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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 17, 1967, Tokyo, JapanReds seek and Castro helps where he can latin Little Viets by Ben f. Meyer Washington a cheered on by communist Cuba guerrilla fighters now operate in several nations of latin Ameri they will strike next is anybody s guess. But hardly a Day passes without shrill appeals from Havana radio to extend the fighting and terrorism to other countries of that area. The communists want to create Little Vietnam All Over latin the latest suggestion from Havana is that . Negroes should carry guerrilla warfare to the cities of the United states. Stokely Carmichael who showed up in Havana recently said his Lack Power supporters Are moving into Urban guerrilla warfare in the United states Carmichael who went to Havana for the latin american Solidarity organization Confer ence called to organize in creased guerrilla activity in the Western hemisphere said in Cuba there is n6 alternative than to fight with headed our fight will be inside the ."Osvaldo Dorticos Fidel Cas Tro s hand picked president of Cuba opened the conference with an Appeal to . Negroes to join enemies of the United states in an armed fight against North american in an outbreak of serious riots in various . Cities How Ever latin americans generally believe their countries Are More Likely targets for communist at tacks than is the United states. The worst guerrilla fighting to Date has occurred in five latin american countries Bolivia Colombia Guatemala Vene be la and Peru. Peru s government says it has halted such operations but Bolivia appears the Center of a concerted communist is regarded As a peculiarly dangerous spot. It has a record of political instability economic troubles and slow social Progress. In Addi Tion its Borders touch five other nations Argentina Brazil Chile Paraguay and Peru and the Border areas of those coun tries usually Are Remote sparsely populated and poverty Ridden. Argentina in july 1964, Cap tured 27 Ca troite guerrillas in an area near the bolivian Border. If As Fidel Castro says his mysteriously absent one time associate Ernesto Che Guevara is alive the bolivian area would be a Likely hiding spot. Brazil s chief poverty and communist area is in the Northeast but its territory adjoining Bolivia makes policing difficult. Uruguay like Mexico has Long been considered a Rendez Vous Point for communists operating in latin America. Chile and Uruguay Are considered by some As Long Range communist targets because of their Long record of democracy. Guyana formerly British Guiana has had trouble in the past with followers of Cheddie Jagan pro communist Leader and occasional guest of Castro in Cuba. Ecuador has not reported any guerrilla activity but Havana radio broadcasts regularly in quechua the language of Many indians in Ecuador Peru and Bolivia urging insurrection. Havana beams special programs in Haiti s Creole language advocating overthrow of that coun try s dictator Francois papa Doc Duvalier. Haiti the dominican Republic Panama and Guatemala have on various occasions accused Cuba of sending in subversive forces. The mexican government has several times clamped Down on activities of communists. Al though it is the Only country in latin America with diplomatic and Trade relations with Cuba the mexican government recently broke up a Ca troite ring supplying Money and arms to guatemalan rebels. Grin and Bear it by in Syndicate 1mt Castro s sharpest efforts to Export revolution Are currently aimed at Bolivia Colombia and Venezuela. His agents have also been Active against Guate Mala Panama Peru Haiti and the dominican Republic. He would like to use Uruguay and Chile As bases of communist subversion but is bucking Strong democratic regimes there. United states Honduras Dom. Rep. Nicaragua Costa Rica Venezuela Guatemala al Salvador Panama Colombia Guayana Suriname Little Vietnam where Castro stirs trouble Uruguay Argentina planned subversion Center immediate targets other attempts at subversion anew features i 2 men control floods Boundary body makes Border woes look easy. And now thai your head cold has moved Down to your Chest i Felt it was time to turn you Over to our Chest specialist by j. Paul Wyatt Washington up in the Center of the Ana Zaldua dam on the Rio Grande near Mission tex., is a control room where a mexican Engineer and a . Engineer work Side by Side every Day. The mexican and the Ameri can must reach joint decisions daily on whether to divert the River s water to a canal going into Northern Mexico or let it flow its natural course into the United must take into account such variables As the season amount of rainfall and the need for water in the two areas i which they Are responsible for providing of the . And mexican sections of the International Boundary and water commission Don t always have such direct Contact. Usually they see each other on reciprocal visits talk by Telephone or conduct joint inspections of Dif. Ferent parts of the to . Martin chief of the . Section s stat department office it would be hard to find an example of bilateral cooperation anywhere in the world comparable wit the Ana Zaldua diversion dam. Martin who believes the Boundary commission has contributed immeasurably to existing Good relations Between Mexico and the United states said the commission has re moved part of the responsibility that usually would fall to the diplomatic missions. It can be said to have been born in 1889 when the United states and Mexico agreed in treaty to set up the International Boundary commission to re solve problems concerning the demarcation of the Border made difficult by the changing course of the Rivers which make up two thirds of its length. But the 1889 treaty restricted the commission s activities to Border questions. In a treaty of 1944, which took 20 years to negotiate a new International Boundary and water commission emerged with enlarged responsibilities in a variety of Boundary problems. The new authority included control and utilization of the inter National Waterways. Since 1944, the chief prerequisite before the commission can step in has been whether the problem is susceptible to an engineering solution. If it is not it is referred to the diplomatic International body is com posed of two commissioners David Herrera Jordan of Mexico and Joseph f. Friedkin of the United states. Both Are Engi , in turn Are backed up by sections of approximately 500 respective recommendations arrive at the foreign offices of tuft two governments Martin explained they Are usually received favourably simply be cause they Are joint recon the body s creation the commissioners have taken 226 decisions. A recent one concerned the changeling of the flood prone Tijuana of the other major joint decisions have been a Lowe Rio Grande flood control project a Rio Grande rectification project an International Sanita Tion project the Morelos diver Sion dam on the Colorado River the Falcon dam on Therio Grande and the Amistad dam and Reservoir on the Rio Grande. Pacific stars & stripes 9 thursday aug. 17, 1967

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