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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 11, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Conditions unknown 354 possible pos in Viet Washington a the Johnson administration now lists 354 men As possible prisoners of North government officials Dis closed with no signs that Hanoi is willing to negotiate an Exchange or permit Neutral inspection of prisoner sources emphasized in inter views that the United states re Mains in the dark on the health and Well being of the prisoners despite recent reports from us visitors to As of the administration listed 113 men As known prisoners of War 48 As suspected and 193 missing Over North nearly All the pos Are airmen Are being shot Down and in the govern ments possible prisoner Cate gory at a rate of 25 a while making Clear All pow reports Are said the recent Hanoi visit by four women and three clergymen produced Little substantial information about the status of v officials noted that the groups each talked of different occasions with two american prisoners at a site and under conditions speck fied by the North officials who Are concerned the administrations Dayto Day prisoner problems emphasized there is some evidence american pos a r e receiving adequate food and medical but Little else is known about their Hes not beaten one top official said of the american his fingernails Arent being torn out or anything like wheres he been for the past 12 what we want to what would be most useful and most important to us would be the official we cant know until we get someone in the Hanoi government has consistently refused to permit representatives of the International red Cross to inspect american pow although red Gross officials have recently visited All of the South vietnamese pow Camps and officials said the position right now is this Well take any body Neutral who can give us accurate Secretary of state Dean Rusk tells news Eon Ferince that communists in Vietnam must not expect us continue to bombing the North while they their military action invading the a radio Hoto to continued from Page 1 vessels dashing South Indi Cating the Viet Gong intended to continue Rusk restated the position that bombing of North Vietnam could not be halted unless North Vietnam made Clear some reciprocal military he said the could not Stop half the War while Hanoi continued its in Vasion of South at the same time Rusk made Clear there needed to be no Mili tary action by either Side As a pre condition to begin peace talks or preliminary discussions leading to the peace we Are prepared to take any handle that can be Rusk he if there were a military then there must be some elementary reciprocity on the part of he said so neither the foreign minister of North Vietnam nor the prime minister of Russia had said what would be done if the United states stopped its bomb Rusk said for some time there had been a systematic Campaign by the communist Side to bring about an unconditional cessation of the bombing of North Vietnam without any corresponding Mili tary action on their Side in Exchange for the possibility of Rusk continued we cannot accept a situation in which men and arms move without interruption by us to Cross the 17th parallel and attack Al lied forces and vietnamese civil ians in the South they must not expect us to Stop our military action by bombing while they continue their military by invasion the Secretary concluded his prepared statement with this a peal let m say quietly and sin Cerely to capitals of the other Side let Good sense take charge for All of us in this recognize the necessity for ele i Centary join with 1 us in a common search for in reply to a he said he saw no indication that the rate of infiltration from North Vietnam into South Vietnam had stopped because of the bombings or had slowed Down to a level that could carry political Conse asked How the United states could measure de escalation on the other Rusk said we continued from Page 1 economic assistance and million in new arms Aid for some 70 lands around the John son said there Are some who say that even this request should be fore gone in View of heeds at Home and the costs of the struggle in nothing could be More Short sighted and Johnson the Aid program will reduce the chances of future Vietnam and amounts to less than seven tenths of 1 per cent of the National income of the wealthiest country in Johnson asked billion for economic and military support of Vietnam and four other countries bordering communist the president said that most of 24 Pacific stars stripes 1907 the million will be used in Laos and he asked million in Mili assistance with there pub lie of Korea and Taiwan designated to receive almost the entire the president listed a variety of guiding principles directions which he wants con Gress to write into the foreign Aid to carry out these Johnson proposed of an entirely new foreign to replace the existing Law which has been repeatedly amended Over the of a National advisory committee on self Kielp to advise the government on How Well Ai receiving Are us ing their own of at least 85 per cent of economic develop ment Loans through organizations or allotting billion for boosting education and health Over a 25 per cent use above last years foreign Aid in these Fields shift in Amer Icari Aid policy to concentrate More of the assistance on regional and multinational consideration of a contribution to the african development Banks new special million allotment to the new special fund of the asian development reorganization of the Aid administering the Agency for International to better carry on the War on hunger and to promote investment and the of private Enterprise in the would know rather soon if there was cessation in and just North of the demilitarized there Are Many ways we could get these the Secretary also made these other Points very much welcomed the current visit to Washington of German foreign minister Willy and believed Brandt had a legitimate Point when he expressed a worry about the effect of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty on the use of atomic Energy in Rusk that since the treaty does not affect the use of nuclear Power for peaceful there remains a wide Range for Industrial use outside the area of possible violations so far As weapon gadgetry was con said he read Rob Ert Kennedy speech wednesday night calling for a direction in policy communist China and he Many of his but he said the senator did not come to grips with the Central we pre pared to surrender Taiwan to the Mainland Kennedy Page world weather tvs of weather Central Tokyo area Friday night Cloudy Light snowy Lonear 30 saturday Light rain and Snow High mid 30s thursdays Low Feir 39 temperatures Tokyo h 39 21 54 Seoul Naha 74 by United 43 Anchorage 82 Atlanta 45 Bassfield 53 Bismarck 31 Boise 46 Boston 24 Chicago 28 28 Cleveland Denver 60 Detroit 23 Fresno 62 Worth 63 Helena 44 Hong r Kong 70 Honolulu 83 Houston 60 Jakarta 84 City 43 34 3 64 Taipei Manila Guam Saigon 64 86 73 80 90 press International 19 11 33 39 19 29 07 23 16 Bumpur 88 London 28 17 45 34 23 61 71 40 74 83 74 32 52 h Memphis 39 Miami Milken 27 min polls 29 Moscow 30 Ort a 43 nyc 26 Omaha 44 Paris 41 24 pit1 Burgh 23 52 Reno Sacramento 49 Louis it 40 43 Sari Diego 74 san fran 56 Seattle 32 7b 73 7j 14 15 21 35 16 2 3 3 12 3 2s 42 2 3 46 4 continued from Page 1 screaming everybody in father Obrien and a sister Mary principal of the Church quickly led children out a Side door As the covered with nearly a foot of Snow from tuesdays came crashing among those trapped in Bubble was sister Mary who iad run to the Back of the Church 6 she was pulled free by the parishioners she had tried to and was later hospitalized with i heard something rumble and everything started to father Obrien then roof caved Thomas was at tending the service with his three Young he said that with he Roar of the crumbling roof the Hildien began screaming my my get me the children were attending Ash wednesday services delayed a the East coast mayor Theodore after a visit to the pro the City would do All it could to the Church is located in the Brooklyn Section of me of the cites oldest neighbor the area is one of old houses and tenement originally built in Church was destroyed by fire in 1926 and was rebuilt at that it serves to Parish Ion r Iii St seriously injured of children was an eighth Grade boy who suffered a fractured the roof gave Way first in the hurling Snow arid other debris into the pews of Stone arid Concrete William a member of the Baltimore City Council and a parishioner at the said the heavy wooden pews apparently acted As a shield for Many of the children As the roof came tumbling Jpn Leeader for 61 Days after their first wedding Annivera triplets were born tuesday night to and Theodore he is 61 she is a state met Hii wife in 1963 when she taught a class he took at 0regon College of continued from 1 falling and Many were thrown to the said four persons were seriously injured when they fell from j minor fires broke out and at least two churches were reported to have been hundreds were trapped in ele 0ne official said the streets of Bogota were almost saw Many people in the streets without he they apparently were caught people seen praying and crying in the streets after the Sec Ond violent Shock streets were littered with broken from tall buildings shaken at the height of the

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