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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 17, 1967, Tokyo, Japan 4th Model air plane meet set Korea Bascom the fourth annual invitational Model air plane meet will take place 10 at the Rok air Force Academy in the meet is sponsored jointly by the Ascom crafts shop and korean Model aeroplane Assoc the nine categories will in clude stunt Junior and rat Rac and radio control in three contestants May enter at their local special services crafts on the Ascom crafts shop will conduct a camera tour for koreans and americans at the secret gardens in Pic Tures taken on this tour May be entered in the shops photo the camera tour will run from 10 until 4 six professional models will be on hand to pose in traditional korean and 14 professional photograph ers will be available for technical language school honors soldiers Camp Korea the 2nd korean language school named 1st William b 702nd top student in the officers graduating class and 5 Ricardo 1st 72nd top graduate in the enlisted mens graduating taking second place honors were 1st Oliver a 2nd 38th and 4 Michael 3rd 23rd George com division support com was guest Spon Shes aces with us pretty Diana suitor strikes an alluring pose for her film debut As a sunbathe in the British the in the movie Soring College students Diana helps her costar in a plan to steal the Crown Pps r tuft 141 my radio news and weather on the hour unless otherwise indicate 17 with Chris Pewters Lane Stewart of Midnight Griffith Corner weather and sports show and weather music devotions weather and sports music Cook world for moderns report weather and sports memo report league baseball Oclock world weather and sports and issues of Law memo and country weather and sets that jazz show 18 with Chris Pewters Lane Stewart of Midnight Griffith Corner weather and sports show and weather music devotions weather and sports music Vagabond pm 17 of sound reflections weather and sports regular am programming is aired on pm from 11 to an about family Van Dyke show Soldier headlines third Man Oclock report news final to Vunic Channel 2 in Kunsan and Pusan Channel a in second division area Channel 12 in Taejon and seventh division area these listings Are to Are approximate 17 in sound theater headlines Billy be announced highlights Oclock report Corner to the Bottom of the sea Korea cuffs open House headlines Slade smothers Brothers Oclock report playhouse Masterson final 18 in sound theater headlines Billy Security in action film highlights Oclock report special at work the following music pro Grams May be heard daily Over the voice of United nations Seoul at 1100 show pop Folk music music Salon music show soft music Salon music classics pop show classics pop Folk music music Salon of music voice of America morale old Sarge tells How you get it korean Standard time program contents recommended frequency by 4 James Oshea Camp Korea a Man has to overcome fear of death by keeping his morale High in says 1st Edward a 2nd 31st 7th Clemmons should know he served with the 7th in the famous Inchon the Battle for the amphibious invasion from Pusan to the push to the Yalu and the fierce fighting Back to one part of the korean conflict i can vividly remember is the Battle for Seoul in i moved from Inchon to Seoul with the 17th we took Seoul and Mac Arthur gave the City Back to syn Man that was the Only time i Ever Shook hands with a five Star whole company was around the Capitol building in Seoul and just listening to Macarthur gave you a he must have boosted every ones morale 90 per ill never forget his my troops will be Home by Christ Christmas we we rent Home because there was a Job to do and soldiers had to do my platoon of a was the first to reach the Yalu i saw Macarthur this time he pinned the soldiers medal on a Gibson who was in my they stood on the ice of the Yalu River and he pinned the medal on his we stayed there about 10 Days and watched the buildup of chinese troops across the River in we spent thanks giving Day there and had every thing you could want for a thanksgiving we had Turkey and All the then the chinese communists came about of them surrounded us and we had to fight our Way to Hung Nam where we evacuated and destroyed the we didst always have Turkey and All the there were times our food Supply was we we rent always out of Chow in you re special English feature and cultural program 6075 have you a question today 6075 in the news to Asia news analysis and feature 17765 the week in review and opinion Roundup 17765 press Roundup alternate weeks to South Asia news analysis and feature 17765 9730 to Asia 7235 the week in review and opinion Roundup 7155 press Roundup alternate weeks 7155 and cultural program 7155 program and opinion Roundup 6195 world press Roundup alternate weeks to Asia 7155 7155 issues in the news to South Asia 7155 7155 and feature special English 6145 Usa 7155 concert and music Usa 155 american concert to Middle Asia 7155 sunday Only Only member the times you were hungry and you never forget Guys like our mess we were moving from Pusan to Seoul and our Supply channels were we had to go without Chow for 72 it want anyone we were just moving too fast for our s4 to when we pushed on toward the our supplies were get Ting Low our mess ser Geant didst want everyone go ing hungry like the last time so he started Hunting in search of beef he went on patrols in territory occupied by the North he want under orders to do he voluntarily went Over there to bring Back the one time he was bringing the food Back and was shot and it was a Case of a Guy getting food for his people like Macarthur and our mess sergeant do an important they build the morale gives a Man Pride in his organization and in another morale builder was our we were on a patrol in the Central part of Korea once and were pinned we got hit right after we had crossed a As i was lying there under i heard someone i saw our medic evacuating wounded and whistling As he walked across the bullets were splashing All around but he kept coming Back for everyone began helping him after 23 we finally got a Guy like that medic builds morale and helps everyone you anyone gets scared in combat but some people can hide it better than morale helps overcome that fear and is very important in com i was Only 17 years old in the korean conflict and the Best thing i can Tell a Young Soldier is keep your head Down Trust in your god Trust in your coun try and its leaders and remember that youre fighting so the people at Home can live in Christian scientists plan meetings special to Boston nine Christian science inspirational conferences for servicemen at Pacific and far East military bases will be held this fall and Winter in Oki the Vietnam and conference theme will be god our Refuge and strength psalms William Henry a practitioner and teacher of Christian science and a member of the Christian science Board of lectureship of the first Church of in will give an informal address and Lead group discussions at All nine except in the conferences will last three or four each will include group discussions on facing and solv ing the problems of Active Mili tary reports of Healing by Christian science Field work ers and the Opportunity for Pri vate interviews with Field work ers or the guest conference dates and locations Are 1517 2224 1315 alternative 29 2022 1719 Danang 10 Long 12 Tan son Nhut 13 14 and in noncombat administrative leave for religious conferences is provided by armed forces in combat interested servicemen should Contact their unit Chap Lains for assistance in getting to the i Pacific stars stripes i i phones i Korea area supervisor Yon san news 2504 7th Camp Casey 458 2d Custer 4524 Bascom Seoul Yon san 3650 i corps up red Cloud 3671 Page 3439 Bascom 2547 Osan Pusan 3400 Taegu Taejon 267 Kunsan 4138 Pacific stars stripes 17 1967 1 k t

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