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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 5, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Caution to winds Market moves up new York a trading was heavy in the final minutes Friday As the Stock Market closed higher prices Rose from the special some of the Glamor stocks in office science and techno logy and a miscellany of trading favourites were in holding com now favored because of the easing of were among the most popular Bruns Eastern Mcdonnell and Standard Oil new Jersey were other although the Market usually calms Down somewhat on a Fri Day because of pre weekend Cau the mood of investors seemed to be that the most cautious thing to do was to climb aboard the bandwagon before Stock prices get to analysts still anticipated a Sharp correction of the 1987 Rise somewhere along the line but hesitated to say volume was million shares compared with million in issues were of 832 369 declined and 226 were there were 95 new highs for 196667 and no new the Dow Jones Industrial aver age advanced to the associated press 60stock average was up at with industrials up rails up and utilities California financial was the most Active up at other Active issues were great Western up Gulf and Western up Commonwealth up Imperial of America up first Western up 1 off Atlas up up up up up Douglas up and Ling Temco off on the american Stock sex sales totalled million shares compared with Mil lion in 898 issues were of 429 declined and 217 remained in there were 42 new highs for 196667 and 2 new United control was the most Active up at other Active issues were associated Oil and up great american up by Alec Tran up and up 1987 Standard and Iooss 500 Stock Index 426 industrials 20 railroads 55 utilities 600 stocks close change up up up up Dow Jones Stock averages 30 industrials 20 railroads 15 utilities 65 stocks open High Low close change up up up up new York Stock Exchange Index Market up 35 Index up Industrial up transportation up Utility 46 83 us 0 01 finance up american Stock Exchange Index High Dow Jones commodity futures Index open High Tow Dow Jones spot Coni modify Price Index declined to close close change up change off closing compiled from of and Vii act ind 44 air reduction 72 Alcan 33 Allied chemical 41 Allied stores 26 Allied supermarkets 12 Allis Chalmers 24 Alcoa 88 airlines 83 broadcast Para 77 can 47 Cyan amid 32 elec Power 40 foreign pow 19 Home prod 90 machine Fly Metal Climax 49 motors 8 natural Gas 42 am photocopy 6 smelt ref 66 South african 34 sugar 29 Tel Tel 56 tobacco 35 Ampex 29 Anaconda 93 Aramco 56 Armour 35 top of 31 Atlantic refining 86 Avo corp 30 Bath Iron works 34 Beatrice foods 46 beechnut life Saver 44 Bell Howell Bendix 35 beneficial Fin 40 banquet 2 Bethlehem steel 35 Blaw Knox 32 Boeing 70 Borden 33 Borg Warner 43 Morinan foods 14 Brunswick 10 Burlington Indus 31 Burroughs 91 Oul packing 26 Campbell Houp 28 Canadian brew 6 Canadian Pac Rwy 58 Currier corp 88 Case 20 Caterpillar trac 39 57 Cento inst 44 Chase Manhattan by 64 Chesapeake Ohio 68 Chrysler 35 c 1 t financial 32 cities service 46 Culott Peabody 18 Colacola 93 Colgate palmolive 29 lbs 62 Columbia Gas 2c Columbia 35 combustion eng 52 commercial credit 29 Commonwealth de 51 coins is 20 consolidated de 34 Continental can 46 Continental Oil 69 Corn products 43 Corning Glass 318 Crane 41 Crown Hollerbach 46 Dan River Mills 23 it Vico corp 26 Deere co 68 Delaware Hudson 33 Diamond Alkali 38 Diamond Natl corp 40 distil sea 34v8 Douglas aircraft 55 Dow chemical 70 Dresser Indus 32 Dupont 152 Duquesne Light 32 Eastern air 98 Eastman Kodak 138 mfg 27 Pacific stars stripes 1967 electric storage b 54 Elpaso Natl Gas 19 Emerson electric Fairchild camera family finance Ferro corp 29fy fibreboard paper filter of corp 51 Firestone t r 47 Ford motor 47 Gen dynamics 57ji Gen electric 89 Gen foods 73 Gen instr 52 Gen Mills 60 Gen motors 75 Gen Telephone Gen tire 36 Oil 52 Gillette 44rj Glidden 21 Goodrich 65 Goodyear 44 52 great Northern 57 it Grumman aircraft 55 Gulf Oil 61 Hammond Organ 18 Heinz 32 Hilton hotels Home stake mining Honeywell 73 Idaho Power 35 Rand Inland steel 36 inter chem corp 36 ism 399 into Harvester 37 into Nickel 88 into paper 27 into Tel Tel 81 Johns Manville 56 to Jones Laughlin Kaiser aluminium 47 Kennicott Copper 4i Kern country Laid Kimberly 5j Libby Owens Ford 4 Liggett Myers 74 link Belt 38 Lily Tulip 30 Litton Indus 83 Lockheed air a plastic bag government scientist Ernest Mcfadden braves a Sheet of flame while wearing a specially treated plastic Mcfadden thinks his experiments might save the lives of airline if his plastic bag idea proves feasible it could become Standard Emer gency equipment on up predicted a Robert newest member of the Federal Home loan Bank predicts the housing Industry will return to pre1966 followed by a substantial Boom in the Early Rand said the housing demand should average at least Mil lion units annually during the rest of this decade and Rise As High As million units during the first part of the new privately owned housing plagued by High interest rates and a relative Scarcity of mortgage dropped last year to one of the lowest Levels since world War in a talk prepared for a secondary mortgage Market con Ference of the savings and loan league in said his estimates were predicted mainly on population growth and anticipated family new products new York will go smoother for the Home Handy Man if he is equipped with these new Teflon coated hand and pruning among new products this week Are the worlds first line of such according to the Man fac Porter of Pitts which markets them under the Disston Brand the perfection of a new and harder Teflon than that used to make stick proof Fry pans was necessary for the use of the material in the prime advantages of the coated saws Are smooth Little friction re the cleanness of the Blade after use and Protection of the Blade against rust or Corro Dictaphone announces it has introduced a wireless teach ing device designed especially for the teaching of foreign Lan using a system similar to its close circuit radio the new class master 1 transmits taped or recorded foreign Lan Guage lessons directly to a transistorized student Headset receive or by the wireless the compact system enables the teacher to set up a language Laboratory without the need for expensive and elaborate wiring or new portable models of what of new Calls the first music machine embodying the Princi ple of the continuous 2track tape Cartridge Are being Intro the Batter operated unit Lone Star Cement 18 Lorillard 51 Lowenstein 16 Macy 44y2 Magna Vox 40 58 Marathon Oil marshal Field 45 Marine Midland 30 Martin Marietta 20 13 Mcdermott 77 Mcdonnell air 38 Mcgraw Hill 85 Merck co 75 mesabi 13 Mem 34 Minn mining mfg 85 Mission corp 94 Mission develop 90 Mobil Oil 48 Monsanto chemical 44 Montgomery Ward 24 Moore Mccormack 22 Motorola 121 Nat biscuit 46 Nat Cash Register 77 Nat Dairy prod 35 Nat distillers 43 Nat Lead 65 Nat steel 43 new York Central 75 Norfolk Western 108 North am aviation 48 Northwest airlines 118 okla Nat Gas 22 Olin Mathieson 62 Otis elevator 45 Owens 59 Oxford paper 22 Pacific Gas elec 35 Pacific t t 25 pan am airways 60 Parke Davis 28 Peabody c 42 pen Salt chem 51 58 Pennsylvania or 62 Pepsi cola 79 Pfizer 78 Phelps Dodge 77 Philip Morris 36 Philips petrol 54 Pillsbury flour 38 Pitney Bowes 50 Pittsburgh Glass 57 Polaroid 180 Procter Gamble 79 publickei1 Indus 8 puget up 34 Pullman 60 Quaker Oats 58 Ria com 49 Raybe Stos 68 Raythelon 63 Republic steel 45 Revlon 67 Rexall 29 Reynolds metals 65 Reynolds tobacco 39 Rheem mfg 28 Royal dutch petrol 37 Gateway stores 25 St Regis paper 30 Scheivley 36 Schering 68 Scott paper 28 Sears Roebuck 52 Shell Oil 67 Sheraton corp 12 Sinclair 69 Singer mfg 54 Kline for 57 South puerto Rico 39 Southern 29 Southern Natl Gas 32 Southern Pacific 33 Southern railway 48 Sperry Rand 30 Square d 21 Standard brands 36 stand Oil Cal 62 stand Oil ind 53 stand Oil 64 stand Oil Ohio 67 stand packaging 11v Sterling drug 439 Sto Elyvan Camp 21 Stone Webster 59 Studebaker Packard 56 Sunshine mining 33 Swift 48 Tennessee gag 23 Texaco 76 Gulf Sulphur 123 Texas instruments 111 text Ron 67 Thi Okol 18 Tidewater Oil 74 Timken Roll Bear 38 Twa 80 Tri cont 24 try inc 63 Twenty 40 ump ind 16 Union Carbide 63 Unilever Ltd 17 Unilever 28 Union Cal 63 Union Pacific 40 United air lines 70 United aircraft 89 United fruit v 29 United Gas 69 us Borax 27 us Gypsum 68 17 us lines 34 us rubber 44 us smelt refine 60 us steel 44 us tobacco 28 Upjohn 61 Hiram 29 Walworth 10 Warner Bros 18 Warner Lambert 42 Waukesha motors 37 Western Union Tel 43 Westinghouse Brake 36 Westinghouse 53 Wilson 38 win Dixie stores 31 Woolworth 21 Xerox up 244 Zenith radio american Stock Exchange Atlas Consol mining 80 philippine Telephone 6 bid Bank stocks Bank of America 52 bid 53 asked chemical Bank 46 bid 46 asked first Nat Boston 67 bid 58 asked first Nat City 53 bid 53 asked Morgan guaranty 32 bid 92 asked overt h counter s t o c k quotations were not available it also plays off House current weighs Only 2 can be transported anywhere easily and is so durably constructed that it plays in any standing up lying even swinging Over ones it starts playing automatically As soon As a tape is More than 600 Cartridge musical selections Are available from Parkway and other the cartridges Are about the size of a pack of Kin size Cigar ets and its easy to carry enough music in ones pocket for an entire the starting of automobiles in hot or wet weather is made its by an elec tronic ignition Power amplifier offered by Hunt manufacturing called the Hunt Power starter it is said to be Able to take an inadequate spark from the Coil and amplify it to the Point where ignition will occur even under extreme Condi 4t simple kits for building pre fabricated furniture of High Quality at a fraction of Factor finished Cost Are said to be available from the kits Are made in such Cabinet Woods As Black Walnut or White Oak in 13 Basic furniture the furniture is assembled by Means of Dowel a traditional method used in Fine unlike Many other furniture kits in which joints Are made with nails cars a bargain for Only London mar the car James Bond Are being sold for a Mere exactly less than the Price the Price believed to be the biggest Ever for a new was by David chairman of the corporation which controls production of the Aston the move was made after production dropped from an average of cars a year to 156 a

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