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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 8, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 12 Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint february 1983 the hard Edge of reality in Flint its in the morning when i drive up to the sprawling Brick building in that was once a chronic care it still houses the business of chronic this is where new poor come to apply for the lobby this morning is relatively Only a couple of Hundred Ellen Goodman people Are filling out the 23page waiting their on other Days a crowd spills out and Down the Long people line up Here As Early As 6 to be among the Lucky first 200 who will spend eight hours being there Are people in Genesee county on its estimated that two thirds of these people have been unemployed by the in this company with the highest unemployment rate in the where Auto workers alone have been Laid the new poor outnumber the old the social services building is by no Means the Only Stop that the unemployed make on their skid Down from the Middle the first is the unemployment office where the Branch Thomas who has been there since can give a rundown on most of whats available Telephone solicit on on Domestic minimum by the time you arrive at this after the Job is after benefits have run after the savings Are and youve sold what you there is no doubt that youve joined the even the woman sitting composed in the lobby in a Dressor Success As if she were coming to a Job must know the people in like Middle class people in any have had a Long Way to in this town had the second highest average annual pay in the i gluons friends uvim6 in is a More than even the paychecks Are there Are just too few of these Are people who have bought Homes and maybe two of they Are people who have bought washing machines and maybe dish some have snowmobiles or Lawn tractors and Cabins up what they have not is As mayor James Rutherford put in today to be a have is to have a fran Hiteshew at the unemployment crisis Center sees the unemployed As they begin the slow she is a Handmaiden of the downwardly the chronicler of gaps in their a Day ago she had a Call from a woman who had a car and a House and pay a Utility the Day she tried to help some people budget for every Day she tries to even people face hard plan for a future that May not include their favorite scenario getting called Back to the theres a reality she says again and the reality is just not do the new poor in Flint sound spoiled they Arent they Are just Middle class people who expected to stay that if we think More about the new poor than the its for the same reason the new poor Are us without a now they live in a City where much of the downtown is boarded the beautification project painted murals on the they live in a City which has As caring and As energetic a Structure set into motion to help As Ive Ever As the sign in the welfare office employment is our Best half country at the digital Plant a mile from my Boston Ronald Reagan declared that he had seen americas future and the future looks but Here is a piece of the As people would say to me Flint int any worse off than the rest of the were just Washington Post out and touch someone but dont let them touch Back there is a communications revolution going on in the world right new technology has made it possible for people to communicate with each other by everything from satellites to car the Only problem is that although scientists have made it possible to think up ways of keeping in touch with each no one seems to know if its a Good thing or a bad i came to this conclusion when i was Riding with a Friend in his car the other he had one of those new telephones attached under the what do you need that for i asked i do without All i have to do is hit this Button and i can get my i heard the buzzing and a voice picked up the thunderbird and the lady this is do you have any Calls for me no i no Calls at All the phone Hast rung since you left the ill be driving in my car for another 25 if anyone Calls put them through to my car business must be i were hurting like everybody he when did your recession Start come to think of just about the time i put the phone in the that just when its possible for you to communicate by car phone with a there Are no Art Buchwald just then the phone there you said you see the importance of the phone if i didst have someone else might have gotten the he picked up the thunderbird is that Darling where Are you Massachusetts Avenue and would you Stop at Wagshall and bring Home a Pound of roast Dill pickles and a Case of Beer Ive already passed Why cant you Send Tommy Hes out driving but he Doest have a phone in his thunderbird muttered something and turned i guess there Are pluses and minuses to having a i i should have never Given my wife my the phone rang thunderbird be a dear and pick up Johanna at she seems to have missed her car thunderbird almost threw the phone out the it buzzed once thunderbird brightened up when he heard the where Are you calling from my where Are you in in my i can hear you loud and what sup i just wanted to say hello and Hidee to Roger and now you see the True value of a car thunderbird if i didst have one in my front i have been Able to talk to Eddie until i got los Angeles times

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