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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 17, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Sta ipes we could use some too serving All the services an authorized publication of the armed published in four edition Dally at by Pacific stars and Apo for the cinc Pac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Are not necessarily those of the department of defense this Page is intended to present various on issues of the opinions Are not necessarily those of this Pacific stars and stripes is distributed to authorized personnel in the Pacona area for 10 cents subscriptions Are monthly or yearly and must be paid in Advance per a 2305 and apr personnel in Vietnam Are authorized papers without charge through their second class postage paid at Post san col Peter Usa it col Jesse Deputy it col Roy Usa Pic capt Darcy usic Gordon a general manager Ernest managing editor Paul production manager Lyle Mcbride circulation manager Richard business manager John Tiol Reading skills and the riots once every in Watson the old big time Amateur Tennis player who Heads the heading Reform brings a crowd of the More rebellious vips of the educational world to new York City to Tell about Progress in the efforts to restore the phonic method of teaching English in Public of relies on the constant sounding of consonants and syllables of whereas its the look say or look Anguess lets the child1 dispense with the alphabetical build ing blocks in favor of sight recognition of whole a rough estimate is that 80 per cent of the Public schools still use the look say pedagogical since the figure used to be close to 100 per was Burns crusade is getting this in the grand ballroom of the the Shadow of the Newark and Detroit riots gave special urgency to the proceedings of Wash Burns Carl who recently resigned As superintendent of the school system because Chamberlain a sociological judge named Skelly Wright told him he let his Superior students go ahead at a faster Pace than the average made an ominous prediction that if an appellate court Doest overturn the Wright decision the cultivation of excellence in Public schools is and Austin an emeritus professor of criminology from traced the intimate connection Between Reading deficiencies and the growth of juvenile delinquency and what Hansen and Maccormick had to say to the assembled most of whom were obviously in full agree ment with the might better have been directed at Lyndon Johnsons Blue ribbon committee that has been investigating the causes of Maccormick quoted a retired judge of the new York Domestic relations John Warren who was constantly amazed at the number of illiterate Many of them still in High who came before the childrens court each Day in the big can be no so judge Hill that the whole word memorizing system employed in new York cites Public schools is responsible for this horrible situation of juvenile delinquency among boys records show that a majority of the boys committed to the new York training for Ages Are no better than third Grade readers the remedy is to get Back to a style of instruction that made readers of All who attended the style described As the phonic or alphabet sound was Maccormick indulging in oversimplification in using judge Hill to make his Point just a year ago i was taken in Taipei to watch chinese Linotype is set Type for a chinese language a typesetter at work on a Story sat at a cumbersome machine in which separate characters took the place of the 26 letters of the English using the look say or sight recognition the chinese Linotype operator went unerringly to his Quarry among the but it was a slow process to build up a the publisher of the daily told me that a chinese typesetter had to be an absolute Genius to master his like the chinese Linotype the second and third grader afflicted by the sight recognition method of English instruction has to be a Genius in order to Complete his How Many negro children who come up from Rural Mississippi or Alabama to enter Northern look say schools Are geniuses this should be one of the questions considered by any Blue ribbon panel that is charged with the investigation of slum King features All mens souls Are but the souls of the righteous Are immortal and it Pacific stars stripes 1967 Dick West Book stall Leon Dennen private policymakers the Logan act adopted by Congress As Long ago As 1799 prohibits private american citizens from engaging in diplomatic negotiations with foreign nations without official yet each generation of americans produces its own private meddlers in International diplomacy who violate the Law with in 1915 it was Henry Ford who was convinced that by launching his peace ship he would bring a speedy end to world War the fantastic Story of Fords Folly has just been recreated vividly by the Veteran journal Burnet her in his new the Odyssey of i it is a fascinating often hilarious and sometimes sad of a bit of tru Blue americana that has Long been Gin feels there can be an agree ment to Settle the War in Viet Nam without the consent of red if is news that americans will but is it True we Are to gave this extremely important information to Eaton in a conversation that lasted four in made it Clear to the president that Russia sex Henry Ford and petted american withdrawal of the great peace troops from it is possible that the soviet Premier said one thing to his Friend Eaton and quite another thing to private citizens meddle in affairs they do not under consciously or unconsciously they often become instruments of foreign prop their private efforts Are usually an exercise in futility detrimental to their at Best they May be Good for a footnote in the history books or a momentary laugh like Fords peace newspaper Enterprise Fords As was in ended in but it caused considerable damage to american for Many years it was also a Rich source for diplomatic the As sorted preachers and doves of the 1915 Vintage who crowded the peace ship took to fighting among them selves even before they crossed the submarine infested Atlantic under the benevolent Eye of the the current crises in the world and the Mush Rooming of private peace negotiators in North Viet Cuba and her Sheys Book has More than its share of relevance to the pres ent consider the activities of Cyrus another wealthy american industrialist ironically has Long been a great admirer of russian communist he recently informed the press that soviet Premier Kosy West literary note the publishing Industry appears to be on the Brink of a new Era of Book and when it or Embr Crisp Nunt will finally gain the Fame and for tune due me As an this felicitous situation was presaged by a Blurb sent out by Bantam books extolling one of its new no pulitzer prize said the Down in the the Blurb said the Book was published less than three months ago in hard and did not win the pulitzer to my knowl this is the first time that not winning a pulitzer prize has been used As a Selling a Good Rea son for playing up what would seem on the surface to be a rather negative and widespread the author had been recommended for an award by a pulitzer prize but the advisory committee rejected the this created a Lively controversy at the the Bantam blur writer obviously was seeking to exploit the for which i dont blame i have a that the Blurb May serve a Large unless i miss my it will Start a new trend in Blurb especially for paper something on this order now in paperback an in sensational novel by an unknown author no Winner of five major literary awards interest in promoting this trend is As i have already entirely Al for it could be the salvation of my one and Only the backside of Wash which was published a few years consider All that my Book has going for it it won no awards of any kind it was ignored by most of the major reviewers it was a non selection by All of the Book clubs it appeared on no Best seller lists readers digest re fused to condense it it was not made into either a Broadway play or a movie no City banned a Good blur writer should be Able to do wonders with and heres the Best part if a paperback edition proved Suc it might create demand for hardcover As far As i i have the Only hard cover copies in United press International the Bailey bread of life t know some persons like the Farmer who loved the lord and believed in stewardship of All he was a very generous and his neighbors used to wonder How he could give away so much and yet remain one Day a neighbor we cannot understand you seem to give More than the rest of and yet you always seem to have greater the Farmer replied that is very easy to you i keep shovelling into gods and god keeps shovelling More and More into and god has the bigger shovel i could Call by name a Host of men who have found this True to what a Blessing to know have found that god has the bigger shovel All things come of and of thine own have we Given 1 29 14

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