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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 5, 1967, Tokyo, JapanN the town dear Abb needs a time out9 with Al Ricketts dear Abby we Are just Ordinary peo Mjux-w., xxx to xxv a a by Xiv x a x pie. My husband has a 9 to 5 Job and humorous Man who has spent the past 30 years am Only a housewife. We have been married Pickin and singin for a living. The Kentucky born entertainer he hails from Ebinezer whose Capitol recordings of such Travis penned tunes As "16 tons and smoke smoke smoke that cig Aret have sold in the millions is currently on a three month military club tour that will take him from Japan to Vietnam. Over lunch at Tokyo s new Otani hotel Travis took a pull from a big Glass of milk and Lowed As How the japanese Lan Guage had him buffaloes. I be been Here for two weeks said Merle and i just can t get used to japanese. It sounds Lik Bitin when it comes to being a walking encyclopedia where the past three de Cades of country and West Ern music Are concerned the free Wheeling guitar player probably has few Peers. He has worked with the greats the near greats for 10 years arid in All that time we have never gone anywhere without taking our children. Behave three i have Riever had one night away fro Home except those few when i went to the Hospital Mohave another baby. We have never hired Sitter. Never needed one. My husband said the children grow up so fast we should enjoy every moment we can with them. I love my children Abby but Don t you think i deserve a night out with out the children just once a year stale mate Abby dear mate your husband forget that you enjoy your children All Day every Day when he is at work. Remind think you not Only deserve an occasional night out but you need one. Of tray and the never will bes. He s played the Juke joints and the fairs and every top and Bottom cd radio show from coast to coast. Travis can even recall a radio program he worked years ago that required the services of a warm up comic to Start the audience howling just before air time my father s snoring so she comes in my he d do a great Prat fall grins Merle and we d come room to sleep. I Don t mind that except she on with the crowd laughing. The fellow s name was never makes her own bed so i m stuck with red dear Abby i am a 19-year-old girl. When i was younger and still in school my Mother always said. Make your sometimes i did t have time so i would t. When my older s Lster married i got the room to myself and started taking More Pride in it so now i always make my bed. About two times a week i Wake up to Fin my Mother sleeping in the other twin bed. She says she likes to have a break from since he has More than paid his dues inthe business it stands to reason that Travis who also writes a daily column for the Nashville Tennessee an has earned the right to poke a Little fun at his fellow performers if As they say Down Nashville Way he s a mind a lot of the songs they sing grins Merle Are just like soap operas. You be always got a Triangle. The wife loves the husband but he s in love with her Best Friend,., who s in love with the but Many of the songs adds Merle Are so Good that they la actually bring tears to your Nashville where Travis has made his Home for the past year and the near legendary grand old opry also draw some fire from Merle. I m not Knockin the opry says Merle. But today it s just a place where the old timers can still work when they want to and newcomers can get a Little publicity if they appear on As Travis Points out there Are other cities in the states that Are producing country and Western stars who Are even More popular than Many of those closely associated with the Nashville scene. For example Sheb Woolley the Pride of Bakersfield cal.,whose contributions to television s popular Rawhide to series brought him National Fame is just one of Many in the business today who Don t rely on the opry to pay the rent. Everything is changing says Merle. They used to say that country music became popular in the service. That the country boys played it and then the City boys went Back Home an introduced it to their folks. But t make sense. It s just a matter of meet you. On the town. It. She complains a lot about backaches and headaches so if i Don t do it it does get done. What do you suggest unpaid maid dear unpaid i suggest you make her bed and Don t look Lor any medals. Be grateful for the Chance to remove the Wrin Kles from your Mother s bed. From the sound of your letter you must have Puta few in her brow. Dear Abby last sunday my husband and i were at my Mother s when my in Laws dropped in unexpectedly on their Way Home from Church. My husband was watching something on to. Everyone gathered in the living room and started talking. My husband s Mother asked him to turn Dow the to. He turned it Down a Little and Drew his chair up closer to it and continued to watch while his parents my Mother and i shouted to malice ourselves heard above the to pro Gram. Finally his Mother walked Over to these and turned if off. With that my husband stomped out of the House in a Huff and took off in his car. What do you think of a 24-year-old Man acting like that ashamed dear ashamed. I would say that in this Case rudeness was an inherited trait. # dear Abby i became widowed Sud Denly and have suffered severely from the Shock of losing a truly perfect partner after nearly 50 years. What upsets me More than i can say shaving someone come up to me in a Public place and say i am so sorry about you loss. I meant to Send you a note or i have been meaning to pay you a visit but blah blah blah and then a Long list of lame excuses people Don t think enough of you to write a note or to pay a Call they should just say hello and not mention your loss or their Good intentions at All. Recent widow Goren on weekly Bridge quiz q. 1neither vulnerable a South you hold 4akq74 k642 a �32the bidding has proceeded South West North east1 4 pass 2 v pass a what is your rebid hearts. A double raises in order since this hand is Worth 18 Points in support of hearts. Single raise would not do Justice to your holding. A a. 2as South vulnerable you hold 4 akj5 ak106 4 j1005 3 the bidding has proceeded South West North East 14 2 pass pass ? what do you bid now . Don t make the mis take of bidding two hearts merely to show a second biddable suit. The double will serve every practical purpose. It will help you to determine whether to play the hand at Spades hearts or diamonds or might pos Sibly enable partner to pass for penalties now that he knows you have opened on values beyond the mini mum. Q. 3both vulnerable As South you hold 475 vq96 4k542 &aj32 the bidding has proceeded North East South 2 pass ? what do you bid? order to determine the Lull potentialities of the hand it is Betterto Settle the Trump suit first by an immediate raise to three hearts. This permits the Ace showing to Start. On the next round you will show theace of clubs and if partner shows the Ace of diamonds Yon will indicate Possession of King providing partner with Complete information As to you holding. _0_q. 4as South vulnerable you hold 4qj1054k324akj104 the bidding has proceeded South West North East 1 4 pass 2 pass what action do you take hearts. The direct raises much Superior to inviting complications by bidding your other suit. A. 5east-West vulnerable As South you hold 4 j10 3 2 vaq532 42 �53 the bidding has proceeded Northeast South 14 24 ? what action do you take Spades. This hand is wort just one constructive bid. It would therefore be poor tactics to bid twohearts which Wou a necessitate a subsequent raise in Spades. Nej action would describe it much stronger hand. 0 q. 6neither vulnerable a South you hold 4 k.t542 65 a 12 �976the bidding has proceeded North East south14 2v ? what action do you take . Despite the five Rumps you have not sufficient values for a free raise. Your hand is Worth scarcely six Points. Q. 7both vulnerable As South you hold 4k4 vaj2 4q9x6 qj42the bidding has proceeded south1 2 nt3 it West pass pass pass North 2 4 3 44 East pass pass pass what do you bid now b l o n c o Vou polks mind in Okay Here come with the fire extinguisher your steaks Are Kitchen s Well Pone instead of rare diamonds. Heretofore you have made two minimum a bids and it is incumbent upon you to show that you have a really Good Diamond raise rather than a Mer preference in View of the fact that your cards have become enhanced in value. A q. 8east-West vulnerable a South you hold 4j2 vkj63 4akj93 43 the bidding has proceeded South West North East 1 4 pass 14 2 4what action do you take . You have a minimum hand and should take no voluntary action even though Yon Are in Posi Tion to rebid at a Low level. Pacific stars & stripes of sunday feb. 5, 1967

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