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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 11, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 16 Pacific stars and stripes february 1983 Chicago news dear Abby like everyone else who writes to i have a i cant make myself go to in a 44yearold and this hangup has been an the Only funeral Ive Ever been to was my i was 7 at the time and ill never forget my brother was he was struck by a car while Riding his bicycle and was killed the memories of that funeral seeing my brother in the casket and All that screaming and moaning As they lowered his casket into the ground Are As vivid today As they were Ive tried to Force myself to go to funerals but i cant make myself do Ive been All dressed and practically out the but something stops Ive tried therapy but it didst work for if theres anyone else out there with this id like to know How he or she deals with incurable dear incurable in sure youre not if you really want to overcome your funeral give therapy another and if youre dont sweat the Only funeral you really have to go to is your dear Abby is it proper to substitute an adolescent for an adult i was recently married and did not want any kids at my All my friends and relatives knew an invitation was sent to and John and a reply came Back that two would be the two were Jones and her 13yearold son i was and even More so when i saw this kid drinking Champagne i asked Jones where Jones and she said she prefers to have her son escort please burning Bride dear burning Jones should have asked permission to bring her 13yearold son instead of her although its improper to write not transferrable on an one Day it May not Only be acceptable but dear Abby i was appalled that you saw nothing wrong with a Man calling his wife women in our society Are continually identified As somebody wife or somebody Mother rather than As people in their own when a Man refers to his wife As Mamma instead of Jane or he is she is not a she is Only the Mother of my you should have told that husband to shape shut up or ship out Ohio dear Abby please dont mention my name if you print this i visited a Home and was shocked to find that the lady of the House had Hung a lot of family pictures in her bathroom i could not restrain myself and told her How shocked i please let me know if you have Ever heard of cant get Over it dear cant i have not Only heard of Ive seen such a decorating is a matter of per Sonal and there is no reason Why people hang pictures wherever they readers May write to Abby dear 133 Lasky Beverly Andy Capp Reggie smythe m Jumble gnome juror candid benign answer what training for service in submarines has to be undergone Fields dont upset self whats up s Shes found out that youve seen maw eyes at that new barmaid in the lion no who Umant trick Uke that Steve Canyon Milton Caniff Plain Olp wron6 they were number findin6 out 4ndi 60t Yfim All 6oo5e what n umber Are you you have the t Wrono the Telephone rin6 Brant Parker and Johnny Hart wizard of id Johnny Hart Bill Rechin and Don Wilder Why it that Roy Crane Buz Sawyer i mope this wont take Long it seems we set sidetrack up whether we go South North he brought it on himself Tomat Eithe that poor m4n is really sick and lets Frank Smith and Jim smart mow can you accuse of fabricating my utile Cornflower honesty is the Best

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