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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - August 21, 1967, Tokyo, Japan On playing status Barry studying Jon favored Louis bar the biggest prize in the War Between the two professional basketball said i will be advised by my lawyers next week As to whether i will sit out next Barry has not signed a 196768 contract with the san Francisco warriors of the National basketball he in tends to play the following year with the Oakland Oaks of the new american basketball Asso Barry i would have stayed with san Francisco if i Aba Boss talking real big a the commissioner of the new Amer ican basketball George Mikan of min Neap radiated enthusiasm Fri Day about the new professional himself a former top drawer pro said All 11 franchises Are solid and were ready to the Aba clubs have signed More than 90 per cent of their draft he said at a news conference during a week end meeting of league coaches and the league looks highly asked about the superstars of the older National basketball com in one year Well have plenty of superstars of our were ready to play the Aba anytime they want to he but added there have been no efforts Between the two Cir Cuits to arrange any inter league the Aba will open Competition 13 with Anaheim play ing at they Are in the Western along with new Houston and the Eastern division has new Indianapolis and Mikan said in response to a question he feels the court Deci Sion in the Rick Barry Case is a step in the right Williamson still to use Hammer a Kan Sas cites Fred Williamson int about to Stop throwing the despite his second disabling injury in two seasons in applying his intimidating forearm theres no Way ill Stop us ing the said the vet eran cornerback this Ive got about three More years left in the when in football can be played by the Nice Guys Williamson broke his right Arm dropping the Hammer on new York jets flanker Don Maynard saturday night in Bir had gotten what Nate thur mond got in i found out exactly what he and there was no comparison Between his contract and my when Barry joins Oakland next he will be playing for coach Bruce his fathering Law and his former College coach at the University of the Oakland franchise is owned by a group of stockholders headed by Singer Pat i think the Aba is going to make Barry i think the owners Are ready to lose million to million while there getting Barry explained that a court decision in his favor permits him to play out his option with the warriors before moving to the if i play next i have to for san Francisco or not play at he but the following year i can play for anybody i Barry said he thinks pro basketball players should be getting More Money and he criticized Warrior owner fran Klin Mieuli for making unfair statements after Barry had jumped to the i think he was unfair in saying i could be making More with the warriors than with the Barry the handsome athlete said that Mieuli had offered him plus a percentage of the Gate for next i believe his making a Deal like Barry although Oakland offered me and other i didst Tell Mieuli what Oakland he came up with his too Barry said he had no regrets in jumping he said he would not return to the Aba unless the Aba Doest make Barry eventually the Aba will have to merge with the the players in the Aba will be getting and the paying Good Money for Young College will create a whole new dynasty of pro the players now know they can play out their he i be surprised if other players make the same Ive heard some rumours to that Barry said if he does not play next ill probably practice a lot and i have no idea what else i might Barry spoke at a news conference de Macauley basketball Camp for Kansas City apron a dark haired and Marty a steel nerved Tex rank 12 in an outstanding Field for the 65th Western Amateur Golf championship opening tuesday at Milburn country both have the combination of youth and experience in both medal and match needed for the grueling which combines the Champ must play 72 holes of medal the first three then four 18hole match rounds the last two that 144 a Host of outstanding Young collegians rank close to Cerrudo and the tourney ends just four Days before the Start of the National Amateur at Colorado and a lot of Talent will be but Cerrudo and Fleckman have been playing better this year than anyone else just a week ago Cerrudo shot 283 and Fleckman finished 6969 for a 286 in the professional Ameri can tourney at of san was runner up to okla Homan Bob Dickson in the Brit ish last year he was runner up in the Western at and third in the National Amateur missing a Threeman title playoff by one of port the 1965 Mcaa Cham led the National open for three rounds and finished High Fleckman was Blase about his amazing Success in the National once he told youre acting like in in a in up and touch close behind this pair is Bob the 1966 Mcaa and 1965 National Amateur Champ who was one stroke behind Fleckman in the jets Maynard injured flanker Don Maynard was sidelined thursday from the new York jets saturday night game with the Philadelphia eagles because of a Maynard was injured last saturday night when he was hit with a Hammer tackle by Fred Williamson of the Kansas City Williamson broke his Arm on the bake an and linebacker Larry Start for the first time in a jets exhibition game this Grantham missed new Yorks opening two contests with bursitis of the right Jim Murray Murray there All heart los Angeles Boss this is Bottomley Over in jul Rock Ive taken Over All of Irving Vitus accounts since he had his nervous you de Gaulle invited Back to get Stokey Carmichael on As fire prevention week i would have gone through As you since Vitus has been kicked upstairs to the easy accounts like improving the image of the mandating shark and the Campaign to put a Boa Constrictor in every Bathtub As a household there is one account the doctors forbid to be discussed in his new York Yankees to review the situation As i have found we put it on the train to Westport or kick it off in the Yale bowl and see if theres a Yankees were the team that threw babe Ruth out the door and threw his clothes after after 15 years of the most glorious pages in the history of they sold him to took the phone off the Hook and told the Butler if Ruth Calls in they had one of the most lovable characters this Side of Walt i Tell Casey Stengel was made out of they just looked in the pages of Hans Christian Andersen and there he at the end of a that the kind of Guy he they fired him one Day for finishing next was Yogi when i Tell you this was the warmest character this Side of a Shirley Temple Snow White would have loved he was All seven of the dwarfs wrapped up in one what did they do fired him for winning the in coming to the part where we pick up All these and put the Yankees Back together with a Halo around their Well have the readers digest doing articles on them even in Well have their image so Good have to put stained Glass windows in Yankee you Are familiar with the time the Yankees hire any negro right that was the time Vitus tried to throw himself under the d pyjamas with Dollar signs 6co they hired a i guess his tie was too loud or he kept his hat on in elevators or made noise eating soup or All maybe his socks we rent mates or he slept in his the Yankees sleep in with Dollar signs All Over the Symbol of the Yankees is the top right that when they got Elston they let this other Guy go when they found Ellie didst have a single suit you Wear to a he could eat soup in a As wholesome As a so conservative he should have grown Mutton always dressed As if he had just left a Board born to be a Yankee All the Boss had three different color Homburg the double breasted pinstripes on and off the you could shave in his shoe be caught dead using a paper wore High socks and a Button now heres my we make Ellie the manager is that Good Boss can you hear Church Bells ringing will the White House be right on the phone with congratulations the first negro manager Ellie will that make the yanks human again will that make up for the the the whole sorry mess is the Pope a Catholic is there Sand in the Sahara Hows that Boss the Yankees what Boss Tell me youre kidding is this any time to joke they sold him to the who the Boston red sox for Lousy dollars give me a Bullet to bite who is running that Eichmann do they Goose step to work every morning is somebody crazy there i dont care if they did get a kid would you Trade the Mona Lisa for a bubblegum card would you give away the sistine Chapel for a tract Home in Pomona when you put a Stethoscope to these Peoples do you hear a Clang do they sleep in coffins at night what do they do when the teams out of let off the brakes on baby carriages give me one of the easy accounts the Vampire Bat Wolf Man the Bureau of internal Revenue Hubert Humphrey what time is the 20th Century limited coming through what do you do i want to be on it i want to be under it i dont want to be Here when Mickey Mantle comes in and finds his locker emptied out and a ticket to Kansas City in it c the los Angeles times a n d y c a p 22 Pacific stars stripes 1967 i know to Manv ant too Manv left can stand therein me once in a make lion to Cooks spoil 7m4t All two Are better the both

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