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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 9, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes february 1983 surrogate contract voided by tests Chicago up tests have proven that a defective baby born to a surrogate Mother in Michigan was not fathered by the Man who paid her to Bear the voiding the contract and leaving an Uncertain future for the baby and a million tests conducted by Sparrow Hospital in made Public during a taping of the nationally broadcast Phil Donahue showed Alexander Malahoff was not the father of the baby boy born to Judy Stiver of the tests released Malahoff from any responsibility for the Malahoff earlier filed a million suit against charging she broke their contract to Bear his the contract had Given Malahoff responsibility for the baby abnormal or said Noel a Detroit area lawyer who arranged the surrogate she didst carry his child the Crux of it is she didst carry his Keane we signed the contract the 7th of this Conception occurred before Stiver were but not we have the Best part of the contract the the born suffered Strep infection and a head that often is an indication of mental who has never held the said she Felt no maternal but said she has seen the baby and was certain she could develop maternal instincts for Hes gorgeous and brightened Hes gorgeous and she to she and her will take the baby where hell get All the love of a Mother and father he can the baby is in a Foster Home under temporary care of the Michigan department of social Stiver did not release custody of the said her Wiley bean said a judge will decide at an Ingham county probate court hearing this week if and when the Stivers can take the baby the Stivers said they will name the boy Christopher Malahoff earlier named the baby the tests conducted were human leukocyte Ray and Judy Stiver left with Antigens which doctors said Are 100 percent accurate in disproving paternity but Are unable to show who the True father initial blood tests showed that the Stivers and the baby All have Type 0positive blood Type is Malahoff and his wife had been unable to have they have been separated since the child was he said they hoped a baby would bring them Back together As a Malahoff William said the million lawsuit could be settled with a reasonable and fair the District court suit also seeks to cover expenses Malahoff has including he paid Stiver to Bear the Keane said the held in would be returned to becoming nations surrogate Battlefield a Michigan news papers run ads offering to single women willing to Bear a baby through artificial then give it up for sickly baby who doctors fear May be mentally lies in a Foster Home in unwanted by the woman who bore him for Money or the couple who agreed to pay the supreme court refuses to hear the arguments of a Detroit area couple who sought to overturn a state Law which requires court supervision of surrogate the couple hoped to adopt a child to be carried by the husbands and a state senator who once was Michigan Mother of the year says she will introduce legislation to make the baby buying and Selling practice of surrogate parenting illegal in the Michigan is fast becoming the nations Legal and moral Battlefield Over surrogate Mother and at the Center of the storm is Noel a Dearborn says he has set up 23 such births in the last seven including the possibly mentally retarded baby born to Judy Stiver on Keane advertises Only for unmarried Only one doing it in the Only one doing said who brings his clients and surrogate mothers together by advertising in Twenty one More surrogate mothers now Are and Keane said he is working with 30 other couples who want children that the practice has generated much debate in the state courts and in Michigan became the first state to consider legislation to recognize and regulate such the state now allows Money to change hands As part of an adoption Only if approved by a and if a surrogate Mother is her husbands and not the name of the sperm is automatically placed on the birth Republican Connie Binsfeld of Maple said the Stiver Case proves legislation is needed to Stop the practice of surrogate mothers in the this is Only one of the far reaching problems that has said a 58yearold Mother of surrogate Parent ing has so Many unknown ramifications that i do not believe that Michigan should be one of the Pioneer states in legalizing it is happening but state Richard a Keane says he will propose legislation to require Complete genetic and psychological exams for All potential spell out requirement for surrogate contracts and explain How to handle problems like unhealthy women who die during childbirth and broken referring to the Stiver Fitzpatrick said the tragic situation in Lansing makes two Points very surrogate parenting is a it is happening All the All across legislation is required to protect the surrogate the couples who contract with most the children born of these who Calls Binsfeld proposal in said that state and Federal rulings on several test cases involving surrogate mothers have not outlawed or legalized the but highlighted the need for new its the constitutional right of a Man to reproduce Keane does she Binsfeld also want to make sperm donations illegal assistant state attorney general Susan Peck Lannotti said current Laws Are designed to prevent a commercial Market for the state recognizes the intrinsic Worth of each she said at a recent symposium on the the state cannot Sanction the custody of a child becoming a subject of Keane said he skirts Michigan Laws by formalizing adoptions in other states where payments Are or by transferring the child to the biological father without officially completing an Michigan says we cant do an adoption big he Misdemeanour charges Are pending against him in Southfield District court for arranging the adoption of a Michigan baby by a California couple without working through an adoption the Case did not involve a surrogate undue emotional trauma and stress Philip a psychiatrist who has studied about 250 potential surrogate said the women suffer a lot of undue emotional trauma and stress because of Legal they dont know whats going to happen in the Parker its crucial that regulatory legislation be there to protect the interest of All the

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