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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 15, 1967, Tokyo, JapanBritish Navy on Trail of treasure by m. G. Dennison St. Agnes England up dense seaweed off the South West coast of England May be hiding a Fortune in Gold Bullion and coins. The British Navy is investigating the possibility. Divers found a portuguese Coin last july which could be part of a treasure perhaps More than $2.8 million which reportedly went Down with the . Association in 1707. The association flagship of Admiral sir Clowdsley Shovell was one of four ships that foundered on rocks and Sank off the Isles of Scilly in a storm. Two thousand men drowned. The three men of War and one fire boat were part of a 22-vessel Fleet returning to England after destroying most of the French Navy in the to contemporary re ports the association was carry ing the great riches of the grandees of it is believed she also was carrying chests of Gold belonging to the Admiral and other chests of coins probably the Fleet s Coin found last month May have been part of a Large sum of Gold the association is believed to have Board in Lisbon before returning to England. It was dated 1704 and appeared in almost mint Condi historians have Long believed the wrecks of the four ships were off Gil Stone reef Here nothing to substantiate this theory was found until this year. A 17-Man naval diving team just look around. Russian airline Aeroflot boasts live entertainment by Richard c. Longworth Moscow up sit Down comrades shouted the plump pimply stewardess. Sit Down some sat. Some did t. Never mind. With a Roar and a rattle the plane revved up and another rough and ready flight aboard the Domestic service of Aeroflot the soviet airline was off the ground. Aeroflot the world s biggest and Russia s Only airline hauls 50 million passengers each Yea Rover 310,000 route Miles most of them within the soviet Union. Pell Meu Many of these passengers Fly on Cut rate bus Stop flights that make up in adventure and a barnstorming atmosphere what they Lack in amenities. Dirt run ways Are common. Pressurizing is a sometime thing. Passen Gers have been known to wait four Days at the terminal be cause an Airport ran out of planes. The next flight out can besotted by the Herd of Passen Gers pelting across the runway toward it. Aeroflot often Over Sells its flights and a ticket is no guarantee of a seat. Those who Don t run Don t Fly. For Eigners who always stand Firstin any soviet line need not worry about this. In recent years seat belts have become Standard equip ment on All planes. Not All Pas sengers use them and some Donot even bother to sit Down Dur ing takeoffs and landings. A flight to or from Armenia is the Best place to watch this Carefree phenomenon in action. As the plane comes in for Landing armenian passengers anxious to be the first off jump up and run for the door. The plane lurches As its human Load shifts. Sit Down comrades roars the Steward Ess. Passengers pay no Atten Tion. Stewardesses Are not chosen for their looks. They tend Tobe fat surly girls in Street clothes who do Little except handout Candy before Takeoff and Landing and a one gulp Glass of Apple juice or Mineral water during the flight. They also give Short pre flight lectures on rules and regulations Over a Loudspeaker on the More modern planes or More often simply by standing in the aisle and shouting. On Short local flights running scores on soccer games Are part of the service. Service poor the rest of the time the stewardesses slump in seats chatting among themselves an ignoring the paying customers. The Only in flight entertain ment is the passengers. Grin and Bear it by Lichty i located 30 Large Cannon on the seafloor 20 fathoms Clown. The guns were roughly in the same position they would have been if they were on the deck of a warship. A two ton Bronze Cannon was raised to the surface for study. It is known that Bronze was no used in manufacturing Cannon after the 18th also have brought up a 19-foot Anchor two solid brass Pulley wheels two spoke Bronze wheels a Silver Charles ii Crown dated 1669 a 21-Inch Long brass Pivot gun handfuls of Small shot and several cannonballs. At least three civilian divers have been granted search an Salvage contracts for the area. But Navy divers will stay on the Job until aug. 20. They la be called off then if the wreck proves to be something the treasure if it exists won t be easy. Thick seaweed four feet High cover the seabed and the area is subject to Strong Cross currents an Atlantic tides. A m be Ween shows. There was t much More to say about headache remedies but in two weeks i it be starring in Hairspray for men " in Russia nearly everybody flies Aeroflot turbaned moslem elders siberian Lumberjacks workers in undershirts and san dals children on a school out ing armenian businessmen ancient Babushka grandmothers squeezing their divan size Girth into the plane s narrow bucket seats kazakh Farmers flying a Load of apples to the free markets in Moscow terrified peas ants on their first plane bring their own Sau sages bread pickles Cognac and cheese and turn each flight into a picnic. The effect is More like a bus ride than a plane trip and that is As it should be because planes in Russia fulfil the same function As buses or trains in the West. Fares cheap Russia is a vast country wit poor roads few cars and buses and skimpy train service. With one sixth of the Earth s land surface on its hands the Krem Lin decided to ferry its people about by air planes became a Means of mass travel not the fast but expensive elite service of the fares Are dirt cheap this correspondent recently travelled 5,000 Miles for less than $150and a trip by air usually costs less than one by train Over the same distance. In con Trast to Aeroflot s Dass conscious International flights All Domestic flights Are one proudly proclaims its safety record. Since crashes Here Are never publicly reported there is no Way to dispute pilots have a Well earned reputation for Landing on dirt or grass strips without mishap. The planes from the mighty il18s and tu104s to the puddle jumping an24s seem solid and Well elegant the planes Aren t. Seats Are threadbare an legroom cramped. Interior decorating consists of beige Painton Bare Metal. Lack of sound proofing lets in the engine s Roar. The menu on Long flights meals usually measure up to the depressing Standard of tourist class meal everywhere. One Sample tepid Chicken hot Rice cold peas Black bread Rock hard pastry and Tea with its increasing Penetra Tion into the Western Market Aeroflot s International flights which must charge As much another airlines Are losing their reputation for indifferent serv ice. But the cheap spartan Domestic flights performing a real service across this Large and underdeveloped land pro vide the flying most russians know. Or. Edward h. Hanly a University of Utah scientist looks at a bottle containing germ free fruit Flics. He uses As Many As 30,000 Flics a Day in his search for Man s genetic makeup. Up scientists create germ free life Brussels up what would the world be like if every living thing in it could be kept absolutely germ free to get the answers scientists at Belgium s Louvain University have constructed the largest completely germ free area any where. It consists of three Sepa rate Chambers two of them nine feet Long 12 feet wide and six feet High. The third is six feet Square. Chickens rats and mice Are living in these Chambers in cur rent experiments. Later larger animals such As dogs and pigs will be introduced to them. The Experiment began from the fact that All living things Are from the moment of birth brought into Contact with All kinds of microorganisms which affect the biochemical and physiological conditions of life. If science asked the Micro organisms could be excluded what would the effect be the belgians following up earlier american and swedish experiments along the same line needed completely sterile rooms and called in Engineer g. Dedobbeleer to design them. In the completed Chambers Walls Are of stainless steel. Eight tons of air Are filtered through them daily. A system of lock prevents any seepage of impure air. Water for the inmates of the chamber is de ionized and distilled. Food for the animals is made germ free by intense heat. Double doors allow specially clothed scientists to enter the Chambers through an area in which they Are Given a germicidal exit from the Cham Bers is by the same system. Various methods Are used to r insure that animals also Are free from any microbe taint when they Are placed in the Chambers. In the Case of Chicks the eggs Are sterilized then placed inside to be hatched. Although the present experiments Are in a relatively Early stage scientists at Louvain s famed Rega Institute say some interesting results have been noted. One discovery involves apparent dramatic changes in the cholesterol rate among inhabit ants of the Chambers. This May Lead the Way to isolating the in fluence of cholesterol in Harden ing of the arteries and other arterial diseases. Pacific stars & stripes 9tuesday, aug. 15, 1967

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