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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 11, 1967, Tokyo, JapanGiants1 Lynch May retire by Charles Morey new York a when you retire at the age of 3� you re either giving up a career As a juvenile delinquent or a pro foot Ball player. Dick Lynch is 39 and he has announced his retirement from the new York giants. Dick put in eight years As a Corner Backford the giants and for six of those eight seasons Fiere was none better and few As Good. Twice he led the league in interceptions. He. Wrote his name into the record Book for scoring three touchdowns in one season on interceptions. He was tall and Tough and Al ways where the Ball was. He was a deadly Tacker when it Cameto stopping sweeps and it just May be significant that last sea son with Dick on the Bench the giants were More vulnerable to sweeps than at any time in the past. Dick would take an occasional Gamble for an interception especially on the Down and out Pat terns and he always gave the opposition quarterback and coach something to think about. If there was one team in the National football league that had tremendous respect for Lynch it was Cleveland. When the Browns got ready to play the giants it was Lynch s name that cropped up often in their discus Sions about a game plan. Dick once took a Chance on Reading Paul b r o w n s mind when that great coach ran the Browns and got away with was Back in 1960. The giants had played the Browns in Cleve land and on the first play Brown. Who called All the plays had quarterback Milt Plum throw Alrick Zig out pass to Rich Kreit ing. Weeks later the Browns Methe giants in new Browns brought the Kickoff ack to their 17 Yard line. Dick at the Corner Post lined up head on with Kreitling. He took a Chance that Brown would open crossword Puzzle across 1-animal coat 4-mix 8-Lnsect 11-Pcer gent s Mother 12-attitude 13-preposition 15-hold Back 17-Light Mist 19-pronoun 20-vase 21-Golf Mound 22-Affirrnativ 23-saucy25-through 26-at this place 27-sea Eagle 28-Distant 29-Cut 30-Symbol for Silver 31-Cross-country runner 33-pronoun 35-proposition 36 limb 37-armed conflict 3s-part of fireplace 40-High card 41-opera by Verdi 42-worthless leaving 43-Frozen water 44-poem 45-note of scale 46-temporary bed 47-egg dish 50-girl s name 52-monster 54-Click Beetle 55-consume 56-Benow 57-vessel s curved planking Down. 1-Novelty 2-employ 3-come Back 4-twirl 5-measure of weight i exists 7-a1tudi 8-Large measure to chem Kat compound 14-bacteriologist t wire 16-skill in Faroe islands whirlwind 21-Baflkofturf 22-Evergreen Shrub 23-edible seed 24-unit of Energy 25-Equality 26-pronoun 28-Novelty 29-Oress Border 31-Strtte 32-Aneer 33-Small Lump 34-period of time 35-tiny amount 37-Iundles b@gic3 a do qs3fiaaasq an lbs Esaa Tehin Sogl huh qoc3 he ass 38-lnde1init number 39-self-respect 40-Perfofmer 41-fruit drink 43-Maiden loved by zeus 44-hebrew measure 46-household pet 47 Anglo Saxon Money 48-vast age 49-attempt 51-a continent abbr 53-proceed 15 39 42 45 50 24 39 55 20 31 46 12 28 43 25 40 52 21 36 56 53 17 32 18 29 44 8 13 26 41 22 37 54 57 distr. By United feature Syndicate inc. 10 19 33 43 u 34 the same play. Kreitling ran straight Down fora few Steps and then Cut to the sideline. Plum aimed a pass at lira. It never reached Kreitling. Ynch Cut in tapped the Ball with one hand caught it with the other and strolled in for a score. Dick was never the fastest Back n the league but he had a Quarter Miler s stride and could move when he shifted into High. He great hands a keen Eye and above All a competitive mind. Dick was a notre Dame Star and never lost the fabled desire of the fighting Irish. In 1963 the Browns whipped the Hants in the Home opener for Mew York and took a two game Lead Over them with about one third of the season gone. After the game Dick and his wife. Roz were sitting with a sports writer and his wife in anew York restaurant. Mart her giant player stopped by the table and mournfully said Well i guess after today the season s Over my Eye snarled Lynch wait until we get them in Cleve few weeks later the giants met the Browns in score was new York 33, Cleveland 6. The giants went onto win the Eastern division title. Dick is going into the film business. Is there any Chance that come july and the Start of training that hell be playing foot Ball somewhere of course there is. He s still Young and he likes the what s most important he knows the nil As Well As disown Back Yard. A couple of America s grand old men comedian Jimmy Durante left and baseball s Casey Stengel rub noses at a Catholic youth organization dinner in new York where both were honoured. Durante received the co s club of champions Gold medal while Stengel was awarded the organisation s John v. Mara memorial sportsman of the year trophy up he named him did Casey know " i if. By Dave Burgin new York Nea at last thanks to that sly old secret Teller Casey Stengel it can be revealed Lieve Frank Robinson is afraid of anything the Way he stands up to the plate but Rhode Apple had a Way How Rhode Apple Miller acquired 9 bouncing around at third base his strange name. I in Brooks Robinson does but Wanna hear How Rhode Apple or had More of Hank Bauer s per c. Boyer o Dell sign Atlanta a. Up atlant third baseman Clete Boyer and Southpaw Pitcher Billy o Dell of Pittsburgh Are the latest to re turn their signed 1967 baseball contracts. The braves acquired Boyer in a Winter Trade with the new York Yankees. Miller got his name Stengel asked. Sure Casey , i la Tell a. It was Back some time in the Early 20s when was with the Philadelphia Naar and and around. Tonality sort of Robinson and Rhode Apple remind a of. Frisky re Bobbing their Heads up and Down on the Field prancing tonal league Ball club. This was the Days when they one Day i took a horse and the streets. You younger won t believe it but i can re member taking a horse and buggy to the Ball Park especially Home from a Ball Park when it was Anice evening. We did t have night games was Frisky reminded me of Rhode name was Ralph like Ralph and so he his initials r. A. On this particular Day it washout. And i was in a fiesta mood then though it Wou Vve been Philadelphia write came up Tonice if we did. A few anyway but they la do it every time by Halo or org it to Pink Herman Madison new Vork by. Me and asked me what r. A it 11.1 a c1uu. 111vt Vav licit . Shut not so Many As nowadays be stood for because Miller Don t think the fans and him hey re the most important be m to to think about the cause they Are the ones who h d so x said Road a j make geniuses out of front office i h j Darg is a big shots Raon t think the fans d to u the get to see the Best baseball. J use to leave in the streets the Day in and Day out the a writer said really and i said rage ballplayer will hit better now you know Why he goes by and Field better in the daytime r. A then i walked you do have to play in the i never figured the writer lot Sun especially in places like would believe me. The next Day Kansas City. Miller came stormin up to me Cincinnati was the first club waving a newspaper. The write to play under the lights. Look had used it in his Story Only it up. It was in the mid sos about spelled single Road re of d,-e.10 or 12 years later As i recall. Miller found out that i had Rhode Apple would remind said it and he was fighting a lot of Brooks Robinson of j we d had water coolers in the the Baltimore club which by dugouts in those Days Rhode the Way i m picking to win the i Apple would be broken All 1&pennant again this year and the toes. World series. I that s the Beauty of baseball Hank Bauer has done a whale today. You be got so Many con of a Job for Baltimore. He played be nieces. The water cooler we for me nine years and he can had with the Ama in mets at Tell you How hot the Sun is in Shea stadium used to take Kansas City. Beating hiring the season. Even i remember looking out at though we did t do too Well in him standing on first base once the National league which that and Yelling at him Wake up Good looking Pittsburgh club he turned around and growled j should own before this new sea How hot it was and the Kansas son is of Thos City Fella laughed at him and Auer gave him one mean looks and that Kansas City Fella s probably Why More did so Well last year. Bauer Casey paused for a sip of Ginger ale and somebody slipped in an shut the other question. Anyway that so How Rhode Apple Miller came by Balti his nickname. Probably walked around looking mean at everyone and i Don t be Pacific stars & stripes 23 local saturday feb. 11, 1967i

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