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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 9, 1983, Tokyo, JapanWednesday february 9, 1983 education Pacific stars and stripes army honors 2 science winners by spec. 5 Nancy Taylor . Army amp Zama Japan two american science fair award winners met members of Royalty during their recent trip to Japan sponsored by the . budding scientists Dasha Taborsky of Palmetto fla., and Catania Gregory of Memphis,tenn., both 18-year-old High school seniors were the winners of the 33rd International science an engineering fair last May in Houston Texas. They were brought to Japan As part of the army s youth science activities program of the army material development and readiness command which each year selects two out standing Young scientists exhibiting at the two women were the guests of Honor at this year s Japan students science award ceremony in Tokyo. The event sponsored by the japanese newspaper the yom Iuri Shimun promotes scientific accomplishments among japanese Middle and High school students. After the awards presentation the american were introduced to Prince and Princess Hitachi. Taborsky and Gregory also met the top japanese award winners who will attend a science and engineering fair in the United states later this year As part of an Exchange program. Lawbreaking name Gregory now a freshman at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama was recognized for her project titled the role of cell surface oligosaccharides i macrophage tumor interactions which deals with the Way some human cells fight cancer , a freshman at the University of Florida was honoured for her work in waste water her exhibit dealt with the development of a cloned Strain of a species of Daphina common water Flea that could reproduce do students find these topics according to Gregory an unanswered question two year Sago started her on her science feat. I was doing research work at a children s Hospital when thought of a question Why do macrophages cells that have the ability to kill All cells recognize cancer cells Over Normal cells a researcher could t give me an answer in fact Noone on the floor could. So i went to the medical Library to find the solution. I could t Fin anything on the subject so i decided to seek an my Taborsky s project started when she tried to assist her father who studies the biology of tropical fish. I be done several studies on tropical fish and i began studying the Daphina because it is a popular fish food she said. I knew it would be beneficial for my father to have the fish food available All year. An entire population of Daphina can disappear because of minor variations in their environment such As a drop in studying them i began to realize the Daphina had an amazing ability to filter materials from water. That aspect had been acknowledged prior to my findings so i decided to concentrate on developing a different Gregory spoke of the benefits to science fro her project. Once one vital question is answered even partially it inspires other researchers to , my project utilizes nature s own evolutionary ways of combating cancer. If my research is further developed future methods of fighting the disease could be accomplished without chemotherapy or other treatment that will produce harmful Side Hope in essence that my work can be used in future application As a better Way to treat leukaemia in children and other forms of cancer As s study produced several advantages. The new clone is Ideal in practicality an suitability because it has an exceptional tolerance to High and Low temperatures oxygen pm and ammonia Levels she clone is efficiently and inexpensively capable of continuously Bio clarifying sewage an wastes from feedlots slaughterhouses food and Citrus industries dairies sugar Mills or any other biodegradable wastes. Daphina themselves Are a Good source of protein which could be sold on the Market As a Dasha Taborsky right and Catania Gregory watch a craftsman place flakes of pure Gold on valuable tropical fish food or possibly processed into a protein both women had put in Long hard hours on their projects and the problems they encountered were Many. Gregory named several areas while Taborsky silently agreed. Just thinking of a topic to research can take along time Gregory said. Then i had to find suitable facilities to conduct my research outline my objectives learn How to operate All of the machinery involved and conduct my research so that it was feasible and accurately record the data. As i progressed in my work i Learned How to handle experiments that ran overtime sometimes even late at night. I had to Cope with Experiment that failed to give me the data i Gregory laughed. Another big problem Speer pressure from friends who wanted me to come out and have fun while i had to stay at the lab and Check cell she continued. How to manage schoolwork and lab work trying to get a year s Worth of data into an understandable explanation for the i have attended the science fair for the past three years i still have trouble collecting an placing a visually pleasing Board that will display everything from my work in a limited space. Indy opinion everyone who participates in the isef Are winners even before the Competition begins on several occasions during their visit the Young scientists spoke of their accomplishments but for the most part they closed their scientific minds and started a new project relaxing enjoying and learning about Japan. Before their arrival on Jan. 2 both girl imagined Japan As a land of Rock gardens temples and japanese women wearing first few hours were confusing. They had always seen photos of Japan with thousands of people on the streets. Unknown to them they arrived at the japanese new year and Tokyo was nearly empty of activity. The two students and their escort Ernes Asbill supervisory voucher examiner of the army research office embarked on a three Day tour of Kyoto the old capital of Japan. Helene Fujita chief of the . Army Japan Community relations office whose staff set up the arrangements for the trip accompanied they sat Back in the comfortable seats on the Bullet train Taborsky fired off questions at Fujita regarding life in students viewed the Dai Butsuyen Hall of the great Buddha at the Bodaiji Temple. The statue of Buddha the largest in the world is 53 fee thigh and weighs 450 tons. Fujita brought the girls attention to a wooden column with a Hole in it the size of one of Buddha s nostrils. It is believed that if Damascene Center. Jewelry at the Kyoto handicraft Usa spec. 5 Nancy Taylor a person crawls through the narrow space Goodluck will follow them. To the Delight and amusement of japanese spectators Gregory an Taborsky passed through the opening. But each girl became stuck and had to be pulled out by the other. Both liked the inn Best their last morning in Kyoto consisted of shopping at the handicraft Center the students watched with interest As they observed craftsman fasten Gold flakes on jewelry. Each floor of the tall building had endless selections of gorgeous but expensive items. Gregory could t wait to shop. Her main objective throughout the trip was to buy something real Nice for my Mother and her list of people became longer each Day. Gregory was deter mined to bring a bit of Japan to everyone at too soon the trip ended. As they reminisced Over the events of the past Days Gregory an Taborsky Felt the highlight of their Kyoto tour was staying at the three Sisters inn. Gregory said the Opportunity to experience an original japanese setting is unique especially sleeping on the mat Beds. I was intrigued by our gracious hostess whose kind manners and warm smile were really a reflection on just How wonderful the people of Japan two science award winners left Japan with warm memories plenty of souvenirs and better insight into the japanese Way of life. From Page 1 i can t get a Job without a diploma so might As Well get the diploma so i can get a Job added Mcgee who is to graduate this Spring. East Aurora High in a City with a 17percent jobless rate has the highest annual dropout rate in the six county chicag Region but that rate has declined 23 percent in the last three years according to Illinois Board of education statistics. In West suburban High school districts inlay Wood and Hillside state figures show a drop of 43 percent in the past three Economy is definitely an element of the dropout rates going Down said proviso East superintendent Jack Stanley. Going to school he said is better than sitting

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