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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Tokyo, Japan S Howbeit by Dick Kleiner hippie Ness is Julie Christie Julie Christie is a study in she has a Strong face on a slender she is a major Star but is As self conscious As a Little girl in her first party she has the look of the 18th face from an antique yet she is As modern As a she is making her first film in the United a British production called its a big picture and hers is a demanding a part that befits her status As one of the top stars of the moment stardom has done that for Given her Fine roles in Fine films As for the rest of she laughs her nervous Little laugh and a Flash of humor lights her Gray Green she has been no help to my self As a matter of that gets i am almost paranoid about i keep thinking people Are looking at of every girl likes to be looked to think she is pretty enough to be looked but i dont mean that sort of being looked i mean i keep thinking people Are looking at me because of who i they of most stars thrive on Julie she tries to persuade herself that it is but she its the Price of i she and its a bit of a i imagine if it were to i would think of myself As an idiot for not enjoying it while i had As modern As a miniskirt is has spent some of her time Here exploring the Haigh Ashbury Center of West coast hippie she says it reminds her of London Portobello Road on a saturday she is sympathetic toward i Admire people who Arent chained by Conven she perhaps the Lack of convention is a All make our own int it better to make your own prison than to be forced into an existing prison passively answer to today Puzzle a Hub hash he Bah Hoq Asra Aca hoho Nat ibo Okonn h0hc30 he he Masa Bubo of ebb Anu ii it Tiara Mannas Omasa he by did by cd Nati Ora Anahid hogs he bib Anau aaa Orab Huq Arawana 0 Medbra Boobe Julie still thinks of the director of a film More than the part she might play and took Petunia be cause of its Richard Lester is a philadelphian who became an National great after going to England he is now recognized As one of the worlds most inventive he lives in England but Doest consider himself an i think of he As an All these documents and passports and where is your residence and where were you born terribly Arent they he has his pick of movies these but wants to do those which say his last at yet unreleased is an Antiwar film called How i won the this one makes a statement about and his next in not sure which it will he but it will say something about Lester directed the two beatles Sayi chances of any More Are i asked him if he had seen any of the monkeys television they Are blatant copies of his beatle he they say imitation is the sincerest form of but i dont feel feel that kind of thing is a Quick minder that one should always move newspaper Enterprise the world outdoors by Jack Randolph outdoor columnist it was one of those afternoons when a sudden storm sent All of the fair weather anglers Scurry ing for Home and a few diehards sat in the fishing Camp restaurant waiting out the we were among the Ive always enjoyed these Impromptu invariably the subject would be fishing and Why the fish we rent bit you had to wait things let everybody have his before the fellas would get Down to some real serious things for want of something to disclose some valuable fishing lore or open a provocative this is the real stuff of such the meat outdoor writers thrive on this particular afternoon All those present rather swiftly concluded that the poor fishing was due to too Many Fisher too much weeds in the the Bass were still on the spawning too much feed in the water too water too wind from the too much not enough rain lately and other lesser it was generally that the fish ing would be very much improved once the rain stopped and we could adjourn to the the conversation had turned to the value of the Bounty system on predatory when one old grizzled Angler standing by the door where he had just delivered a shot of tobacco juice while inspecting the sky for signs of brighten speaking of Puttin bounties on id like to see someone put a Bounty on Beer Beer cans echoed a Young Fella sitting at the Beer repeated the old take this morning for theres nothing i like better than to be on the Road before Sun up on my Way i like this time of the Day Best of All because you can see Rac Coons and All sorts of game right by the i keep an Eye open for the Shine of their eyes in the car lights and then i slow Down so i can get a Good look at pm and take no chances of hitting but this nearly every Eye i saw turned into a Beer matter o these new aluminium Beer cans look More like an Eye than the old worse the aluminium ones dont rust they just keep piling you bet your life id like to see a Bounty on having said his piece the old fellow turned to re inspect the sky As a Middle aged Man in Khaki who was sitting at the bar removed his pipe from his Mouth in preparation to you he said addressing the entire theres nothing i hate to see More than a string of Beer pop bottles and other trash floating in the i bet the Bottom of this Here Lake is nearly paved with it probably Doest bother anything Down there but i just hate to think of the Bottom of this pretty Lake covered with those Beer cans make pretty effective fish interrupted another Angler who was in the process of removing his once wet shirt from the up in the mountains where i fish for Trout i always Check out Beer cans i find in the minnows get trapped in them in fact Ive found lots of Little Trout in pm you said the Man in i think the Beer companies should put a Deposit on the Why should tax payers foot the Bill to pick up the things id like to see pm crack Down on these remarked the Camp making his first contribution to the youd be surprised the Way this place gets messed up Over a week i have to work All Day monday just cleaning it 4 the worst observed the Man in is the Way folks litter private i own a farm and i generally let Hunt on Ive been hard put just cleaning up after if it keeps up in going to put my foot Down and Post the you Fellers Goin to sit Here and gab All afternoon called the old Man from his Post at the the Rains let up and its time to go get pm we tumbled out the door behind the pack and As we cleaned the water out of the boat i help but recall the number of places that have been closed to sportsmen because of besides countless private farms and Ponds in the Alaska has recently closed 20 Public areas As a result of Washington closed a 100acre fish ing Lake and new Jersey has Cut off the use of a 675 acre Lake because of in North Dakota Over 40 Pri vate areas have been and an other 25 lakes and 30 Miles of River were closed in new All littering int done by Hunters and fishermen but we take most of the without a doubt its a serious the answer its not enforcement of All we need is just a Little consideration following a stiff dose of Educa Pacific stars and August 1967

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