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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 3, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 16 Chicago news dear Abby my Mother inlaw cannot sit Down to a meal without smothering everything she eats with hot Jalapeno you name it if its hot and she loads it she even uses it on this offends me because i work hard to prepare tasty meals when she of i dont say but my problem is that my 13yearold daughter has picked up this and i am trying to break her of my Mother inlaw let her eat what she i want to break my daughter of this habit because id like her to learn to appreciate the taste of and if she smothers everything with hot it will All taste the in afraid too much hot sauce can harm her am i wrong to try to get my daughter to Lay off the hot sauce or should i let her eat what she wants hot and bothered dear bothered your reasons for trying to get your daughter to Lay off the hot sauce Are and an excess of spicy stuff could be hazardous to ones dear Abby this is in reply to sick a Mother who fears her son May be she wrote that her Hus band had a heart condition and she was afraid he handle discussing the please let that Mother know that in All the years of helping parents to understand their we have never lost a we do know of people who have committed suicide because their either did not understand or refused to accept whether her son is Gay or we Here at parents Flag parents and friends of lesbians and Are in a position to support and help we have Parent groups and contacts throughout the United the latest edition of our about our with information in languages japanese and is now available free if the request comes with a stamped 20 self addressed the address Box los Adele president dear Abby i was a frustrated widower after my wife passed then a pretty Young widow came and we seemed attracted to each the Only time i can see her is when i take her somewhere to spend Money on her to the for i bought tickets to a special dinner at a we arrived there in separate after the she got into her car and i got into and without even a she this Young woman is wearing my ring and says she loves i even loaned her Money to pay off some am i unreasonable to expect a Little More personal attention or must i be Content to see her Only when there is something in it for her old enough to know better dear old you and your Fiancee and that is what she is if Shes wearing your ring Are not on the same if you cant communicate with her shake hands and wave goodbye be fore you invest any More time or Money in this readers May write to Abby dear 132 Lasky Beverly Pacific stars and stripes Andy Capp february 1983 Reggie smythe your husband appears to be energetic Steve Canyon Milton Caniff police records show can on no indication what to where had 6he had happened been Alk Force intelligence anymore than wizard of id Brant Parker and Johnny Hart Johnny Hart we kimd5 of of fam whom Crock Bill Rechin and Don Wilder c4nj think Buz Sawyer Mavi see you a minute Roy Crane please be i tank Hes Jumble Beryl Juicy Ampere dilute answer heres a piece of news could it be time for item lets get from this in Chris Pont up to some mean to Imp out Fields Frank Smith and Jim smart Why Pont you tie a Belu on him that confounded Ferne creeping upon

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