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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 27, 1967, Tokyo, JapanRescuers beat Pilot to Earth Bienho a Vietnam 7af Crew members fan air Force c47 sky train from the 5th air com Mando so. Flight a Mienhoa a located and aided in the Rescue of a downed super Sabre Pilot eight m1es Southeast of Saigon. The psychological w a r f a r e aircraft had been providing illumination support for a for Ward air controller and an army Light few minutes after Midnight a air strike was called they had just started their third pass when the second air Craft had a premature ordnance explosion which knocked out its guidance system said 1st it. James Ryan the c47 Pilot. Then we received a Call say ing he was ejecting a half mile South of the target he Crew of the flare ship turned South trying to locate the Pilot. Approximately 60 seconds after completing their turn they spotted him at -1,500 instant Call brought the fac and the army helicopters to the scene to provide cover and make the c47 Crew dropped flares to keep the Pilot in sight. When the fido Pilot landed safely there were helicopters on either Side of him to make the 20 minutes after eject ing the Pilot was rescued and on his Way to his Home base. Terrorists bomb Viet Nursery Dau Tieng Vietnam 10 a 20-Pound shaped charge set against a Nursery of regional and popular forces in Dau Ting heavily damaged the building recently in a Viet Cong terrorist attack. No one was Nursery is used by the children of the of of troops who Man the outposts in Dau charges were placed against the building but one did not explode and was disarmed by . is believed that the attack was meant for the National police Headquarters adjacent to the Nursery. Go foils pc Booby traps cd Chi Vietnam to six Viet Cong Are weapon less thanks to pm c. Avidly Alert Point Man for c co., 4th bn., 9th inf., patrol was Ona sweep through rain soaked Jungle when he spotted a poncho in the Middle of a dry Patch of probed the area and found Booby trapped Butterfly bombs on the ground around the poncho. He disarmed half the Booby traps and lifted the poncho with his Bayonet. Under Neath were six chinese communist rifles with bayonets. Fur ther probing uncovered a trip wire running from the rifles Toa grenade with its pin half then replaced the pin and removed not Only the weapons but also a plastic bag containing penicillin and other medical supplies. Snoopy aids red Baron Saigon is snoopy res cued the red Baron monday. Snoopy nickname for a Navy Rescue helicopter piloted by it. Fritz Meyer swooped in Over North Vietnam and plucked two downed Navy pilots out of dense Jungle covered mountains As the enemy was closing first Pilot pulled into the chopper turned out to be none other than cmdr. Robin ii. Red Baron Mcglohn whose red hair and recent red Beard earned him the nickname of snoopy s Arch rival. Marines follow scrip of redi Danang Vietnam Iso a Rescue straight out of the movies saved a six Man Marine outpost near que son recently when it was attacked by 25 North vietnamese soldiers. The six leathernecks from c co., 1st bn., 5th Marine regt., had set up the outpost atop a Small Hill a mile from the Bat Talion s combat live minutes after the patrol had set up its perimeter two heavily camouflaged North vietnamese jumped out of a Trench line scarcely 10 feet . Frank Cabell spotted them and the marines opened a Tunnel rat of the 1st bn., 5th inf., 25th inf. Div., digs out dirt that partially filled Saviet Cong underground grenade factory As a second . Trooper returns from searching an other Tunnel. The battalion has uncovered tons of ammunition and dozens of grenade factories in an area along the Oriental River 25 Miles Northwest of Saigon. Usa Viets respond to Pep talk Danang Vietnam Iso for the first time since we be been in the area the vie siamese told us about a Cache of hidden Rice and told us the Loca Tion said 2nd it. Kenneth i. Lee 30. Lee assistant civil affairs officer 2nd bn., 5th Marine regt., 1st Marine div., at an Hoa 18 Miles Southwest of Danang said the vietnamese near Nong song 25 Miles Southwest of Danang previously would t Tell us a he spoke to villagers explain ing that the Only Way to break pc control was to do it them selves. I purposefully made them feel bad by telling them about the marines who died trying to help them. I asked them to Hel the marines because we were trying to help them he said. It worked. The next Day Khuong Thuong villagers led the marines to 10 tons of buried Rice being used to feed a Viet Cong platoon. A platoon from the battalion provided Security As 200 Villag ers excavated the told the people they could keep the Rice Lee said. They were pretty Rasmussen to Viet Washington is Brig. Gen. Henry a. Rasmussen an army ammunition Supply expert is being assigned to Marvin mid september the army announced. Hawk eyed soldiers find pc ammo factory fire. Cpl. Patrick Montgomery killed one and pfc. Edward wounded the other As he knew there must be a lot More of them in the area said Lance Cpl. D. P. Hornby the patrol Leader so i started to get the men together to pull out. Before we could move they opened up with machine guns and automatic weapons so we just stayed in enemy fire gradually in creased and additional machine guns automatic weapons and Rifle grenades poured into a marines5 a shaped position. The embattled men immediately radioed their company for help and capt. Harold John Ston or. Gathered As Many men As he was during Chow and Shower hours Johnston said and our people were scattered All Over the Hill. We started out with everyone around the com Pany area and picked up Peop was we left the command Post including clerks and Headquarters outpost meanwhile was running Low on ammunition. Thesis marines fixed bayonets. Pfc. Eddie Rackow saw the reds within 20 Yards of his Posi Tion on the outpost s unprotected flank and opened up with his ski to keep the enemy at sweat drenched Rel of Force which had run All the Way from the command Post came sweeping on line through the Charley company came charging across that Field they looked like a Bunch of Green Angels said pfc. Ray mond was just like the movies said Hornby. Charley company coming through there on line was one of the greatest sights i be Ever reds battled the Relief Force for a few minutes thru led leaving two More dead and two automatic weapons. Cd Chi Vietnam 10 a keen pair of eyes a Sharp Bam boo pole and a bad camouflage Job by the Viet Cong resulted inthe recent discovery of a com plete underground ammunition manufacturing site by 25th . Soldiers 26 Miles Northwest of Saigon. The 2nd Brig troops of the 1st in. Mech5th inf., had searched All morning without Success along the Banks of the winding Oriental River. We were probing through hedgerows with Sharp poles when i noticed a piece of ground that did t fit in with the rest of the area said pfc. Joe Dun can. The grass was different and most of it was digging with the pole he unearthed the cover of a Small Tunnel. Inside was a Large Rollof thick steel wire. Searching further around the area he found several other Small holes filled with Rifle grenades. The find touched off a Large scale search with every Man available on his hands and Knees probing the wet Earth with Bayo nets and Bamboo Sticks. By mid afternoon the c had dug up a Complete Drill press a pressure machine for stamping out grenade handles 30 pounds of empty cartridges 40 pounds of gun powder and several boxes of tools for making grenades and reloading Day s find eventually led to the largest ammunition and grenade manufacturing site Ever uncovered by the division. 2 gis killed in thai crash Bangkok a two . Servicemen were killed in truck bus collision near bang Kok. They were sgt. John p. Nip per 20, of Raleigh ., and s. Sgt. Leroy w. Winsett jr., 35, of Fayetteville A military spokesman said both men belonged to a signal battalion and were returning from up country when the bus they were Riding collided with a thai Driver of the bus killed but a thai truck Driver escaped . Servicemen who were also injured were treated at a Hospital and released. Gis Chase reds views Chase food Lai Khe Vietnam 10 with the help of 1st inf. Div. Rome plows vietnamese Villag ers Are Able to have fresh meat daily. The plows Are used by the 168th eng. In. To Clear the Ong Dong Jungle with the help of armoured personnel carriers of the 2nd bn., 2nd inf. In the process of Clearing the Jungle the plows and pc s frighten wild animals into the waiting arms of the vietnamese. Because of the piles of Brush the game is slowed enough that much of it can be taken alive said spec. 4 Anthony Adams. The villagers prefer it that Way so the animals can be kept alive until each morning the villagers follow the pc s and Rome plows into the Jungle. Position ing themselves several Yards ahead of the equipment the vietnamese eagerly await the animals scampering out of the Jun be. Many of the villagers come armed with Sticks said spec. 4 Gary l. Nelson. Some Are sharpened to Points while others Are Blunt and used is villagers seem pleased with the results of the project which serves the double purpose of chasing the Viet Cong out and providing fresh game. Pacific stars & stripes 7 sunday aug. 27, 1067

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