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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 28, 1967, Tokyo, JapanJeff Fco rail Highway Bridge rescuers a Vietnam Bureau Bong son Vietnam a 1st Cav. Div. Helicopter Pilot was awarded the Silver Star Here thursday for his part in the Rescue of three copter crewmen Sui rounded by a company of North vietnamese Soldier last saturday. I it. Bernie l. Young of he Cav s 1st sq., 9th Cav., provided he Only cover for a Marine Huey thai landed to pick up he stranded Crew of a crowned Marine ch46 sea Knight. That ship of Honor an air Force fighter aircraft s strike camera took this picture the 8th, 355th and 388th tactical fighter wings knocked out the above showing bombs hitting on and near the Hanoi Railroad Span and badly damaged the five Span 73,s-by-20-foot steel and and Highway Bridge 5 Miles from the Center of the North Viet Concrete Structure. A Wood products Plant Bottom Center of top Siam capital. Post strike photo below shows a Span knocked out photo Bottom left of lower photo was also heavily damaged of the Bridge. F4 phantoms and f105 Tlam kerchief pilots from during the strike. Usan clinic gives he peeked guerrilla smoked out Duc Pho Vietnam 10 a hidden Viet Cong poked his head up for a look at the wrong time . Troops nabbed him. A co., 1st bn., 35th inf., had moved into the area North of due Pho the previous Day. That Clay they encountered Light con tact killing three enemy guerrillas. The next Day As the third platoon led by 2nd it. Robert Peters was sweeping through a Village some of the men stopped near a Well. As the men looked around a Small piece of ground beside the Well began to Rise and a pair of eyes peered out through the Small opening. Unluckily for the enemy pfc. Mike Dundon noticed the move ment. Thinking the enemy might throw grenades Dundon shouted a warning to his squad and too cover. After some persuading by an interpreter two of the pc decided that it would be better not to fight and surrendered but the third was reluctant to come out of the Hole. The platoon Leader decided that the quickest an easiest Way to get him out would be with a smoke grenade. Crawling up to the trap door Dundon hurled the grenade into the Hole and hurried upwind. Coughing and with his eyes watering the pc quickly sur rendered to the waiting Ameri cans. Maj. Ronaghan new chief nurse Tan son Nhut a Vietnam maj. James t. Ronaghan one of the air forces senior male flight nurses has been ass Gnedas the new chief flight nurse at the 903rd aeromedical evac. So. Here. Ronaghan replaced v. Frederick. The 903rd is responsible for All aeromedical evacuation operations in Vietnam. By Gerard f. 1 Orken is staff correspondent can Tho Vietnam All his life Tran Van Bong 10, had played in the streets and Fields around his Delta Village. Then one Day his sturdy Little leg stepped on a Viet Cong mine. With both legs amputated above the knee Tran now awaits new found Hope at the can Tho rehabilitation Institute where he is to be fitted with artificial limbs. Tran is but one of Many men women and children caught up in the savagery of War. Because of the National rehabilitation Institute they can look Forward to a brighter future. The can Tho Center an activity of the vietnamese govern ment s National rehabilitation Institute in Saigon is the firs of five such centers to be established throughout South Viet Nam. The Institute which builds and fits artificial limbs for Viet namese such As Tran dismisses most of its patients within two medical director at can Tho or. Tham Hoang head the Center s team of seven technicians. They also fit braces to victims of cerebral palsy and goal is to handle 100 patients a month said air Force capt. Robert w. Hunt Ortho medic surgeon at the City s provincial Hospital where the Institute is located. He said a major problem was in making sure the patient had a Well constructed and painless stump before being fitted for artificial limbs. The actual limb is made fro plastic resin poured Over a Mold hardened trimmed an fitted with needed joints and connections. The patient after he is fitted with the new limb receives physical therapy and training Inuse of the limb. Physical therapists Are highly trained like sgt. Pham Iron Hau a his left who studied for 18 months atthe v e t e r a n s administration Hospital at Castle Point . Disabled persons Are also offered a Chance to learn a Trade. Many choose . Maj. Nguyen Van master tailor who lost hand in a clash Wilh the communists is ready to assist Fel Low amputees to make a fresh Start. The Fri receives assistance from said and the world rehabilitation f u n d in new York especially in projects concerning amputees paraplegics and the Blind. Those Guys i deserve the medal Young said. With the amount of fire they were taking it s Amiracle they were still alive much less Able to Lake when he arrived he Marine chopper Crew was desperately trying to pull the three stranded crewmen on Board. I saw about seven or eight other ships flying out Over the Ocean Young said. But apparently they did t know what was going on. I heard Over my radio place fire 50 meters North of red smoke so in we Young made six treeline gun passes hitting a mortar Posi Tion across the River and the North vietnamese in the tree line. My Crew chief sgt. n. Newman said he saw tracers going in one door and out the other Young said. Newman was wounded in the head during the last pass which finished Youngs ammunition. We counted at least 11bodies," Newman said. Just As Young s ammo sup ply ran out a South vietnamese copter arrived and landed to help the Marine chopper. Young then hew to due Pho where Newman was treated. In addition to his new Silverstar Young was awarded the distinguished flying Cross in1964. While serving As a copter Pilot in the Mekong Delta. Sleepy pc Check ouf of lean to too Lafe Danang Vietnam Iso i could t believe it said Lance Cpl. Ronnie t. Lee 20, As he described an incident during the pre Dawn hours when he came across four Viet con sleeping in a Rice Paddy three Miles Southeast of Danang. Lee was walking Point for his squad from the first platoon of i co., 3rd en., first marineregt., 1st Marine div., As it crossed the Paddy to set up blocking position near Marble Mountain. We had just crossed a Small River said Lee and were moving across the dried up Rice Paddy. It was dark and hard to Sec but i spotted what appeared to be a lean to about 12 Yard sin front of me. I walked up and saw four pc asleep under the lean to and very quietly went Back to get some More men Lee said. Lee with two other marines surrounded the As i pushed Over the lean to to Wake the pc up spotted two More to our left flank watching us. At first i thought we had moved into an ambush but then the two turned and started to run Lee said. The squad called in mortar illumination Over the Rice Paddy and began firing at the pc. One of the four sleeping pc got up and was shot As he stalled to run. The two on the marines flank were both shot one falling in the River and floating Down Stream. We fired at 10 More pc flee ing out of the Rice Paddy but i Don t think we hit any of them Lee stacks of Rice shoots the squad discovered two Auto Matic rifles a Bolt action Rifle a Thompson sub machine gun 14 loaded magazines for the weapons and 30 Chi com hand Doha an new unit co Nakhson phanom Royal thai fab Thailand 01 col. Benjamin f. Dehaan has assumed command of the 5

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