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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 19, 1967, Tokyo, JapanThe dirty dozen called too brutal by Dick Kleiner newspaper Enterprise Assn. To s All Over but the profit counting. A the dirty dozen turns out almost As expected. It is big beautifully made full of solid action and Good acting. What was t expected was the controversial aspect of the movie. After the premiere the talk was All about this is it too sadistic too brutal does it make America look bad and will it be used internationally As anti american propaganda i think the answer to those questions is uniformly yes but you should judge it for yourself. Most of the cast members i talked to agreed that director Bob Aldrich went too far with his brutality but understandably they did t want to be quoted. There was agreement among the cast too that John Cassavetes comes offbeat most of them feel he should get an Oscar Nomina Tion As Best supporting actor for his Brilliant work. I noticed that the picture appeared to have been Cut severely. All the actor agreed about that too Clint Walker and George Kennedy and Jim Brown said some of their Best work was Sciss ored out. A particular it was easy to see that Trini Lopez part had been trimmed. The other actors did t seem unhappy about that. Clint Walker and Jim Brown told me that during the Long six months filming in England most of the men exercised for Lack of anything else to do. Jim and i used to run in Hyde Park Clint said. That Brown is amazing. I d be ready to quit and he d say just float Man just float " sometimes they would devise physical tests for each other the cast was full of mighty physical specimens to kill time. Brown had them All try this you sit in an imaginary chair with your Back against the Wall. It sounds As though it s easy to do but it in t. 6qnly two Guys could do it Jim said " with a laugh. They were the biggest and the scrawny est of the Bunch Clint Walker and Donald Brown the sex Cleveland Brown great said he s Basi Cally Happy with the Way his career is going. He does a Fine Job in the dirty but he seems to have developed a bit of cynicism about Hollywood s growing use of negroes in films. In Hollywood he says it s Money More than pre Judice. What matters is the Box office George Kennedy another who contributes a Fine performance said that the dirty dozen May help his career but not so much As Cool hand Luke should. That s the one that will do it for me he said. Dear Abby Brown Quick get away dear Abby about three months agony wife started to work for a professional Man. I am on the Road a lot and she wanted something to keep her can t Type. About All she can do in an office is answer the phone but he take Home pay is nearly $600 a month. Last wee she started fixing two lunches to take to for herself and one for her Boss. She says her bos Slikes to get away from the office for lunch so the take a drive and eat in his car. I checked the coffe thermos and it was full of Boss is a married Man. Should t his wife be the one to fix him lunch Idon t like the looks of this but i Don t want to make any false accusations. What should i do Mac dear Mac Tell your wife that you do not approve of her midday Martini picnics and if her Boss likes to get away at lunchtime he should get away with his own wife. And if you let them getaway with this you ought to have your head examined. Dear Abby i am a 33-year-old professional Man born raised and educated in new York but i am practising in Losangeles. I am a Bachelor and i met a Young lady i am very much interested in Abby marrying. Please Don t think i am a idiot but i have a nose Job and i m sure she does t know it because she metre with this nose. The big question should i Tell her i Nehad a nose Job i m afraid she might think i m just another California phony an change her mind about me. Nose Job dear Job Tell her. She might sur prise you and confess that she s had one too. Then you can Start saving your Money for your children s nose jobs. Dear Abby am i dreaming Orddin t i learn somewhere that if one wore a Pink or red Carnation on Mother s Davit meant his Mother was still living. But if he wore a White Carnation it meant his Mother was dead i mentioned this to someone Las Mother s Day and he looked at me like i was some kind of nut. Please confirm Ordeny. Nut or not dear nut you re not a nut. I veal ways been under the same impression but i was told that practice went out wit the Fox Trot. Dear Abby my Mother is always on my Back about something. It s hang up your clothes sit up straight talk slower turn Down the what s a poor defenceless teen Ager supposed to do any Way chewed out dear chewed hang up you clothes sit up straight talk slower and turn Down the to. Goren on Bridge East a e s deals. Northk82 k j3 k8643k j west41065 52 j95 496543 vulnerable. East east4aq9743 84 q7 aq7 " south4j a q 10 9 7 6 a 10 241082 the bidding East South West North 1 2v pass 4 pass pass pass opening Lead five of failure by West to uncover the killing club opening provide South the Declarer at four hearts with an Opportunity to Clinch his contract. He merely had to take the proper measures to prevent West from obtaining the Lead a second no Trump would have been a sure thing with the North South cards and North might Well have chosen that Call i preference to raising hearts in order to protect his Kings froma direct attack. West opened the five of Spade against four hearts the Deuce was played from Dummy an East put up the Queen which dropped Declarer s Lone switch at trick two was to a Trump and South proceeded to draw two rounds of hearts. The Ace of diamonds was cashed and East alertly unblocked by dropping the Queen under. This play was designed to prevent his opponent from ducking a Diamond into his hand in the process of establishing the suit. There was no Way to prevent West from obtaining the Lead. A second Diamond was played and West s nine forced out the King. West s Jack won the third round and now a club shift enabled East to take two trick sin that suit and Send the Declarer Down to defeat. South could have nullified the skillful defensive mane vering and thereby prevented West from Ever getting a second Opportunity to Lead through the Dummy s club holding by Means of a simple avoidance East switches to a Trump at trick two it is suggested that Declarer win the trick in Dummy with the Jack and then Lead the King of Spades. East is obliged to cover wit the Ace and South simply Dis cards the Deuce of diamonds which is a loser in any event. If East returns a Spade Declarer ruffs draws another round of Trump in his hand the cashes the Ace and King of Dia monds and Trumps a third round to establish Dummy s Long cards in that suit. North s King of hearts provides Access to the two Good diamonds on which South can dispose of two clubs. He gives up a club at the end and thereby confines his losers to two Spades and one club. Your Horoscope by Estrellita for sunday aug. 20 some planetary restrictions will prevail on sunday especially along personal lines. Twill be most important to use great tact in All dealings since Many persons will be rather use caution in travelling too. Your Horoscope indicates that you should take advantage of every available Opportunity Toad Vance yourself in occupation Al matters now since while re sults will not be immediate your stars presently stimulate Good ideas and ingenuity in put Ting them Over. Best periods for Job and or business gains mid december through mid february late june All of july and August. Good financial periods parallel the above with june an out standing month for do avoid extravagance and speculation especially during october and november. Where Romance and social relationships Are concerned you can look Forward happily Topmost of the year with accent on especially stimulating experiences in september during late december next april and affairs could prove disappointing in late november june and july however. A child born on this Day willbe endowed with ambition great intelligence and an unusual love of the arts. Pacific stars & stripes saturday aug. 19, 1967

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