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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 17, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Montagnard tribesmen pc Dies the grandmother of Medicine 3 times Phu Vietnam was a Busy night for Marine Lance Terry who shot one Viet Cong and then trading grenades with of f 2nd 4th Marine was in charge of a night ambush when five pc came Over a Hill headed for his we had just gotten into position when we saw fair Banks i picked one out and he went Down on my second Fairbanks said then my men opened up on the the pc one Man went with me to he said we con firmed the one Fairbanks then continued up the Trail to Hunt for other enemy dead or i had just started when i another Fairbanks the Marine fired first and the pc toppled Over Roll ins Down a i started Down the Hill to confirm the pc was and had just gone a few feet when i stepped on his fair Banks i dont know really what made me Start running Back up the but i hit the ground at the top just As the pcs grenade went my partner threw a grenade Back at the Fairbanks Fairbanks grenade pin so he fired 40 rounds from his Rifle into the the next Day we went Back Down the Hill and saw the pc lying there As if dead with a grenade clutched in his Fairbanks All of a sudden he seemed to come alive and tried to throw i fired five rounds and finished Vietnam 10 standing sedately in the trimmed grass is a battered old red and White land Rover with the words painted on the around it montagnard child Ren play lop eared dogs keep a Friendly Eye on and there Are the some come to Patricia Smiths Hospital near Korntum for outpatient some to be the Hospital has 40 Between 50 and 100 per sons Are treated in the outpatient All these people Are she there Are no hypochondriac among of came to Vietnam with a Strong will to do Good and a lot of when she first arrived by her self in she slept in a because there was no other place to the a Catholic Lay women first sent me she i had decided to Volunteer for an assign ment overseas because i under stood there was a desperate need for doctors outside the United the grail sent me she i intended to stay Here two years or Ive been Here the Montag cards Call her a grandmother of the with Headquarters in also sent two nurses from Jean Platz and Joan several months the three organized charities among their friends in their Home towns to support their they started a Small clinic in Korntum at that says the Montag cards and vietnamese were reluctant to come to them for treatment so they took Long trips in their land Rover to get out to the it was a gradual proc Ess to build the Peoples she but now they some recce cant shoot but they Hurt reds plenty shove saves Leatherneck a Vietnam when i saw his foot sink into the Hole i ran Forward and pushed him out of it without said Lance Floyd Book As he described How he saved a Fel Low Marine of combined action platoon do after he had tripped a Viet Cong Booby the patrol was moving across a Rice Paddy Dike near the Ham let of tra Khe four Miles South of Danang when the radio operator stepped in a Hole with a Boob trapped grenade As he began to Book pushed the radio operator away from the Hole and jumped Back just As the grenade the radioman received a minor concussion and All i got was a face full of Book Saigon 7th air Force pilots of the 432nd Tacti Cal Wing daily bet their lives in their intelligence and flying the recce pilots Fly their supersonic rf101 voodoo and rf4 phantoms unescorted and through heavy fire into North Vietnam to acquire Aerial photos of ene Niy Aerial explained Bill com Mander of the is making a major contribution to the air War in the North by telling us where the enemy is and How they Are applying their once this information is Avail we evaluate the enemies activities and the effect of our strike forces when we Are required to Fly pre strike and pos strike missions on most James Brickel the Restrike missions sup ply our strike forces with Aerial photos of photo interpreters Pis Analyse the characteristics of these their finding helps determine the most effective once the target is Post strike missions Are flown for bomb damage assessment because we Are fighting a strategic Type of War with tactical it is common to Fly several pos strike mis Sions Over the same this Means our recce repeatedly face heavy barrages of antiaircraft artillery mis Siles and ground i have watched the aaa guns increase tremendously and estimate that they represent a major portion of the enemy air Many of our pilots have taken several hits from these defences and managed to return Brickel flying a recon Mission is similar to flying a strategic bombing said George a voodoo in a War where the enemy is employing every conceivable airman James Badami preflight a camera on the nose of an rf101 voodoo of the 432nd tactical Usan times come 50 Miles for treat of we treat every thing Smith but i would say the most com Mon diseases Are tuberculosis and the Hospital gets Aid from several aside from private charities including the Catholic Relief the International voluntary serv ices and the american medical the Catholic Relief services several months ago sent danish Anna Marie Wol Lesen and Vinnie from its overseas Headquarters at the american medical association p r o v i d e s physicians throughout Vietnam for two month Louis Pado Vano is there helping out and of course now that the gis have come they Are very help us in Many a lot of them bring food and Candy some of them act As Smith the soldiers Are mostly from the 3rd brigade of the 1st air the 5th 7th has taken the Hospital under its Wing and keeps a protective Eye out for Smith graduated from the University of Washington in 1955 and served her internship at a Cincinnati after working As a resident physician at several she decided to serve its been a lot of hard she but its been Worth Means to store and conceal sup plies and a great Deal of credit must go to the Pis who seem to have an uncanny ability to detect camouflaged the most difficult and challenging Job for the a drive features civic action Phu Vietnam Iso army and Navy person Nel pooled their resources to provide a civil affairs program during a recent two week sweep by the 1st 3rd Marine South of Phu Landing from the uss Oki Nawa near the Hamlet of thua the reinforced by a company from the 26th marines and tanks and 105mm swept North along the coastal a civil affairs unit of the 29th army civil affairs marines and corpsman from combined action platoons and Navy Doc tors and corpsmen of the special Landing worked with advancing infantry Navy doctors and flying Inland and aided by Cap treated several Hundred vietnamese daily at Vil Lages and in addition to setting up a Pla Toon from the army 29th civil affairs Carlton had to Deal with a variety of housekeeping on a typical Day i issued a pass to a vietnamese Farmer to allow him into the combat area to look for his arranged a couple of medevac and med and assisted a Village chief in rounding up Viet Cong sus Carlton cording to Lebert is making a determination from clues rather than from the actual image that appears on the for a difference from the Overall foliage pattern frequently leads to the discovery of camouflaged vehicles and voodoo camera maintenance Crews hold the highest record in the air Force with a 95 per cent plus for operational Reli Abil according to Kenneth hover photo flight line when the voodoo return from a bad camera Crews quickly unload the cameras and Speed the film to the reconnaissance technical Laboratory where it is titled and within a few placed in the hands of strike Force com Manders for a full evaluation of the gis Hack it for a buddy Bong Vietnam soldiers often perform the impossible especially when a com rades life is in when a 1st air trooper fell 40fee4 and seriously injured his Back re it took eight of his fellow infantrymen Only 20 minutes to make a 20by50foot Landing zone for a medical evacuation the men cleared the Landing zone out of a dense growth of elephant grass and platoon Lewis Rodgers was directing a platoon of the 1st 1st 12th through the hazardous Jungle Trail in Mountain ranges near Korntum when the Accident of pcs Chow just wont be same cd Vietnam the Way to a mans heart is through his the 1st Mech 5th has Given Viet Cong in Hau Nghia province a terrible Case of in a recent raid on a giant pc base Camp 22 Miles North West of the 25th unit destroyed More than sets of chopsticks and 400 sets of the Viet Cong probably wont be coming Back after the mechanized battalion destroyed their 84 Large living bunkers but if they said one company be eating with their i in i Pacific stars stripes 7 1967

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