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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 3, 1983, Tokyo, JapanThursday february 3, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes 3a met g1 entertainment 17 radio Japan news on the hour . 4 05local afternoon pro Gram 6 00news, sports7 05mary Helen Barrio 8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim Pewter 9 05wolf Man Jack 10 05mystery theater11 05pete Smith . 12 05east of Midnight 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlie tuna 5 05harry Newman 6 05local morning program 7 00news, sports Paul har vey 7 30local morning program 9 05charlie tuna 11 05local noon program .12 00news, sports Paul har vey 1 05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05local afternoon pro Gram Okinawa news on the hour . 5 05clockwatcher 7 00news, sports Paul har vey 7 30clockwatcher 9 05charlie tuna 11 05day tripper . 12 00news, sports Paul har v by 1 05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05on the Road 6 00news, sports 7 05nightline 9 05wolfman Jack 10 05mystery theater 11 05pete Smith . 12 05harry Newman 1 05potpourri 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlietuna 5 05clockwatcher Philippines news on the hour . 5 05harry Newman 6 00news, sports Paul har vey 6 30morning line 9 05charlietuna 11 05brown paper bag radio lunch . 12 00news, sports Paul har vey 1 05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05the roadrunner 6 00news, sports 7 05mary Helen barrio8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim Pewter 9 05wolf Man Jack 10 05mystery theatre 11 05pete Smith . 12 05midnight rambler 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charl in tuna 5 05harry Newman Korea news on the hour . 4 05afte Moon show 6 00news 6 30jim Pewter 7 00bulletin Board 7 05mary Turner 8 05mystery theater 8 50point of Law 8 55lou Erwin reports 9 05pete Smith 10 05soul show 11 05wolfman Jack . 12 05after Midnight 2 05gene Price 3 05mary turner4 05mary Helen Barrio 5 05morning show 6 30news 6 50bulletin Board 7 00morning devotions 7 05morning show 8 30local scene 9 05charlietuna 10 05roland Bynum 11 05harry Newman . 12 30golden Days of radio 1 05charlietuna 2 05don Tracy 3 05country caravan 4 05afternoon show Guam news on the hour . 6 05great Day in the morn in 7 00news, weather and sports 7 20paul Harvey 7 30great Day in the morn in 9 05charlietuna 11 05fen today . 12 00news, weather and sports 12 30jim Pewter 1 05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05omnibus 6 00news, weather and sports 7 05mary Helen Barro 7 30del Demontreux 8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim Pewter 9 05wolf Man Jack 10 05mystery theatre 10 55mother Earth news 11 05pete Smith .12-.05east of Midnight 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlietuna 5 05harry Newman 6 05great Day in the morn in movies Japan wed thu 1yokota West 1 Yokota East Camp Zama 2 2 Sanno hotel 3 4 Negishi 5 6benny Decker 7,8 9,10 Nagai Hatsugi Gateway Katsugi 12 13 Kam Seyan Nana thur Richard Bong 14 showboat a Sakura 15 Okinawa thu Butler 16 Keystone 7 Mas. 18 Foster 19 Kinser 20 olympic 1 Ora wan 2 Camp Hansen 22 Chim Uwan 23 Torii 24 Camp Shields 25 Philippines thu Bobbitt 26 Colin Kelly 27 Subic Bay Cubi Nas 8 thu Bini Coican 7 Kalayaan 28 Grande Island 29 John Hay 25 Wallace 6 seafront a Korea thu Yon san 2. 29 Yon san 1 30 Camp Coiner 31 Camp red Cloud 32 Camp Essa Yons Camp Stanley 33 2nd a 26 Camp Hovey 34 Camp Howze 5 rec Center 4 36 thu Camp Graves 30 Camp Humphreys 37 East Gate club 26 Friendship Village Camp Carroll 26 Camp Henry 5 Pusan 38 Camp Page 39 Camp Long 5 Camp Colbern 29 Osan a 40 Taegu a 34 Kunsan a 1 Kwangju a 7 k-16 38guam thu Meehan 29 sky View Meg Force pm Force five r loophole pm Blade runner r gentleman prefer blondes a the professionals a Firefox pm Nightshirt r silent rage r 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 body heat r 11 clash of the titans pm 12 the Sweet Creek county War 13 escape from new York r pm a not available 14 Cannery Row pm 28 15 cat people r 29 16 strange behaviour r 30 17 Back roads r 31 18 inside moves pm 2 19 poltergeist pm 3320 chariots of fire pm 34 21 tron pm 22 nesting a. 35 23 death Hunt r 624 i ought to be in pictures pm 37 25 fighting Back r 38 26 Victor Victoria pm 39 27 grease 11 pm 40 Midnight madness pm partners r the Amateur r quest for fire r the howling r Hanky Panky pm Richard Pryor live on the Sunset strip r Excalibur r screamers r Annie pm author author pm whose life is it anyway r Alligator r television kanto Plain wednesday feb. 2 6 .news 7wonderful world of Disney 8house Calls 8 309 to5 8 50making a living 9 20nurse 10 10news 10 40what s happening 10 45newhart 11 10benny Hill 11 35movie Duel 12 55 .real people 1 45what s happening 1 50laverneand Shirley 2 15news thursday feb. 3 11 35 .latin Tempo noon news 12 05-general Hospital 12 50ryan s Hope 1 15movie Duel 2 30electric company 3 05big Blue Marble 3 35wild kingdom 4 15you asked for it 4 40family feud 5 05whaf s happening 5 10donahue 6news 71 remember Harlem 8jeffersons 8 30movie sooner or later 10 10news 10 40what s happening 10 45david Letterman 11 309 to5 11 55variety special Bobby Short 8 friends 12 55 .what s happening 1real people m1sawa thursday feb. 3 12 06 .family feud 12 32you asked for it 12 54news 12 59movie Tea 2 44ryan s Hope 3 06electric company 3 35lively special 4a picture of health 4 23donahue 5 15general Hospital 6news6 35vietnam 10,000 Day War 7little House on the Prairie 7 50laverne and Shirley 8 20gimme a break 8 45yesterday s glitter 9 10taxi 9 35lou Grant 10 25today s Fri 11 20news 11 40side Street 12 33 .Vietnam 10,000 Day War 12 58little House on the Prairie 1 48laverne and Shirley 2 16--Gimme a break 2 41yesterday s glitter 3 06taxi 3 32lou Grant 4 23today s Fri 5 14general Hospital Iwakuni thursday feb. 3 11 55 .general Hospital 12 40 .Ryan s Hope 1 05banyon 1 55dick Cavett 2 25here come the brides 3 15david Letterman 4 05electric company 4 35donahue-take Kerr 5 25family feud kids say the darn est things 5 55-Classifiedads 6news 6 30iwakuni scene 6 35the Waltons 725-Alice 7 50return of the Saint 8 45housecalls 9 10nero Wolfe 10 05news 10 20movie Paradise connection 11 55music store 12 20 .Rock world 12 45yesterday s glitter Casebo thursday feb. 3 1 .sesame Street 1 55this was America 2 10dick Cavett 2 45adlib 3 10donahue-take Kerr 4 05ryan s Hope 4 50general Hospital 5 35family feud kids say the darn est things 6news 6 30family hour festival 7 15buck Rogers 8 55mork and Mindy 9 25the Waltons 10 25strike Force 11 15movie Eagle in a Cage Okinawa thursday feb. 3 10 30 .cartoons 10 35pictureof health 11bonaventure 11 30family feud 11 55kids say the darn est things noon news 12 15general Hospital 1ryan s Hope 1 30dynasty 2 30cassie&co. 3 30gimme a break 4electric company 4 30profiles in Rock 5donahue 5 55take Kerr 6news 6 35mr. Merlin 7variety special 8fame 9nurse 10news 10 15movie the Day Loving stopped Midnight an evening at the improve 1yesterday s glitter 1 30general Hospital 2news Philippines Peppard comes in from the Hollywood cold by Jerry Buck a television write George Peppard plays a master of disguise in his new Abc series the a team and in this scene in a la vegas hotel room set he is totally unrecognizable. Peppard is disguised As a waiter a Black waiter. He wears a White wig and every Inch of exposed skin is covered with dark s a disguise to get him inside the hotel room so that he can Rescue a College mathematician from the mob which has kidnapped him because he s devised a system to beat the gambling a team about a group of soldiers of Fortune is a combination of Mission impossible and the they re mostly misfits and Mavericks escapees from a military prison in Vietnam who be joined forces Totake on daring assignments. The series makes its debut on feb. 8."i be never had a role before where i had to assume other characters or disguises says did Peppard Veteran of two Abc series Janacek and doctors Hospital return to television thursday feb. 3 10 30 .cities 11 30family feud kids the darn est things say noon news 12 05fame 1archie Bunker s place 1 30walt Disney 2 30story Book 3electric company 3 30ryan s Hope 4news 4 05general Hospital 5what s happening Donahue 6 news 6 30program highlights 6 35mr. Merlin 7waltons 8mcclain s Law 9jeffersons 9 30making a living 10news 10 15wayne Thomas 11 04fbi 11 58music store 12 24 .latin Tempo 12 48general Hospital Korea thursday feb. 3 noon news 12 15quincy 1 05pictureof health 1 30space 2donahue 2 45tba 2 50ryan s Hope 3 15general Hospital 4electric company 4 30big Blue Marble 4 55paddington Bear 5profiles in Rock 5 25family feud 5 50kids say the darn est things 6news 6 30mash 6 559 to5 7 25little House on the Prairie 8 15delphi Bureau 9 10dynasty 10news10 30the immortal 11 20the tonight show 12 05 .Davidletterman 12 50latin Tempo George Peppard lights a Cigar in his role of Hannibal Smith on the set of the his answer the character is probably the Best parti be had in my career. It was a Good script and a Good script is hard to after a pause he adds and i can use the describes the a team As a fantasy. There Are some very realistic things but basically it s a entertaining show he says. Hannibal Smith a former army colonel is just one jump ahead of the military police looking for him. Like David Janssen in the fugitive he has the dogged pursuer on his the really fascinating thing about this character Hannibal Smith is the character himself not the disguises Peppard says. He s described in the script As a Man who loves to live on the Edge of danger. It exhilarated him. When things Are at their worst he s at his Smith Heads a team made up of . Played by or. T Amy Allen Melinda Cule howling mad Murdoch Dwight Schultz and the face Dick Benedict. In the Pilot movie they took on the Job of rescuing a Newspaperman from a terrorist group in Mexico. Each episode present them with the impossible Mission that Only this elite group can was asked if there is More to it than just the Appeal of the character. What about his movie career an the infrequency of his appearances he ponders for a Long time before answering. I was cold he says. Cold As you can get. Remember flip Wilson when you re hot you re hot. Well when you re col you re As cold As you can get. Of course when you get that cold you can get hot Peppard s film career reaches Back to the Early 1960s,when he co starred with Robert Mitchum in Home from the Hill and with Gregory Peck in pork chop he starred in breakfast at Tiffany a with Audrey Hepburn the carpetbaggers the Blue Max How the West was won and fall Down he produced and directed five Days from says one of the last movie roles he can remember playing was Cowboy in Battle beyond the i really wanted to play was character parts he says but few people saw me As a character Man. They same As a leading Man. So in the a team i m

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