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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - December 16, 1982, Tokyo, JapanThursday december 16, 1982 Pacific stars and stripes Nasa scientists believe life could be present on Jupiter s Moon san Francisco a primitive life i space might be lurking beneath the ice of an incredibly cold Moon of Jupiter two space Agency scientists believe. Ray Reynolds admits it seems a Long shot that life might have evolved on Europa but scientists believe there Are ice covered Ocean son that Moon. Reynolds says there May be Small temporary oases where some hard organisms could survive. It s some place else to look but i would t say the probabilities Are very High Reynolds said in an interview before co worker Steven Squyres described their work monday at the american geophysical Union meeting in san Francisco. Both work at the National aeronautics and space administration s Ames research enter at Mountain View Calif. Oceans May hold life it would also be worthwhile to see what there in the oceans he said. There could be the same kind of primitive goop that produce life on Reynolds said the pair s picture of Europa based primarily on results of two close encounters by voyager spacecraft in 1979 and1980, will be published in the British journal nature. Their suspicions concerning life were outlined at the conference. These Are very very tiny regions an they re very limited in time each lasting Only three or four years Reynolds said. But that they exist at All on this crazy world Way out in the solar system with surface temperatures of100 degrees Kelvin about 280 degrees below Zero fahrenheit is just the number of possibilities for extra terrestrial life has shrunk in recent years. The Viking spacecraft searched in vain for life on Mars and while the spacecraft s data did Trule out the possibility the Odds seemed to be had speculated about Saturn s big Moon Titan since it has an atmosphere which other Moons including Europa Lack. But in 1981, voyager 2 found Titan to be a miserable Europa life under the ice up place that s far too cold for the chemistry needed for life. Europa almost As Large As Earth s Moon discovered by a smooth layer of ice from which craters found on virtually All other hard surface planets and Moons have been erased. Lines crisscross the ice apparently representing Miles wide fractures caused by tidal forces resulting from the tugging Force of Jupiter s immense Gravity on the Moon. Thin ice May cover deep Ocean scientists generally believe the ice surfaces Only a few Miles thick and covers an Ocean perhaps 30 Miles deep that surrounds a Rocky Ore. The water would be kept from freezing by heat produced through the tidal forces and by radioactive decay within the Core. Reynolds and Squyres key conclusion i that within the Large fractures Are cracks too Small to be seen by spacecraft cameras. When the cracks Are torn open water sprays out to freeze and Sprinkle the surface with a Frothy layer of Snow that could act As an insulator to keep heat from escaping the Ocean. For liquid water to exist Reynolds contends temperature and pressure must be within survival Range for primitive life. He said All the raw materials required for life should be dissolved in water that bubbled for sons out of Europa s suspected cracks in the ice cover could let through As much sunlight As penetrates the perpetual ice of Antarctica and there Are things that live under that and do quite Well Reynolds said. But those cracks probably total no More than 20 Square Miles and each window lasts Only a few years before it s again sealed with ice. Under the Antarctic ice he said Are organisms that go into an inactive state during months Long periods of darkness and survive a spores until reactivated by Light. You could imagine something like that floating around on Europa until it comes to anew crack Reynolds said. But it s pretty hard for me to imagine something evolving under those the evolution of life on Earth probably Tooka billion years or More. Another conjectural option could keep alive a slim possibility however. Reynolds said Europa might have hot spots on the Bottom fits oceans similar to those on the deep Ocean floors of Earth. There he said organisms exist that Don t need sunlight for photosynthesis. They use the Earth s House votes to give itself pay raise Washington up the House heeding pleas that bad pay is leading to bad government tentatively agreed tuesday to a $9,100 pay raise for members of Congress and then reinforced that decision by refusing on a tie vote to reverse itself. The Senate and president Reagan still must approve the pay raise As part of the continuing Resolution before it can take affect. The House voted 303-109 in favor of a proposal by rep. Vic Fazio,d-Calif., to increase the pay of members of Congress by 15 percent from $60,662.50 to $69,800 a year. The House then had an Opportunity to immediately reverse itself. But in a 208-208 vote members failed to approve a proposal by rep. Bob Traxler d-mich., to overturn the first vote and reimpose a pay Cap on their salaries until March 15. Purchasing Power noted Fazio argued that in the last 10years, the purchasing Power of White Collar workers fell 9 percent while it fell 36 percent for members of Congress. Taxler said the timing is poor. In View of the dire rep. Sam Small a Texas urged his colleagues to leave our salaries As they rep. Richard boiling d-mo., who is retiring from Congress this month urged members during the debate held Between the two votes to stick with the first vote. This is a test of the courage of the members of Congress boiling argued. If we Don t have the courage to Deal with our own pay How can we be expected to have the courage to Deal with the problems of the world. In terms of purchasing Power we be lost far More than any other group in our society Fazio be Only had 10 pay raises in the history of the House of and rep. Clair Burgener r-Calif.,argued, bad pay is leading to bad government. We drive Good people out of government. At great Cost to the Public. Let s build a Bette House and a better rep. Millicent Fenwick r-n.j.,who lost a Senate bid this november and will retire from Congress this month urged her colleagues to vote for the pay raise. We be lost Good people in this House she said. We can t go on like the House then considered the Traxler proposal to continue a freeze on the annual salary. Jane s . Testing voice controlled Jet fighter compiled from wire services London . Aeronautic technology has entered the realm of pure science fiction with an experimental Jet fighter flown by the Pilot voice not his hands the authoritative Jane s All the world s aircraft said tuesday. Jane s publishes books annually that Are Well respected compendiums of the latest in ships planes missiles and other american experimental aeronautic technology As pure science fiction Jane s said general dynamics corp. Is testing a research fighter to respond to voice commands Given by the Pilot through a computer. Hands on controls this it said will allow the Pilot to initiate functions normally controlled by manual switches without taking his hands from the flight the existing Ultra High frequency radio switch on the throttle will be used to activate the voice command system it said. Each Pilot will make a personalized voice cassette of How they pronounce the command words. Before Takeoff a Pilot will Load his cassette of voice patterns into a data Transfer module for transmission to the voice command it said the missiles carried by the plane would be fired by operation of a sight mounted on the Pilot s helmet

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