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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 9, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 12 Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint february 1983 Mondale becoming 84 front runner the Long quest for the democratic presidential nomination began with a scene that a Hollywood director would have a year and a half before the democrats will actually pick their seven of the eager aspirants for that prize joined the milling throngs of California state convention delegates at a reception in the splendidly restored victorian Rotunda of the state As the delegates a Marble statue of Queen Isabella of Spain looked Down on the her gaze Bent on the kneeling figure of Christopher at various Points of the one could see seven democrats who hoped to navigate their party to the new John Walter Alan Gary Fritz Dale bumpers and to Udall moved bathed in individual halos of to giving the Blessing of their smiles and their handshakes to the starstruck which feels it is the neglected giant of electoral had beckoned for them to and come they seeking support from the state which by itself can provide almost on fifth the votes needed for nomination or in recent the june California primary has been a footnote to the nominating and As every californian remembers Jimmy Carter so scorned the state that he conceded the election in 1980 while California was still but plans Are afoot to pick at least on third of the California delegates to the democratic convention in March of and so the candidates came the Home state had prepared a Welcome that was designed to discourage further poaching on their part a Straw poll of the which was supposed to demonstrate his it did not quite Cranston had 40 percent of the total in a los Angeles times pre convention Straw vote of the in a second taken on the convention his efficient organizers took advantage of the absentees to push him up to 59 but Cranston suffers from an excess of familiarity among his fellow those who have known him and worked with him since the Early 1950s have enormous affection and respect for his dogged advocacy of Liberal and Pride in his influence As Senate democratic but they Are More than a bit sceptical that their old Friend can late in life become the new Hope of a revived National democratic that one Mondale was the real Winner out by most politicians still undecided on made a Good but Mondale was the speech of the weekend and All his rivals knew he has mastered three arts which they seem unable to Combine the phrasing of David Broder applause the varying of tone and and the joining of word to but there is More to it than As Tony now that Mondale does not feel pressured by Ted Kennedy he is at when he Speaks to the you can just feel the reaction build and build and Mondale was relaxed not even bothering to put out a text of his speech and his operatives were so Cowkey As to be almost but he got More votes than anyone but Cranston for first place and led the he got plus on the scorecard of Leo the top Democrat in the Mondale has his liabilities in this his connection with Mccarthy said that there is respect for Mondale record As a pointedly saying nothing about his but against that one Mondale has More assets than anyone else in the not just Here but when democrats were asked last month by the Gallup poll for their preference As a he had a 21 Lead Over runner up reporters including this one have been inclined to dismiss these As paper we have an occupational interest in promoting new faces like and looking for but Mondale organization and fundraising Are not paper he has the capacity to make this democratic Marathon if he continues to pass each test As Well As he passed last Summers Philadelphia min convention and the Sacramento Talent Washington Post the oldest Man Ever to deliver a state of the Union address resembled the lad about whom Longfellow wrote so you remember the shades of night were falling fast As through an Alpine Village passed a youth who bore mid Snow and ice a Banner with the strange device Excelsior the boy meant stay the reagans speech was almost undiluted Reagan ism rapid rearm restrained Domestic the slight dilution was a gingerly acceptance on certain conditions of a contingency this implies stay the course gives misplaced Confidence George will acceptance of the fact that the governments Revenue base must be the presidents new by like Jesus in Junction to love your More frequently praised than unlike Jesus bipartisan ship May be a Lousy the presidents Model of bipartisanship is the social Security Reform com which Means giving the hard questions to Alan Greenspan to someone is parti san when he has a passion you i am principled you Are having spoken for so Many years on behalf of a few Clear it is hard for Reagan to avoid sounding like an Echo of an he did not come before Congress As the boy who stood on the burning deck whence All but he had fled the last the Only applause that was More than perfunctory was for this we who Are in government must take the Lead in restoring the that sentence is a Jug into which any wine of meaning can be but it May be a Milestone in conservatism Long March to Matu Rity because it appeared in a speech blessedly free of reagans usual antigovernment perhaps word has seeped through to his speech writers that Reagan is the government and like All presi he will be held responsible for aggregate economic for 30 years Reagan has deplored the centrality of government in our lives especially the centrality of the Central government not least the Central role of the president in the Central yet his task today is to use his office for the ambitious and delicate task of altering behaviour by manipulating he accepts this analysis of current discontents lower interest rates Are the key to the Price of Money contains a fear component a Premium expressing fear of future inflation fuelled by Gargantuan deficits even after recovery hence the freeze details to come on Domestic and a tax increase to be triggered if the fiscal 1986 deficit is projected to exceed percent of Reagan believes the economic tinder is dry and ready to the number of persons in the fam ily forming 25to35 years Means pent up demand for houses and that which Gener ally spends an exceptionally High percentage of its discretionary in has an unusually Large amount to spend its instalment debt is Down and its savings Are reduced inflation has strengthened the purchasing Power of americans july brings another tax the economic tinder is but it May be first by the fear then by the fact red reagans misplaced Confidence in his program and the state of the Art of economic analysis has taught him the difference Between certainty and perhaps Good news will teach a similar lesson to the cocksure pessimists who Are Bloom ing with tropical Luxuriance in Washington this what will happen i do not know which distinguishes me not at All from some sort of recovery is but its strength and duration Are perhaps whoever is president in 1985 will ride a rising but perhaps Reagan will have been like Moses on on that Moses was Given a vision of the promised land his people would reach but that he would Washington Post

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