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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 4, 1983, Tokyo, Japan February 1983 Philippines Pacific stars and stripes jeep Neys to conform in Olon Gapo by Pete Maher Philippines Bureau chief Olon Gapo everyone who has Ever spent time in the Philippines will have his or her own tale to Tell of a favorite Jeeney possibly an outlandish tale of an unbelievable vehicle garnished with mirrors and a Rainbow of but Here in Olon Gapo City visitors Arent going to find very Many of the Garish rigs of As part of a pioneering the colors Are being standardized according to set routes and the embellishments Are being kept to a i dont object to the use of a Little but it obscure the Basic color of the said mayor Richard a major proponent in the move to organize the City s j Kepney its nothing new to it was Joist months after taking office that he insisted Jeeney Drivers we studied not Only the transportation habits of the City but also of the Wear shirts with their names stencilled across the Back for easier identification by if you put a Man in a even if its something As slight As a shirt with his name on Hes More Likely to act in a responsible Gordon and the idea within crimes that had been attributed to abusive Jeeney Drivers and now the move to organize the 318 legally registered jeep Neys plying the streets of Olon Gapo City is being expanded with the Hopes of providing better service to both the City and the Subic Bay naval to help Analyse the problems of reorganizing so Many Gordon called on the expertise from both the ministry of transportation and communications and Board of we studied not Only the transportation habits of the City but also of the said Danilo Brocka of the Board of we discovered that the yellow and Blue routes would get an increase in traffic when Many of the ships Are so we designated More jeep Neys to serve those routes than some of the the process of getting Over 300 jeep Neys painted in the nine Standard colors in the required time Hast been an easy one and by the time the 1st deadline rolled Many of the Jeeney Drivers haunt yet had the Chance to get their vehicles i knew it would take longer to get All the jeep Neys painted than we said the but we also planned to Grant an a colourfully decorated Jeeney zips is tvs Extension to the Drivers who were faced with this the plan began taking shape As Early As last May or with the word going out to the involved Jeeney Drivers in we also expanded the number of routes that serve the Gordon when we Only four major routes served the City and its outlying areas now we have but even As the number of jeep Neys allotted each route was being carefully mapped a touch of whimsy managed to surface when the time came to assign colors to the Only nine colors one route was coloured Green because Many people use it for going to Gordon another was Given the color Blue because it served a Seaside Community and the Blue is taken from the deep Blue of the and once the final deadline for the painting of the slated for is there will be Only nine colors of jeep Neys ferrying people about Olon Gapo this will definitely make it easier to single out any Jeeney Drivers who come into our City when the Fleet is in for a fast Gordon and it should also make it easier for the legitimate Driver to get More business that is rightfully the Colo coding plan is a variation on one already in use in Manila and the resort City of where a coloured Stripe is painted on each Jeeney signifying its easy to the problem with the Stripe system is that its so easy to change or Gordon All it would take to change a route would be the right color paint and a 5peso paint but if you have to repaint the entire youll think twice about another condition of the repainting of jeep Neys was the slogans that Are traditionally depicted on various surfaces of the sturdy we asked that All slogans painted on the jeep Neys be Public Gordon the emphasis was to show the Pride we take in enjoying the privilege of serving the the mayor added that he expects the City tricycles will be Colo coded in a similar manner As soon As the details of such a plan can be worked out and colors and route numbers of Olon Gapo jeep Neys route j01 j02 j03 j04 j05 j06 j07 j08 j09 color yellow Orange red Green Green Brown Violet Blue Blue from Santa Rita Gordon Heights Gordon Heights Mab Yuan Balic Balic new Cabalan Dinal Pihan Subic City Castillejos to main Gate main Gate main Gate Palenske Palenske Palenske Palenske Olon Gapo City Palenske via Rizal Magsaysay Pagasa Mab Yuan Kalakian Bridge Tabac ujan East 18th Street test Squadron helps guard unit Clark Abusafa four 1st test Squadron members have left for Hawaii to help the hawaiian air National guard with routine week end according to Charles an f4 instructor weapon systems officer with the the fou member team spent four Days briefing 199th tactical fighter Squadron members based at Hickam Airt air missile employ ment and recent combat Sage fiscal year 1982 results and enemy missiles were some of the topics Pacific stars and stripes depends largely on Public affairs offices for contributions to this if you have a Story that would be of particular interest to this please let your Pao know about

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