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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 4, 1983, Tokyo, Japan February 1983 ii a in Pacific stars and stripes planning can make the difference by Kay Simpkins Navy Nimitz Hill Many Navy commands on Guam Are very there Are times when a service member barely arrives before he departs again to catch up with a ship on deployment or is sent on temporary duty to a Remote spot in the Indian these can be very trying times for the dependents left Many of the trials and tribulations of a separation can be alleviated with a Little foresight and during a separation the wife is forced into a single Parent role with responsibility for every aspect of her family because she May have minimal experience with the chores that have been the sole responsibility of her she can be overwhelmed at the thought of a major emergency arising when she is become familiar with paperwork there Are Many ways to prepare for these ways that will make these times a Little less threatening and a Little More become familiar with paperwork used in running the know How to keep and balance the maintain a special file for important papers such As insurance birth and marriage enlist ment shot medical school transcripts and income tax know where car ownership papers and other important papers Are keep a notebook with social Security number and locations of savings and checking credit card numbers and where to write if the cards Are devise a schedule of payments that must be made during the also make arrangements Well in Advance for pay allotments from your husbands pay Check in order to pay those this can be done through your husbands disbursing learn simple Home there Are Many simply written and Well illustrated books on the Market dealing with Home it is possible to learn How to fix a Leaky unstick a replace a blown fuse or Burntout Light bulb and repair a frayed electric collect and Label All keys for every lock in the House and for the have a fire teach the children Safe escape routes from every room in the and plan a meeting place a Safe distance from the there Are Many ways to prepare for these ways that will make these times a Little less threatening and More emergencies can happen at any time and it is Best to be list repairmen and phone keep a list of names and phone numbers of reliable repairmen for air As Well As Drain unc loggers and television if living in base know How to Contact the housing office for these problems and which ones they will when the repairman arrives to repair an do not Tell him your husband is learn to use the Lawnmower or get the name of a teenager who can do Odd jobs on the Spur of the have the Oil and water checked Ever time the car is filled with Gas to avoid serious car schedule routine maintenance on the become familiar with the work Bench and where to find glue and tape As Well As How to use a wrench and screw obtain a Power of attorney to assist in any Legal problem that May the base Legal office or Navy Legal services can draw up such a document that will allow the wife to sign for her husband in his this can be important when making purchases at the using other base or a Host of other meet with a close if keep a lighted phone on the nightstand to Call a in the Middle of the and keep their phone numbers give an extra House or car key to a close Friend to guard against make up a schedule keep the family on a daily keep the daily routine As Normal As carry on with baseball dancing attend Church at a regular make up a schedule of the things to be doing and Post it so the family can see Cook full meals rather than resorting to sandwiches and soup for the a Well balanced diet will make the whole family feel make mealtime a special just like when dad is discussing daily activities rather than sitting in front of the television to watch the nightly plan special treats for the plan to go out to dinner once a it need not be but just something to break up the pack a picnic lunch and eat go to the a movie or take a Long join the wives support group during a the group meets weekly at the naval station Chapel and discusses Many ways of coping with the Navy family service Center is Here to help with any problems or to help pass the time with classes and Demars is impressed by his visit to Louis by Margaret Ronzio Navy the one Navy is alive and Well in according to rear Bruce naval follow ing his recent visit to the Louis naval and Marine corps Reserve Demars visited his Reserve naval base Guam As an Active display of his support of the naval he noted that his past Navy Tours As a nuclear submariner did not offer him much Reserve and his visit to Louis was a fac finding Mission to study his Reserve i am very pleased with the enthusiasm and responsiveness of this especially Given the distance which regularly separates Demars now that i know this unit i am better prepared to assist them in achieving meaningful duty they Are my support now and in any future naval base Guam 318 is the Only unit in the naval reserves which mobilizes to Demars Headquarters on a second Reserve unit also stationed in naval Supply depot Guam mobilizes to naval Supply during Demars today the interchange was naval base Guam 318 and naval Supply depot 118 unit members briefed the Admi ral on their unit training and Demars was also on hand to present the navys commendation medal to Loren naval base Guam unit he also sat in on training Demars briefed the units on his duty throughout the Marianas is lands in the Western a command he has held since his slide show depicted geographical and political environments of his the Supply facility and the entire Island offering unit members a review of their mobilization following the Demars presented naval base Guam 318 commanding Richard with a Headquarters Mcfarland honoured Demars with two mementos of his Louis visit a scale Model of the Gateway Arch and a 1982 world championship cardinals baseball a native of Demars admitted being a longtime baseball after his Louis he acknowledged a newfound interest in the naval Uso sponsors Seabee Welcome aboard party by Merrilee Zellner United services organization Agana Rock n Roll music permeated the United services organization Uso Beach As More than 400 Seabee showed Down on Chamorro fiesta food during the Guam usos traditional Welcome aboard party for Navai Mobile construction battalion a mob delicacies such As barbecued ribs and Kel Aguen and local fish were donated the Fisherman Coop donated enough fish to feed the entire the fiesta food was carefully prepared by such organizations As 4h the Matic homemakers club and Guam first Branch lds the festive Day was kicked off with a kissing Booth filled with some of the 22 miss Guam hemisphere contestants offering kisses two local bands donated their time to entertain the Seabee that in addition to the Boxer who brought Rob Hanna with a tribute to Rod the progressive country music band of Steve Bennett and on eyed Jack entertained the following these performances was the miss Guam Uso Beauty miss Guam Uso was chosen by the Seabee from among the 22 miss Guam hemisphere the Tracy from who presently attends John Kennedy High will represent the Uso at Island wide military functions during the she will be sponsored by various military commands via the Uso at the miss Guam hemisphere Beauty pageant in throughout the Day the Seabee As Well As other military personnel from the Kirk and in port for a few enjoyed kayaking on the five Uso Arm and a Coconut husking supervised by the usos own Premier Joe Many people enjoyed free rides on the usos newest a 450horsepower this luxury Motorboat is used regularly for weekend dive trips for military personnel Birds of usos own polynesian dance performed at Sunset on the prizes were Given to the Best male dancers in the Many tired but Happy Seabee stayed for the regular free sunday night movie shown in the Uso game room while others headed for downtown Pacific stars and stripes depends largely on Public affairs offices for contributions to this if you have a Story that would be of particular interest to this please let your Pao know about

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