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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - December 16, 1982, Tokyo, JapanThursday december 18, 1982 Pacific stars and stripes radio Japan news on the hour . 4 05local afternoon pro Gram 6 00news, sports 7 05mary Helen Barro 8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim Pewter 9 05wolfman Jack 10 05mystery theater 11 05 Pete Smoth . 12 05east of Midnight 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charl in tuna 5 05harry Newman 6 05local morning program 7 00news, sports Paul har vey 7 30local morning program 9 05charlie tuna 11 05local noon program . 12 00news, sports Paul har vey 1 05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05local afternoon pro Gram Okinawa news on the hour . 5 05clockwatcher 7 00news, sports Paul har vey 7 30clockwatcher 9 05charlie tuna 11 05day tripper . 12 00news, sports Paul har vey 1 05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05on the Road 6 00news, sports 7 05nightline 9 05wolfman Jack 10 05mystery theater 11 05pete Smith . 12 05harry Newman 1 05potpourri 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlietuna 5 05clockwatcher Philippines news on the hour . 5 05harry Newman 6 00news, sports Paul har vey 6 30morning line 9 05charlietuna 11 05brown paper bag radio lunch . 12 00news, sports Paul har vey 1 05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05the roadrunner 6 00news, sports 7 05mary Helen Barro 8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim Pewter 9 05wolfman Jack 10 05mystery theatre 11 05pete Smith . 12 05midnight rambler 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlietuna 5 05harry Newman Korea news on the hour . 4 05afternoon show 6 00news 6 30jim Pewter 7 00bulletin Board 7 05mary Turner 8 05mystery theater 8 50point of Law 8 55lou Erwin reports 9 05pete Smith 10 05soul show 11 05wolf Man Jack . 12 05after Midnight 2 05gene Price 3 05mary Turner 4 05mary Helen Barro 5 05morning show 6 30news 6 50bulletin Board 7 00morning devotions 7 05morning show 8 30local scene 9 05charl in tuna 10 05roland Bynum 11 05harry Newman . 12 30golden Days of radio 1 05charlietuna 2 05don Tracy 3 05country caravan 4 05afternoon show Guam news on the hour . 6 05am radio 7 00news, sports Paul Harvey 7 30am radio 9 05charlietuna 11 05fen today . 12 00news, sports 1 05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05omnibus 6 00news, sports 7 05mary Helen Barrio 8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim Pewter 9 05wolf Man Jack 10 05mystery theatre 11 05pete Smith . 12 05after Midnight 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlietuna 5 05harry Newman 6 05am radio movies Japan wed thu Yokota West 1 1 Yokota East Camp Zama 2 3 Sanno hotel 4 Negishi 5 6 Benny Decker 7, 8, 9 Nagai 10 Katsugi Gateway Katsugi 11 12kamiseyan Nana thur Richard Bong 13 showboat 1 Sakura Okinawa thu Butler 14 Keystone 5 Mas 16 Foster " Kinser 18 olympic 9 Ora wan 20 Camp Hansen 1 Chim Uwan 21 Torii 3camp Shields a Philippines thu Bobbitt 22 Colin Kelly 23 Subic Bay 4 Cubi Nas 25 thu Bini Coican 26 Kalayaan 7 Grande Island 28 John Hay 29 Wallace 30 seafront a Korea thu Yon san 2 31 Yon san 1 Camp Coiner 32 Camp red Cloud 32 Camp Essa Yons Camp Stanley 33 Camp Hovey 4 Camp Howze 15 rec Center 4 35 thu Camp Graves 36 Camp Humphreys 37 East Gate club 37 Friendship Village Camp Carroll 30 Camp Henry 8 Pusan 14 Camp Page 39 Camp Long 15 Camp Colbern Osan a 40 Taegu a 34 Kunsan a 1 Kwangju a 41 k-16 14 Guam thu Meehan a sky View a 1 swamp thing pm 2 Slaughter in san Francisco r 3 evil under the Sun pm 4 wrong is right r 5 dragon Slayer pm 6 author author pm 7 eyewitness r 8 these wolves pm 9 enter the ninja r 10 the earthling pm 11 summer lovers r 12 the Birds pm 13 Atlantic City r 14 the Amateur r a not available 15 Cannery Row pm 16 missing pm 17 night crossing pm 18 thing r 19 Best Little whorehouse in Texas r 20 Competition pm 21 take this Job and shove it pm 22 cheaper to keep her r 23 Deathtrap pm 24 raging Bull r 25 rattlers r 26 of god Book 11 pm 27 smoke y and the Bandit ii pm 28 Hanky Panky pm 29 strange behaviour r 30 Excalibur r 31 Force five r 32 the Border r 33 Porky s r 34 reds pm 35 Star trek ii the Wrath of Khan pm 36 run Virgin run r 37 the nesting r 38 raiders of the lost Ark pm 39 Soldier of Orange r 40 i ought to be in pictures pm 41 tron pm television kanto Plain wednesday dec. 15 6 .news 7wonderful world of Disney 7 55wkrp in Cincinnati 8 20movie Bermuda Triangle 10news 10 30dynasty 11 20house cat is 11 45fbi 12 40 .profiles in Rock 1 10what s happening 1 15lou Grant 2 05news thursday dec. 16 11 30 .lively special noon news 12 05general Hospital 12 50ryan s Hope 1 15movie Bermuda Triangle 2 50electric company 3 25 big Blue Marble 3 55wild kingdom 4 20you asked for it 4 40family feud 5 05what s happening 5 10donahue 6news 7best of Sullivan 7 45taxi 8 15movie give pm hell Harry 10news 10 30love in a cold climate 11 20david Letterman 12 05 .Laverne and Shirley 12 30policewoman l 20-what s happening 1 25wkrp in Cincinnati 1 55news Misawa thursday dec. 16 12 15 .family feud 12 39you asked for it 1news 1 08movie deadly Harvest 2 25ryan s Hope 2 47a Christmas Story 3 12gaiking 3 34lively special 3 59fight Back 4 23donahue 5 15general Hospital 6news 6 35vietnam 10,000 Days 7laverne and Shirley 7 50one of the boys 8 20little House on the Prairie 9 10yesterday s glitter 9 35taxi 10 05lou Grant 10 55pmspecial edition 11 45news 12 05 .side Street 12 50vietnam 10,000 Days 1 14laverne and Shirley 2 04one of the boys 2 30little House on the Prairie 3 21yesterday s glitter 3 46taxi 4 13lou Grant 5 04pm special edition 5 53general Hospital Iwakuni thursday dec. 16 11 50 .general Hospital 12 35 .Ryan s Hope 1ufo 1 50news 1 55dick Cavett 2 25new Perry Mason 3 15that Nashville music 3 40infospecial 4 10lively special 4 35donahue 5 25family feud kids say the darn est things 5 55classified ads 6news 6 30iwakuni scene 6 35the Wai tons 7 25alice 7 50the a ii Guy 8 40house Calls 9 05 Banyon 10news 10 15movie return of Sabata Midnight soul train 12 45rock show Casebo 16 say pm thursday dec. 1 .sesame Street 2american adventure 2 25dick Cavett 2 50american history 3 15donahue 4 05ryan s Hope 4 30you asked for it 4 50general Hospital 5 35family feud kids the darn est things 6news 6 30buck Rogers 7 20waltons 8 10banyon 9strike Force 9 50news 10 05movie the last Brace 11 45rock show Okinawa thursday dec. 16 10 30 .cartoons 10 35fight Back 11bon adventure 11 30family feud 11 55kids says the darn est things noon news 12 15general Hospital 1ryan s Hope 1 30dynasty 2 30buck Rogers 3 30mork and Mindy 4big Blue Marble 4 30electric company 5cartoons 5 05donahue 5 55take Kerr 6news 6 35gimme a break 7little House on the Prairie 8cassie and company 9nurse 10news 10 15movie fighting Man on the Plains Midnight an evening at the improve 1big country 1 30lively special 2general Hospital Philippines thursday dec. 16 11 30 .family feud kids say the darn est things noon Delphi Bureau 1bob, Carol Ted and Alice 1 30talk about pictures 2girl with something extra 2 30 electric company 3big Blue Marble padding ton Bear 3 30ryan s Hope 4general Hospital 5donahue 6news 6 30mr. Merlin 7code red 8happy Days 8 30taxi 9american playhouse 10news 10 15movie Noviola pt3 11 53merysow 12 39 .latin Tempo Korea thursday dec. 16 noon news 12 15quincy 1 05pictureof health 1 30talk about pictures 2donahue 2 45take Kerr 2 50ryan s Hope 3 15general Hospital 4electric company 4 30 big Blue Marble 4 55paddington Bear 5kids say the darn est things 5. 05profiles in Rock 5 30 family feud 6news 6 30mash 6 55-Wkrp 7 25little House on the Prairie 8 15hiii Street blues 9 10dynasty 10news 10 30the contender 11 20the tonight show 12 05 .David Letterman 12 50latin Tempo entertainment 17 Ruth Warrick likes acting in soap operas by Ken rapport associated press indefatigable Ruth Warrick has been somewhat typecast Ever since playing the role of Emily Norton Kane in citizen Kane four decades ago. Fortunately she has turned it in her guess citizen Kane did sort of Type me a Little bit As being the very elegant austere somewhat cold lady she says. I never got to be the bad girl the steamy girl As it were and i might be a Little regretful of that because you kind of want to be those things when you re Young. But now i understand and i Don t mind having been Alady and still being a lady because ladies last a lot that s apropos in Warrick s Case. From her auspicious Start in the controversial Orson Welles film Back in 1941 to her role these Days As feisty Phoebe Tyler on the Superti soap opera All my children Ruth Warrick has endured thanks to intelligent career planning. Turned Down role in Irma she says she has made Only one bad mistake i career decisions that was when she turned Down a role in the Long running television hit of the 1950s, my Friend Irma which starred the Zany Marie Wilson. They told me i had to give up movies entirely to do the show and i said no. That was very stupid. I could have gone into that situation comedy which ran for five or six Yea Sand just gone right on. But that was the main clue i missed As far As transferring careers actually they weren t making the kind of movies tha Warrick was making before anyway. She would later recognize soon saw perfectly Well that television was taking Over she says and went wholeheartedly along with it playing first in the guiding Light then As the world turns and finally the key role of Hanna Cord in the nighttime soap Peyton place before finally Landing the Phoebe Tyler role in 1970. Most of my friends did t think i should play in soap operas Warrick says. They thought it was demeaning. They said How can mrs. Citizen Kane do a soap but Idin t feel it was demeaning at All. It was a Job and i had two children to support. Besides i had Learned my lesson from turning Down my Friend Irma you move you change you go with what s played opposite Many male stars although none of her ensuing films came up to citizen Kane she did get some pretty Good roles and did play opposite some of the larger than life leading men i Hollywood s Golden age of the 1940s Douglas Fairbanks the corsican Brothers Pat o Brien Theiron major Edward g. Robinson or. Winkle goes to War Ralph Bellamy guest in the House Dan Aandrews Daisy Kenyon Charles Boyer Arch of triumphant Fred Astaire let s dance one of her favorite films though had none of these glamorous actors in song of the South will always be a very special movie to me Warrick says of the popular Walt Disney film that combined animation with live characters for the first time. It was a wonderful experience working for Walt Disney who had been one of my heroes and later became a close personal movie closely paralleled my life at the time. I was married to Eric Rolf in real life As Well As on the had a son named Jon like in the film and we were also having marital problems. In the end of song of the South everything worked out and everyone lived happily Ever after. It s a shame it does t always happen that Way in real life. Eric and i separated soon after finishing the a Queen of the soaps her Long running role As Phoebe Tyler has put he among television Royalty virtually a Queen of the soaps. It does my heart Good to see How successful soap operas have become Warrick says. People used to make fun of them and now they be vindicated themselves. Now third of our audience is and Many of them adore Phoebe Tyler despite he arrogance and snobbish Ness. Her Appeal is what Warrick Calls the attraction of a , the character is the Antithesis of Ruth Warrick who has dedicated a portion of her compassionate life to helping the underprivileged. She is one of the founders of operation Bootstrap in the Watts District of los Angeles an Active member of the Martin Luther King society and has taught Black studies in As important in her life has been her three children. She has Strong family ties echoes of a full Happy childhood in st. Joseph to. My children have always come first she says. Idon t deserve any particular credit for it. Those Are my values and that s the Way i be lived my

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