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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 4, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 10 Pacific stars and stripes february 1983 regional Roundup by Black and hispanic the books were put Back on Library shelves after the supreme court agreed to hear the but the Board said that letters would be sent to parents of students checking out the within the next three the boards decision ending All restrictions will be presented to a Federal judge for which will formally end the said lawyer Arthur Eisenberg of the new York civil liberties w before sex not wrong Washington a it took him four but Darrell Peters has convinced the Federal communications commission theres nothing wrong with at least when its preceded by a Peters is the president and majority Stock Holder of Darrell Peters productions which acquired the License last september for it com in Arlington Ever Hes been trying to change the soft contemporary music stations Call letters to on Waco switched to sex after successfully convincing Larry the chief of the fecs mass Media to overturn an order by his its an attention grabbing that he you wont hear us talking about sex on the air or doing anything Pennsylvania two sentenced in a scam Case Philadelphia a a Federal judge reluctantly sentenced two former City Council leaders to prison in the a scam saying he Custo Itier duts bite on Bank Felt their constitutional rights had been t this is the most difficult sentencing i have Sioux Iowa a one customer put Ever been faced District judge John the bite on a Sioux City Bank and the Fullam said As he sentenced former City Sandy had the Man s Teeth to prove Council president George Schwartz and former it Sward is a driven Teller for Northwestern Council majority Leader Harry National Banks downtown Sioux City who once acquitted the two men on during a recent she routinely asked a grounds they had been entrapped but was customer for some personal identification to overruled by the 3rd circuit court of verify a said again he Felt the convictions Are violations of their constitutional rights and constituted entrapment by the convicted in 1980 of conspiring to said Suzann wit tvs Public information Owen said response to the which aired from 8 to 3 was very a great Many of these people Are basically coming on and ill do she its been pretty added Volunteer Susan the Jonathon was a joint project Between Tiu and the Bloomington which ran about 400 free classified ads in its 23 Owen i had the butterflies and the jitters and said Brad a University of Indiana graduate who came to the station looking for a Job in computer Kansas say cheese to the tax Man a say cheese and youll bring a Little smile to the face of Gary the Independence accountant ordered income tax forms for his business from an internal Revenue service office in but instead received two 5pound blocks of govern ment Allerheilige didst mind getting the which he shared with his but said he really does need the tax forms for his the big he May be some needy person who was expecting cheese but instead got a big Batch of tax Iowa the Northeast Massachusetts baby survives 1 of 2 operations Boston a a 6dayold South african infant with a rare heart ailment survived a delicate the first step of a lifesaving Effort that surgeons say has a 5050 Chance of William senior associate in cardiovascular surgery at childrens led a team operating on Matthew Ash from the first of two operations is the first being to Correct the boys heart defect called hypo Lastice left ventricle events a second operation will be needed to Correct the malformed left ventricle in his commit extortion and conspiring to violate an after about four hours in the boy was anti racketeering was sentenced to one in serious Hospital spokeswoman Judy year and one Day in prison and was fined Aronovitz also found guilty of conspiring to a wealthy Pretoria businessman paid for the commit was sentenced to 6 months in operation after the father appealed to newspapers prison and fined c re o 1 i Iio tort i of curl avg 1x7 ovo a 1 m d l 111 o ou11 o u1x 111 w 1 c 111 cd 1 o w c convicted during a trial in which Fri videotape recordings showed them accepting envelopes authority essay containing thousands of dollars in Cash from a seven were arrested Man posing As an Arab who said he wanted to smooth the Way to build a hotel in the the Man gave his false upon closer Sward found the mans social Security number engraved on the new York Illinois cars stolen to pay debts a employees of what was once one of the biggest Auto dealerships in the country apparently stole new vehicles from the company to pay off gambling the seats potted Plant perturbs police a Sun hungry potted Plant was the last Straw for the Southampton Village tired of running All Over town answering false summonses from burglar they decided to fight Back and have won approval of an ordinance fining offending under the installers of Home Security systems will be fined for each unfounded alarm requiring an officers police chief Donald Finlay said 98 percent of the alarms received by police last year were false triggered by forgetful property the wind or even a it took several false alarms at one House for officers to figure out what was he it finally was determined that the police were being summoned by a House Plant that leaned toward the Sun on Bright intercepting the beam of the electric Eye in the alarm once banned books accessible Island a after a seven year Legal Battle Over Book the Island Trees Board of education has decided to allow students unrestricted Access to nine books once barred from its the Board voted 43 to drop All restrictions against books which were denounced by the Board in 1976 As Antichrist an and just Plain the books included Bernard Malamud the Winner of the 1967 pulitzer prize Desmond Morris the naked and works area and a dozen cars in the Chicago believed to have been Jannotti and Schwartz resigned their Council recovered stolen from the Long Chevrolet Dealership were the Midwest Indiana to station holds Jonathon up about from this investigation Are that the same procedure has been and is being used currently at other car said do Page county states attorney Michael the mob always deals in but Here they have dealt in and cars can be Minnesota husband for Sale cheap a it was Only a birthday but Sheryl Weidall advertisement offering husband for Sale cheap brought an unexpected number of replies some of them decided to put her 26yearold on the Market partly in frustration Over his Devotion to Garth was out of the House playing hockey and Golf or Hunting and while she was Home with their two in the last two he was gone All the it got a Little she so she at her fathers to run an and in the 17 edition of the a weekly shopper newspaper help husband for Sale comes 250 Complete with Hunting and fishing people appeared on a television also one pair of two a lab retriever each was Given five minutes to impress potential employers with skills and desire to by Early several had although no one had received a Job and 25 pounds of Deer not Home much Between september and and april secured through will consider she included her name below the and a big

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