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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - December 5, 1982, Tokyo, Japan Pacific sunday Pacific stars and stripes december 1982 books Noaks courier from Warsaw combines adventure and indictment courier from by Jan 477 Wayne state University by Theodore Shabad n a preface to this fascinating Memoir of the German occupation of Poland in world War Jan Nowak says that he intended to write the Book right after the War but he soon became absorbed in such activities As broadcasting to Poland Over the bbl radio free it was Only after his retirement in at the age of As director of the polish service of the Munich based Broad casting that he dug out his old notes from a perspective of More than 30 proceeded to reconstruct his experiences As a Young lieutenant in the Home the polish no communist and As one of its Liaison men maintaining Contact with the polish government in exile in courier from which was first published in a Polis language edition in London four years can be read on two As an adventure it chronicles the constant dangers Nowak faced and the close escapes he had on five secret trips through the German lines As he sought to keep the resistance movement in Poland in Contact with the historical document but the Book is also an important historical Noaks missions placed him in the unusual position of being a participant in and an observer of major wartime events both in Warsaw and in he met with Winston Anthony Eden and other members of the British War Cabinet and had Access to documents and policy makers at critical Points during world War he returned from one of his secret missions just before the polish underground led by Tadeusz Bor Komorowski began a controversial uprising in occupied Warsaw on As red army forces under marshal Konstantin Rokos Sovsky were approaching the City from the driving the retreating German army before contrary to expectations Nowak Speaks of Calls to insurrection broadcast by the Moscow radio the soviets stopped their Advance in the Warsaw suburb of on the East Bank of the Vistula and ignored the insurgents appeals to come to their some historians have since interpreted the soviet inaction at the Gates of Warsaw As part of a plan to have the germans destroy the no communist thus Clearing the Way for the takeover of Poland by so Viet backed polish after the suppression of the Warsaw Nowak was the first participant to reach London in january 1945 and to present his version of events at a news i told of the Calls of the soviet radio stations upon Warsaw to attack the with drawing he of the ominous silence that fell on the other Bank of the Vistula on the fourth Day of the of the disappearance of soviet aircraft from the sky Over the capital As soon As the germans had begun to destroy it systematically Street by incredulous British according to his report aroused some incredulity in and he in Desmond Church ills personal assistant during the War whom the author accuses of ant polish intrigues and describes As dishonest and Morton died in Nowak seems to have been irritated More than once by British in one interview with a bbl in which he described the Public execution of a family of three in the marketplace of a polish Nowak was taken Aback when he was asked whether the town was East or West of the Curzon a reference to a Boundary suggested in 1920 by lord the British acceding to Churchill agreed in Early 1944 to let the soviet Union have the territories to the East in the postwar and the British were avoiding references to those areas As part of the author also touches on the disputed Issue of How much Western leaders knew about the wartime killings of millions of East european jews in German occupied Nowak reports on his missions in he often spoke with British officials and intelligence people about the extermination of the polish jews and the destruction of the Warsaw and everybody listened with interest mixed with but some 30odd years while consulting British archives in preparation for his he found that references to the jews had been omitted in the notes and reports of his Slaughter ignored Nowak the times of London in january 1944 refused without explanation to publish a letter about the Fate of Eastern Europe jews that had been written by an escaped British prisoner of Ronald who had found Refuge with the polish the letter was carried out by Nowak in the Hope that testimony of an englishman living in Warsaw would be More convincing to the English Public than any article written by a Nowak quotes Jefferys 1943 letter As having said of Poland prewar jewish population of 3 million have been shot and tortured to death by the these and other specific accusations against the British in Noaks Well written Book May Well have to be checked against the testimony of other witnesses of those wartime but courier from Warsaw undoubtedly offers an authentic account by a participant that May shed additional Light on Little known episodes of the world War ii times i doings by 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