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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 6, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Jets tangle with migs in raids Over North Saigon pilots striking again at North Vietnam Industry packed steel Triangle tangled with communist Mig Jet interceptors and took a missile shot at one in the skies North of Hanoi the a mixture of the Model 17s and the More deadly Model streaked aloft to go after f105 Thunder chiefs that hammered at the thai Nguyen army Supply depot 38 Miles North of the communist one flight of the getting a break from slightly improved encountered a pair of mig17s As they pulled away from strikes against the Supply a Pilot fired an Airt air missile at one of the communist american spokesmen said the missile followed the Mig As it disappeared into the neither was seen and the Pilot was unable to find out pc bomb 9 maps Hurt Vietnam Bureau explosion wrecked a military police Barracks saturday in the coastal City of Phan wounding nine an american spokesman the Barracks and my head quarters were destroyed by fire after the sources said 22 maps were quartered at the the explosion was believed to have been caused by a replaced demolition sources in another terrorist incident announced a Viet Cong tossed a grenade at passing soldiers in qui Nhon three americans were wound qui Nhon was placed of limits to personnel from 7 to 6 elevator Union strikes new York up construction and re pair workers went on strike throughout the United states sat urday when negotiations for a new broke Down Over the Issue of higher the More than members of the International Union of ele Vator walked out at it was the first Industry wide strike since whether he had scored a other flights of f105s reported spotting six the hottest planes in the freshly beefed up Hanoi near the Supply this there was no the americans saturday bombed the Supply destroying and damaging buildings and touching off numerous fires that spread thick smoke through out the the Union members Are employed in every major City by firms represented by the National elevator manufacturing locals were How to reach interim agreements under which they would continue full Impact of the strike prob ably will not be Felt until monday when workers return to their jobs after the 3 gis injured in Saigon Saigon a a terrorist grenade exploded sunday under a military vehicle parked on a Street a few blocks from the residence of general William commander in police sources said three Amer ican servicemen were injured the terrorist Rig free continued from Page 1 denying visas to most czechs and it was made Clear that american tourism and credits authorized Czechoslovakia through the Export import Bank might be Cut the czech action was viewed in official circles As a step to Ward easing East West the had protested the 42 year old travel agents arrest and after Kazan Komarek conviction his attorney had requested suspension of the sen tence and expulsion of the travel he had been charged with attempted overthrow of the government and 74 Pacific stars stripes 1967 continued from Page 1 reported in satisfactory condition and three were treated and re the Homer 8 owned by Crown drilling of new or leans and leased to Continental is about 35 Miles South of Cam the town devastated by Hurricane Audrey in it was first believed none of the four natural Gas Wells caught fire and that the Blaze was due to burning diesel but Cameron Parish Sherif Claude Eagleson said saturday Continental officials were begin Ning to worry about the fire be cause it still burned so terrorists attack Saigon american was injured saturday night when hit by fragments from a grenade tossed at him and a companion by two men on a police sources the terrorists up radio photo scientists at Cape Kennedy examine charred Apollo Adolfo Crew fought to escape continued from Page 1 Cabin and oxygen suit Supply temperature were Normal up to the time the fire was detected at it gave this sequence of events reports a fire in the spacecrafts Iner tial platform indicates a Small amount of motion which May have been caused by movement of the repeats report of fire in the Cabin pres sure starts to Rise and inertial platform shows a larger amount of this Means the Crew were commencing their Emer gency egress the re port a b i n temperature starts to increase Chaffee reports bad fire exists in the Cabin he increases illumination of Cabin lights and turns on the crafts internal pressure reaches a level of about 29 pounds per Square Cabin after the third report of the report no other intelligible communications were received although some listeners be Lieve there was one Sharp cry of loss of radio signals occurred a few seconds the oxygen Supply to the Astro nauts which had remained at almost constant pressure and started to fluctuate at the time of signal it add in the event of the report who As senior Pilot was seated in the Middle of the had been trained to reach High Over his left shoulder to actuate the inner Hatch release command Pilot in the left was to lower the Center head help the senior Pilot lift the inner Hatch and remove it to the spacecraft the meanwhile was to maintain communication and help remove the inner Hatch if the Crew appeared to follow the Correct the re port said without at the time the fire was de Seamans said the space Craft was operating on external the fuel cells in the serv ice compartment were not in he and the so called internal Power was being supplied by there is no evidence up to this time that the source of Power was related to the Seamans warns of detect in bus steering system eral motors warned a number of Long haul bus lines to Check for a possible defect in 1967 pm coaches that might cause loss of steering the corporations truck and coach division said 365 coaches were being checked by their customers to make sure that a Clamp Bolt nut and set screw is tight on the Power steering As it said the buses were not being called Back to the dealers be cause the customers themselves have the facilities to Check it said the nut and set screw Anchor the Power steering Piston Rod to the Assembly end socket and looseness might possibly re sult in a loss of Power and steer ing Viet peace probes delicate1 continued from Page 1 be very damaging to Rostow disagreed if Hanoi wished to negotiate your government would not be would be Rostow Goodwin said the United states should take three measures if it really wants to make an fallout Effort for a peaceful he said these should include privately and brilliantly exploring opportunities for talks with the preparation of a plan for and ending the bombing of North Viet Goodwin described the air attacks on North Vietnam As Only of marginal and said they had Little effect on infiltration of troops and supplies into South denying Rostow said the bombing of the North was an important and significant element in the limiting of the level of the preliminary an a 1 y s i s Points to the conclusion that a Clear identification of the source of ignition of its possible source will depend upon detailed step by step examination of the entire spacecraft and its related est he sources at Cape Kennedy said Nasa is consider ing changing the pure oxygen environment of the Apollo Cabin to an Airlike mixture of nitrogen and oxygen to reduce the fire the oxygen nitrogen breathing system would be used Only Dur ing ground testing and during the launch once in orbit the Cabin would be pressurized with pure in the Cabin could be decompressed snuffing out any fire in the vacuum of that cannot be done on the should such a major redesign of the spacecraft be the delay in the nations Moon land ing program could stretch far beyond the apparent initial delay of at least six months caused by the Nasa said Seamans report was discussed with the chair men of the House and Senate space Clinton Anderson and George Miller be fore its Philip to visit Thailand Bangkok up Prince Philip will visit Thailand March As guest of the King and Queen of world weather Tokyo Chitose Ita Zuke Seoul Naha Usan weather Central temperatures 4 h l 57 25 33 1 46 41 34 19 63 50 Taipei Manila Guam Saigon by United Piess International h l 66 46 86 68 83 72 88 73 alb que Anchorage Atlanta Bowsfield Bismarck Boise Boston Chicago Cleveland Denver h l 56 29 26 13 52 35 57 40 42 26 49 33 33 18 28 26 32 26 30 27 54 25 Des Moines 19 04 Detroit Fresno Worth Helena 28 26 53 38 51 48 39 37 Hong Kong 62 46 Honolulu Houston Jakarta City 80 66 62 52 82 62 41 34 Bumpur 92 73 Las vegas 65 41 London Miami Milken polls Moscow Orlins nyc Omaha Paris Phoenix pit Burgh Reno h l 77 53 52 40 81 63 26 21 38 26 10 9 53 46 34 24 45 34 52 46 33 22 78 40 28 24 53 41 50 27 Sacramento 54 44 Louis 30 28 Salt Lake 46 28 san Diego 75 48 san 59 49 Seattle 51 49 Spokane 43 40 42 26

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