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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 6, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific sunday 20 books Pacific stars and stripes february 1983 americas 3party system gop and no voters the current crisis in american by Walter Dean Oxford University resident Reagan received landslide p support from the people who voted in yet the turnout was so Low he swept to Power without the help of nearly three quarters of the Ameri can Walter Dean a political science professor at Massachusetts Institute of technology whose specially is voter describes in a series of essays the party of no voters that now encompasses nearly 50 percent of the voting age Burnham finds the slide in voter participation that began in the 1950s has hit the democratic party the democrats traditional Blue Collar following or at least those that were voting became More conservative in the the Republican party More affluent constituency continued to Burn Ham and the resultant shift in Power gave Reagan the political strength necessary to enact a Radical economic program largely benefiting the Burnhams Book offers no solutions and Little Hope for the democratic which he says has fallen into profound with socialism a conspicuous no starter in Ameri can politics and More moderate economic policies in disrepute after the stagflation of the liberals and moderates have few options if they wish to Challenge the right on economic he his conclusion is that As Long As the republicans manage to avoid an economic disaster so bad As to Start a class there is Little Short term Chance for reversal of reagans United press International ibid watching by Bert Kruse no Toast to Bailey How to protect yourself against cops in California and other strange by Lee Bailey Stein and innocent people Are being arrested i and charged with drunk driving across the according to noted trial lawyer Lee he claims in their eagerness to prosecute the intoxicated the states have caused police officers to be overzealous in making whether or not this is the one example offered is Baileys own arrest last february and his subsequent acquittal by a san Francisco As a Magazine or perhaps a chapter in another the account of the proceedings would be interesting Why this narrative was Ever published in Book form is quite puzzling since it never lives up to its a guide for businessmen and other innocent travellers in the 50 states and lawyers Are fond of quoting the proverb that he who pleads his own Case has a fool As a which is what the Reader of this Book will have if he relies on the 21page table of state drunk driving Laws appended to the new York motorists in particular May learn the hard Way that police can demand a breath test even when there has been no Accident or traffic in under the very Law cited by the police need Only have reasonable grounds to believe a person was driving while impaired in order to demand a chemical or blood alcohol concentration since refusal to take the test under such circumstances results in the revocation of ones its quite strange that Bailey would no penalty for refusal to take from the same author As the defense never this is a big United press International civil War misplaced by Louis Hough ton none who wants to read about the a civil War should avoid a novel by a Well known new York author and Louis Auchin although it is billed As a novel of the civil the conflagration that split the nation in the last Century is a minor backdrop for this Story that seems to be More a moral essay of the 1970s than of the set in the brownstones of upper crust new the Story begins with Dexter Fairchilds midlife it extends to his wife desire for meaning in her life and culminates in his feeble strike for Independence from a domineering All the women in the novel Are unsatisfied and with the possible exception of Fairchilds with whom he has an ill fated in her it is the illicit lovemaking that creates her while his wife and her Sisters search for identity by supporting the underground rail Road or lobbying for women Fairchild examines his soul and its simultaneous need for passion and the author lends historical honesty to the novel by mingling his heroes with the likes of the Vanderbilt and other prominent new York social yet taints it with modern language and Slang in a Way that Breaks the mood of the period he tries to United press International across 1 Sharp retort 5 crude 12 one 16 17 braves Home 18 played 20 dramatic Flop 22 abounded 24 crazy one 25 medieval helmet 26 Noble italian family 28 29 Devilish Tot 30 past 31 go too fast 32 author Bagnold 33 outdated 35 conjunction 36 Confederate signature 37 lion feature 38 one time 40 like some fish 42 Bowling score 44 stomach for Short 47 Mamie Eisen Howers family 48 fashion Label 49 Chane of films 50 did you Ever 52 switch words 53 stayer upper 57 speech hesitations 58 60 certain horse 61 Anent 62 Formi Cary residents 64 hoodlum 66 Bonn negative 67 ooze 68 life of the party 69 Chicago Airport 70 resident 71 chair bars 73 arabian garment 74 Blore or Sevareid 77 girls 78 True existence 79 inhibit 81 Booths 83 notable party 85 places of ten Cut 87 Mouths 88 be in front 89 unconscious states 90 92 toes the Mark 96 97 goofy 98 roman parlor 100 still 101 opera Star 102 Guthrie of song 103 inclines 104 greek commune 105 condescend 107 British actor and family 111 112 establish a new dwelling 113 German in Germany 114 beaks 115 nodded off 116 kind of stick or Arm Down 1 puny Fly balls 2 author Milne 3 Slan Gily 4 Side Street 5 for one 6 gave ear 7 symphony instrument 8 Distant 9 pens pal 10 new England sights 11 rustic 12 wed 13 drink additive 14 comedian 15 graduate group 16 perfume 19 Andy of old movies 20 remove from a videotape 21 River in Spain 23 miamis county 27 Golf Gadget 30 greek letters 31 transmits 34 anatomical Pouch 36 certain tournaments 39 have being 41 settlers guide 42 actress Hasso 43 Bahs Cousin 44 wild mans Home 45 foot part 46 Charm 48 Nursery needs 49 smallest 51 choir voices 53 Bete 54 dramatist 55 is an author 56 certain consonants 59 old siamese Coin 60 genetic letters 63 sprawl 64 Mill product 65 Dishonour 72 fool 73 dress 75 japanese statesman 76 Ricochet 79 one without Noble rank 80 Sham 82 scientists answers on Page 18 Milieu 83 misrepresented 84 Northern european 85 kale 86 deviated Chicago news 88 Shane Star 89 Auto 91 93 Pupil protector 94 Arab Republic 95 holy women 97 foundation 98 Jesus and Matty of baseball 99 criminal interest 104 textile worker 106 apprehend 108 for Short 109 in what Way 110 Eureka

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