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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 17, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Improved ports Cut ship needs for Vietnam War Washington of 172 vessels carrying supplies to Vietnam will be placed in Mothballs be cause of improved unloading capacity at vietnamese defense Secretary Robert Mcnamara has the vessels being taken but of the Fleet Are out dated world War ii Victory Mcnamara said eight ships this week and eight More next week will be placed in reduced operating and will remain Idle on the West coast pending further the defense chief said the improvement of Southeast asian port operations has reduced by As much As 22 Days the time required for voyages to Vietnam and it is therefore possible to carry More cargo with fewer until Early this delays of two months or More in unload ing at vietnamese ports were Mcnamara announce ment followed reports that companies with vessels carrying military supplies to Southeast Asia were finding that no cargoes were available for while remaining the 16 ships will have Only Skeleton this will make the balance of the Crews available to ships that have been running Short of experienced the announcement Bird lovers fight planes Washington a the National Academy of sciences says it is joining British scientists in protesting a propos Al to establish a British military Airfield on Aldabra Island in the Indian an Island rated by the Academy As a biological treasure House of Bird and Plant the Island is an uplifted Coral atoll 400 Miles East of Africa and 260 Miles Northwest of mad the in its announce said both it and the Royal society of great Britain have urged their governments to exert every Effort to eliminate this threat of incalculable damage to one of the worlds unique re sources for scientific i Vestiga British scientists began pro testing Early this year after Britain ministry of defense had proposed building the air new space tasks for mariners up scientists at the California Institute of technology and its Jet propulsion Laboratory have announced plans for an unusual Experiment involving the Mariner launched earlier this and the Mariner launched in later this month and in sep tember and Early before Mariner v is scheduled to Fly by scientists will attempt to get readings on solar plasma and space Magnet ism from both Mariner v and Mariner in while they Are in the same direct line with the Earth and the an official said the two space Craft would be about 70 million Miles with Earth roughly in the Middle on a line drawn from the Mariner in has reported scientific data to Earth for 2 years from As far As 215 million Mariner launched from Cape Kennedy june was due to encounter the planet a spokesman said the lab Hopes to record Shock Waves and other disturbances in the solar wind or magnetic Fields encountered by each spacecraft during the solar plasma streams from the Sun at rates of 200 to 500 Miles per judging from experiments on Mariner ii and other in september and the two spacecraft readings would be concerned with concentrations of solar High Energy particles and attempts to measure the Speed and direction of streams of electrons and the High Energy particles move at almost the Speed of Light and thus could travel from Mariner v to Mariner in in a matter of blast gets dam out of the Way an explosion on the Monongahela River at is set off to create a 19mile Long Pool Between two the blast destroyed an obsolete lock and despite the it will take workmen another three months to remove All the parts of the old lock and up patients use Gripe phone Washington a the Washington Hospital Center says it has introduced direct Telephone Contact be tween patients and Hospital bigwigs for guests after a two months says a Hospital Only about two or three Calls a Day Are received Over the hotline from a bedded Down population of More than 800 polite queries Are As frequent As harassed hollering about the about the most vehement complaint so he was from a Man who said he had ordered four eggs for and Only got he quickly got the other three eggs said Charles the hospitals Public in formation who is credited with conceiving the All rooms have regular Tele phones at bedside on which Calls to the outside can be but each admitted patient is told As he enters of a special number that will connect him directly with one of four assistant Hospi Tal or other appropriate official if he has any complaints or unanswered Quer night or Brooks says most Calls received so far involve queries like whats my Bill going to How about my Hospital insurance or Channel 4 Doest work on my you fix it tiny Island offers passports for Cash new York carib bean Island of trying to win Independence from an Island federation set up by the made a bid for Ameri can Cash monday in a full Page advertisement in the new York donors of or More were promised honorary since British blockade has Cut Anguilla off from postal serv the Island established an account at the Chase Manhattan Bank on nearby Bengal women clamor for food Calcutta a women were in the forefront of food demonstrations which swept ten Small towns in Eastern India West Bengal state this was the fifth Day of violent food demonstrations in West in three towns Diamond Harbour and hundreds of women demanding an adequate food ration raided government offices and kept officials imprisoned inside their offices by squatting at the at three other women led demonstrators to Force shops and offices into observing a Gen eral mercy held on murder charge Chicago an aunt consoled him with a Young College student was ordered held to the grand jury monday on a charge of slaying his leukemic stricken Mother in her Hospital bed in order to end her Robert was led away in Handcuffs after his mothers Wailliam Riceman of cradled his face in her hands and kissed 10 Pacific stars stripes 1967 i love she told Waskins was equally unwilling to condemn his the elder a 52 year old insurance said As far As he was his wife died of that what she was dying from and that what she died of As far Asim he told of his he i dont think he murdered As a coroners jury entered a verdict of murder in the inquest into the slaying of Alice in the intensive care Ward of Wesley memorial Hospital in equally predictable Coroner Andrew Toman ordered the moustached University of Illinois senior held to the grand Waskin has freely admitted he fired three shots at his who had been hospitalized with an overdose of barbiturates which he had Given she was in great he said she begged me to do Waskin was impassive Mon Day As he listened to his father answer whether his wife had begged him to be put out of her several he said in a Low the last time was a Day or two before she went to the Hospital for the last she was in great the father said his son told him he had obtained the barbiturates which caused the w a s k i is Harry said we will meet the charge when the charge is but indicated he would answer the murder charge with a plea of Virgin to receive the advertisement said the 35 Square mile Island of inhabitants but no telephones has a monthly budget of just but can use temporary Finan Cial Aid while it seeks recognition from the United from the United from great Britain or from those sending or More will become honorary citizens of the advertisement they will receive a document in the form of an Anguilla and Only holders of this passport will be Able to visit Anguilla As the guest limitation is a must because the Island has Only 30 guest with no plans to the president is Donald pastor of the seventh Day adventist he was installed by Anguillana 4 after they deposed his a reduces Peter Adams was elected president by Anguilla 15man Council in july after the islanders voted to 5 for he was ousted when he signed an agreement to end the Anguilla secession from the federation of the federation was formed last february in a merger of three British the advertisement says the current Anguilla Money Short age occurred when mail Cut off and its Bank funds impounded by the Kitts fed 3 navies to Drill off Thailand Kuala Bumpur a the thai and malay Sian navies will hold a joint exercise in the Gulf of Thailand the malaysian de sense ministry the announcement said the 18ship flotilla would practice Inte grated mine countermeasure operations near Satta Hij on the thai

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