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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - December 6, 1982, Tokyo, Japan 14 Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint december 1982 Mega Tongue peace head for Warnis the boys didst like the rumours going you can speak they told ask them at Headquarters whats going Mega Tongue is the language of the nuclear and i dont understand it any better than most other missiles in just a Plain spoken old my missile like the rest of i if Headquarters hits me with one of those 20megatongue words ill look like a if i didst i know they would All Call me so i went up to everybody is tied up thinking the Unthank the receptionist dont give me if its unthinkable nobody can be thinking about better Call somebody away from the Packman or youre going to Light my the nuclear thinker who introduced himself smelled faintly of 10syllable delighted to see he Russell Baker youve got me confused with marshal in the my no he by a supreme feat of unthinkable we have at last broken through to the world behind the looking you and the rest of the boys Are now i want to be the fellow to Tell them youre going to paint those Little Dove symbols All Over not to said the in the new world we have doves Are Hawks and Hawks Are you will soar proudly with the Hawk emblazoned on your youre taking away our warheads with a simple flick of the we turn them into the boys would at least be glad to hear they were going to they been disturbed by rumours they might have to stand up on new York cried the you will soar deep in the Earth under the state of never heard of underground i of course until a moment ago you never heard of peace Heads and while you great peacekeeper soar there in the impregnable bowels of do you know what unspeakable crime you will be luring soviet thins classic amt it thing out Frokt missiles to commit that How do we commit the fratricide you dont commit it is too heinous a crime for american fratricide Means brother killing by soaring deep under the Wyoming you will tempt soviet brother missiles to attack i didst get imagine three russian Brothers Dmitri and Alyosha he they Roar one after the to disturb the Ivan hits Boom what a mess foul fire just As Dmitri and Alyosha what happens the mess blows up Dmitri and Alyosha before they hit leaving peacekeeper Safe in the that but suppose a father missile comes along with what if the mess blows him up to in that my dear we should have for the first i realized i was beginning to understand so we might conceivably have parricide and fratricide simultaneously All Over i and whats if the brother and father missiles had brought along planning to sleep that night in we could even have the thinker was that not i if one of the missiles brought along a son and the mess on the ground caught him up in the we would have sonic de the thinker was so impressed by now that i was Given my own office and am thinking about either scrambled or Over times 84 Kennedy decision to stay out of the 1984 presidential sweepstakes leaves one big gainer among democratic politicians and one Man with new the gainer is Kennedy the Man in trouble is Walter nothing has so become Kennedy lately As the manner of his leaving the 1984 he was he was in making the announcement he was relaxed and and he avoided coyness about i dont think its any mystery that i would like to be he said but 1984 was not the he said the decision was based not on political doubts but on family As to that there will be sceptics Many political Handi cappers believed that the so called character Issue would have been a formidable obstacle for but few will doubt that he showed character in discussing his family i am involved in a he a painful experience for All the then there was the Way Kennedy used the announcement dress Confer ence to stake out As a he he will be in the forefront of the fight for economic Justice and for a nuclear weapons the result of All that was greatly to enhance Edward Kennedy leadership role in the democratic he will be in a position to exercise More influence in the Senate and in National democratic Anthony Lewis the two top prospects for the 1984 As the polls had been Kennedy and former vice president to say that the Kennedy pullout raises problems for Mondale seem but it is never comfortable being a front runner at this Early stage of a presidential least of All for a candidate As vulnerable As Mondale seems to Over the last two months the country has seen a new Mondale image Tiger who snarls at the tells Union audiences we need Protection from foreign goods and fills his speeches with words like Tough and weve been running up the White he when we should be running up the american will a Nice Guy like Fritz Mondale really succeed in convincing people that he has become a leather lipped Jingo i doubt More such protectionist rhetoric is not a serious answer to the american economic it is such primitive baloney that it can Only offend the intellectuals who Are a meaningful element in the demo cratic the party and the country Are looking for something new in the Way of economic policy from a democratic it cannot be the redistributive activism that Kennedy has represented the Public has a More limited View now of the governments and it should be something not despair ing Beggart neighbor pro in it should be a new Industrial the leading alternative possibilities to Mondale Are John Glenn of Ohio and Gary Hart of each has had personal connections with the Kennedy fam and some Kennedy friends and supporters could easily move toward either of them both Are in a position to gain from Kennedy but both have serious Glenns enormous popularity in Ohio testifies to his warmth of personality and the Trust Felt in Given his military report and his Eisenhower like he has a natural Issue defense and arms but he has not really identified himself clearly on that or any other great Public Hart has been Active and effective in the Senate on questions of defense and arms he has also talked More seriously than any other candidate i know about the possibilities of a new Industrial but he has not so far made the kind of impression on the country at Large that is needed to launch a real presidential if the democrats fail this it 18 a fair bet that Edward Kennedy will be and in times

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