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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 9, 1983, Tokyo, JapanWednesday february 9, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes hailing social Security solution conservatives liberals Union members businessmen Well just about everybody has found a reason to Gripe about the social Security commission s Compromise. But i see one overwhelming reason to Hail it it proves that this country need not be doomed to political gridlock for two years or More. A month ago the Odds were overwhelming that the commission could never get six republicans an six democrats to a Gree on a plan to Rescue social Security that would be endorsed by both president Reagan and House speaker tip o 12 of the 15 members of that presidential commission swallowed some unpalatable provisions for the simple reason that millions of americans would be injured grievously if they remained Adaman advocates of political ideologies. They compromised on a bail outplay that will Cost everyone workers employers retirees con Sumers the self employed and even the Treasury s fund of general revenues. It is a measure of the magnitude of selfishness now rampant in this society that so Many groups Are complaining unmindful of the Cost to them if the panel had not come up with an agreement As to How to save the most successful of All the social programs enacted in the last half commission risked the Wrath of Many and the Praise of very few because it knew that if social viewpoint 13 Security collapsed the nation As whole would be in trouble especially the aged. Rep. Claud Pepper d-fla., As a Good Friend As retirees will Ever have knew this which is Why he endorsed the gives us reason to Hope that Reagan and o Neill a Republican Senate and a democratic House can find a commission or some other vehicle through which they can put the National interest ahead of politics and personal ideology on two issues every bit As important As social Security impending colossal budget deficits and devastatingly High unemployment. The congressional budget office forecasts deficits of $196 billion in this fiscal year ending sept 30 rising to $323 billion in 1987. That would be an economic calamity a republicans and democrats know. Just As we could not let social Security disappear in a sea of political Quicksand so we cannot accept these kinds of deficits. But they Are inevitable unless some bipartisan commission or some Carl t. Rowan thing forges a Compromise on budget cuts social and military tax increases interest rates Job programs and any other factors deemed important. This nation cannot simply watch As if powerless while such destructive deficits pile up with Reagan and o Neill doing Little More than castigating each other. Neither Democrat nor Republican can gain from the economic sickness that will result from the kinds of deficits forecast not just by the congressional budget office but by the Reagan administration might say Why a commis Sion that s what Congress is it must be obvious now that 535 rancorous often politically timid members of Congress cannot do what a 15-member bipartisan com Mittee can. Congress must avoid the temptation to play politics with the social Security Compromise. It must approve it and then hold out a Welcome mat to any commission or what Ever that can fashion a solution to this frightening problem of enterprises Malcolm Baldrige rescues English language some years ago in one of those moments of fantasy that overcome us now and then dreamed a dream i dreamed that the editorial rooms of our great newspapers would be rigged so that a bucket of Hogwash would hang suspended Over the computer terminal of every writer. The the computer would be rigged so that whenever five words were entered in exact sequence the bucket would tilt to terrible effect. The five words were it remains to be dream has come True not that precise dream to be sure but something close to it. Atthe department of Commerce we see by the papers Secretary Malcolm Baldrige has rigged the computers that handle outgoing correspond ence press releases and the like. Whenever certain words Are entered the computers Are programmed As the Secretary describes it to Emit volcanic puffs of smoke and fire. This could be the beginning of a Triumph of technology Over illiteracy. Computers at last might justify their existence in an imperfect world. It remains Only to refine the Baldrige plan and to impose it upon the whole of the Federal Are among the forbidden words phrases and banalities that henceforth will make the computers at Commerce erupt to optimize to Impact to interface to maximize to finalize an to target. It is possible i submit to quarrel with the ban on to this has become a verb of Art in computer land along with to Access and to As for to finalize it has gained respectability for its Brevity it beats to Complete work on the final provisions has instructed his staff not to use affected or imprecise words such As viable input and Orient. These Are excellent specimens for extinction but the list could be much serious crisis James j. Kilpatrick extended implement implementation through put or thru put utilize facilitate infrastructure. The Secretary does not propose any longer to tolerate the Windup phrases of slow pitch correspondence for example i regret that cannot be More he has banned subject matter Bottom line and it is no one hereafter is to say needless to say on the sound principle that if it is needless to say a thing Why say it by the same Token at the present time must yield to at this time the computers will balk at As you know and As i am sure you Are most admirable of Cabinet members intends to abolish certain redundancies. Fire an Brimstone await the wretch who writes of a or of new out with other barnacle phrases final outcome end result future plans untimely death. When he inquires has there Ever been a timely death some of his proscriptions seem a mite not use a split infinitive he commands but there Are times when to unapologetic ally split sounds better than unapologetic ally to split or to split another or his proscriptions would forbid references to the Date of an incoming letter but the practice has the Merit of precision. The Secretary objects to great majority on grounds of redundancy Butas any politician could Tell him majorities come in sizes like to shirts Small slim Large an overwhelming. But it is risky to complain of Small details perhaps because Small details would set off the fire and smoke. Secretary Baldrige is engaged Ina revolutionary work of Large value to the Republic even if it has Small Prospect of is to say the gentleman is on the right track. He is on target.,he May energize his staff. The Bottom line could effectuate meaningful alterations in ongoing practices and procedures. At this Point in time no other functionary is implement ing any program of comparable enhancement tothe Quality level of Federal prose. Bam puff tilt Universal press an authorized unofficial publication of the . Forces overseas published daily except i january at 2j-i7, Roppo Ngi 7-chome, Minato Kun Tokyo 106 Japan Apo san francisco�503. Contents of this publication opinions and views expressed by columnists and cartoonists and the up Rance of displays concerning commercial publications do not necessarily represent the a nor cons tute an endorsement by the . Government. Department of detente. Commander in Chiet Pac pc or this newspaper. Available to authorized personnel Tor is cents daily subscriptions Are s4jo my paid in Advance per a Ho-1 apr 174-1. Mail subscriptions Are available or minimum sin month periods Tor . Third class postage pad at Arabu Minato Kun Tokyo Lor local mailings second class postage paid at san Francisco caul., or Apo Fpo and official . Addresses. Copyright restrictions preclude acceptance of subscriptions Lor delivery to individual addresses within the Continental United states. and stripes col. Joseph e. Burlas Usa u col. Denis m. Mehigan Usa maj. John w Hicinbotham Usan or. Timothy r. Hutchens commander editor in chief Deputy commander business. Deputy commander marketing operations ext Ulivi editor Tuio. Ll0 Don Mccattry Pacific editor Tokyo 271-315? Dwight trimmer Usan Washington Bureau chief Pentagon 227-m9s Steve Davis Usa Korea Bureau chief Yon san 7450, 70so. 7447 Helen Webb Usa Japan Bureau chid Tokyo 219-j37ois3 Dave Ornauer Usan Pacific sports writer Tokyo 219-11 s3 Danny Layne. Usic Okinawa Bureau chief Mak Minato 637-1680 Pete Maher us Philippines Bureau chief Subic Bay 8m63s1 Laura Nelitz Guam Bureau chid Navy regional medical Center 671 342-2190 circulation Telephone numbers Japan military 2254505. 4506. 4507 or commercial 4049449. Singapore 7931472. Kuala Bumpur 23737. Hon Kong 3075751 ext 70. 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