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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 9, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes 8 p health february 1983 new Laws Cut fire but not All states act by Joanne Byrne United press International the horror and headlines of major fires have led to Tough new fire safety Laws in some parts of the United in the head lines and hazards have been swept under the a United press International sur vey shows fire deaths and injuries have been reduced in recent years with the Aid of stricter regulations by the state and local governments and the National fire Protection moves have been made to improve safety in the design and construction of new Public buildings and Multi family but safety officials say thousands of older buildings and houses Are disasters waiting to Calls for National code Dennis editor of firehouse says the country needs a nationwide building code but it probably wont come about unless we have a very serious and tragic we Are a country that reacts to Smith predicts there will be improvements in Home smoke smoke masks and escape devices during the rest of the where two recent hotel fires killed 93 has taken the Lead in retrofitting existing build Ings installing smoke detectors and other safety but much of the country is slow in fire precautions can be and Smith said Little Federal Money is going into fire an area in which he claims the governments record has not been which has the highest fire death rate per population in the has provided an incentive for installing fire Protection systems by excluding their Cost from tax in fires at the Mem grand and the Las vegas Hilton two years ago led to the toughest safety code in the but in fire chief Clarence Nimmerfroh said a million fire last thanksgiving night that swept two major buildings probably wont prompt any safety improvements in older nobody got Nimmerfroh but you throw a couple Hundred people in preferably a few of them and by before Sundown youll get some Nimmerfroh major concern has been the Lack of sprinklers in older in 108 he we have never lost a building that was neither of the Las vegas hotels had Only the Casino in the Mem Bob Evans of who with his wife Judy escaped the Las vegas Hilton fire by running Down stairs from the ninth floor above the said sprinklers would have made the its an outrage that buildings like that dont have he the worst thing was the people who got on the elevator up he they pressed the Button for the but the which had heat activated Call got to the seventh floor and the door opened and they were John Deputy fire com missioner for the new York City fire warned that an elevator is the worst place to be during a you become like a Chicken in a he youre sitting in a natural flue and you Are suspended youd be cooked in the elevator without a Way of getting when the Mem it had a million computer ready for smoke and fire Caesars Palace hotel and the Las vegas Hilton Are installing similar nevadas retrofitting requires All major apartment houses and other major Public buildings to be equipped with sprinkler systems in corridors and one sprinkler head inside each the Law also requires smoke emergency Eleva Tor posting of evacuation automatic shutoff of air systems to prevent smoke Dis Tribu and a paging system to Alert guests in their Nevada in the forefront Smith says the Mem fire in Las vegas was a Good example of the need for smoke control a relatively expensive area of fire safety this kind of system would use electronically operated vents to Channel smoke out of the building or to less harmful he Cobb fire officials Are promoting a new and cheaper sprinkler system that tests have shown is 98 percent effective in combating typical Domestic said Jerry the Cost of installing the poly Butylene sprinkler is Between and for the typical new on family it would Cost 50 to 75 percent More to be retrofitted into existing but the Price should fall with mass the produced by Greer fire Protection of provi has no serious toxicity problem like other plastics and does not it detects fires five to 15 times As fast As other systems and has a better water distribution which keeps deadly Carbon monoxide to a Grier said he is working with officials to give tax and insurance incentives to Consumers and build ing contractors who install the a report by the National fire Protection association of says fires in new buildings spread More rapidly and produce More toxic apparently be cause of new because of smoke detectors Are the groups studies show three of four fire fatalities last year died of firemen Battle million Blaze in Minneapolis smoke some percent of multiple death fires occur when people Are asleep Between Midnight and 4 detectors Cut fire deaths state fire marshal Joseph okeefe said 50 percent of the residences in Massachusetts have smoke Detec fire deaths in the state dropped from 91 in 1980 to 70 in okeefe in almost All cases where people escaped safely from there were where people perished there either were no detectors or they did not function he in new York Deputy fire commissioner John Mulligan Esti mated that 117 of 289 fire deaths in 1980 would not have occurred had the buildings been equipped with smoke a local Law effective last requires All Homes of three units and larger to have a smoke Tom Oconnell of the Chi Cago fire department reported a record Low in fire deaths last year of Down 24 percent from he attributed the Low figure to citizen increased citizen response and smoke hardwired smoke detectors those that run from Wall current rather than Battery will be required in All multiple family dwell Ings in the City of los Angeles by this hardwired detectors were required to be retrofitted into All los Angeles High Rise buildings As of last Mulligan claims studies show that at least two thirds of All families have smoke detectors across the so the problem is Well on its Way to being filter Type smoke masks will be put to use in greater numbers in upcoming editor Smith pre they will probably never be popular for dad to buy for the the real area of development is for a hotel to put them in every room or for a factory to get them for its an emergency escape mask is currently part of the fire equipment at balls Park place Casino and hotel in Atlantic the which helps the wearer avoid toxic fumes for 15 is designed for Homes and danger of Wood stoves the vast majority of fire deaths come from Small Home said Joseph superintendent of the National fire in we have identified Wood stoves As causing Over fires a he he also said there is a danger with kerosene but its hard to prove they Are a major fire the use of the Heaters has been banned in Many parts of the Donovan but their Sale has not been kerosene Heaters have been illegal in new York City since the year 28 fire deaths were attributed to faulty Wood stoves Are More dangerous than kerosene Heaters because they contribute to the buildup of creosote in said new Jersey fire marshal John

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