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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 27, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Chaplains Corner radio news and weather on the hour unless otherwise indicate 27 music and weather music and weather music and weather music weather and sports music from Home from Interlochen Lake City Taber Nacle choir hour Chapel service music weather and sports league baseball music in defense music today weather and sports reel detective musical heritage Carroll Allen weather and sports Ameche bandwagon 21 of Midnight Griffith Corner weather and sports music and weather music devotions weather and sports Vagabond pm 27 of sound that jazz weather and sports regular am programming is aired on pm from 11 to 28 of sound reflections weather and sports regular am programming is aired on pm from 11 to 29 of sound and screen weather and sports regular am programming is aired on pm from 11 to to Channel x in Kunsan and Pusan Elk Hiipfl 9 Iii St Oiin division area Channel 12 in and seventh division area these listings arc to Art approximate 27 in sound Christophers is the life heart hour is the answer special bowlers tour of Firestone tournament special underwater sportsman Oclock report Sullivan show theater final 21 in sound theater headlines Billy highlight Oclock report favorite Martian Griffith show an about Oclock High headlines detective special Oclock report show final 29 in sound theater headlines Billy room highlights Oclock report notebook Boone headlines Martin show Valley Oclock report of the week final m in sound theater headlines Billy program highlights Oclock report flickers Thomas show an about headlines fights of the Century Oclock report theater final Vunic the following music pro Grams May be heard daily Over the voice of United nations Seoul at 1100 first show korean pop korean Folk music soft music Salon morning music first show soft music Salon morning music Light classics korean pop show Light classics korean pop korean Folk music soft music Salon festival of music voice of America korean Standard time program contents recommended frequency frs Ecial English feature and cultural program 6075 you a question today 6075 issues in the news to Asia news analysis and feature 17765 in review news and opinion Roundup 17765 world press Roundup viewpoints alternate weeks to South Asia news analysis and feature 17765 9730 report to Asia 7235 week in review news and opinion Roundup 7155 world press Roundup viewpoints alternate weeks dateline news and cultural program cultural program and opinion Roundup press Roundup alternate weeks report to Asia in the news to South Asia forum news and feature special English Usa concert and music Usa 155 concert report to Middle Asia 7155 Only Only 7155 7155 6195 7155 7155 7155 7155 6145 7155 Arena Good paving by chaplain Edward Carson 2nd if Good intentions meant Good there would be a great increase in they Are but the possible fore runners of Good and they often fail to translate themselves into a fire destroys a mans the insurance policy lapsed a few Days before the he intended to renew the policy but he did not take care of the he suffered great in a factory one Day the guard on a machine is the proprietor of the establishment intended to get a new guard in he postponed getting the Job consequent a Man is Hurt As he tries to operate the machine without the safety the proprietor has to pay out several thousands of dollars to Settle the Good intentions when postponed May be Worth just nothing at take for the Young Man who intends to get an Educa Tion but he puts it he is just too so he never reaches his he then remains a Hewer of Wood and a drawer of water to the end of his he intended to learn a Trade he delays doing he therefore drops into the ranks of the unskilled and he regrets during Many years his postponed Good let us he intends to become a Christian and serve the lord he really but he goes the Way of his and he never completes his Good in chaplain Carson suppose for a that Jesus Christ had Only intended to die on a Cross to provide salvation for if such had been the christianity would not have begun or continued to this it took action and a consecrated life to do the will of his not my will but o now because of christs work on our and by Faith in we can have this Good Ness bestowed in our Good intentions Are All too often the opiate which lulls men to sleep and makes them assume that they Are a great Deal better than they really Good in Are Little better than bad at they do not help the Man achieve anything Worth with Cooky ill pretend in helping you order your act we v get an earful of i come in for tits about coffe and 1 a Cousin of his came in today and left the Boss looking like hed found in the flour maybe he was just offering to buy a piece of Jude action Cooky i was in the and hear but Larry Mark ens Cousin kept talking about that Ive come around to make the Boss i thinking Bess picked turn the color v herself a pretty Good op5kim Man but keep your Eye on the if he tries Amy funny stuff with hell be mighty ome Doug i you satisfied with such Short reunion seeing you with Nice restaurant business what and a Loving wife heart did my dont get Nasty or i i might fill in some Blank spots in v the life Story you apparently told bes5a out with do you want from me j in not help of ten is in your savings account will sufficient for

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