delivery to individual addresses within the Continental United states. and stripes col. Joseph e. Burlas Usa i. Col. Denis m. Mexican Usa maj. John w. Higginbotham Usan. Or. Timothy r. Hutchens commander editor in chief Deputy commander business Deputy commander marketing operation executive editor 229-3310, 3140 Don Mccaffrey Pacific editor Tokyo 219-31s2 Dwight trimmer Usan Washington Bureau chief Pentagon 327-6695 Steve Davis Usa Korea Bureau Chiel Yong Ian 7650, 7050. 7447 Helen Webb Usa Japan Bureau Chie Tokyo 329-3374,3153 Dave Ornauer Usan Pacific sports writer Tokyo 279-3153 Danny Layne usic Okinawa Bureau chief Mak Minato 437-1680 Pete Maher us Philippines Bureau chief Subic Bay w638i Laura Neiti Guam Bureau chief Navy regional medical Center 67dj43-2190 circulation Telephone numbers Japan military 2254505, 1504, 4507 or commercial 4049449, Singapore 2931422. Kuala Bumpur 23737. Hon Kong 3o25251 ext 20. 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