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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 15, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Sta ipe8 you wait to Fol Hes serving All the services an authorized publication of the armed published in four edition i Dally at Japan by Pacific stars and Apo for the cinc Pac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Are not necessarily those of the department of defense this Page is intended to present various views on issues of the opinions not necessarily those of this newspaper Pacific stars and stripes is distributed to authorized personnel in the a cow area for 10 cents subscriptions Are monthly or yearly and must be void in Advance per a 2305 and apr personnel in Vietnam Are authorize papers without charge through their second class postage paid at Post san col Peter editor chief it col Jesse Deputy editor chief it col Roy Pic capt Darcy Isaac Gordon general manager Ernest managing editor Paul Brumbaugh production manager Lyle circulation manager Richard t business manager Bob world faces threat of hunger the Seesaw struggle in israels sweeping preventive War against the and the flaming risings of americas racial strife seize the headlines and interrupt everything on to except the but As awesome As they in they Pale beside an infinitely greater the unprecedented calamity of the worlds about children alone died of malnutrition ten thousand More will die and every Day for the remainder of this unless Allbri insurmountable barriers Are the death rate will a million new Mouths were born All seeking but food production cannot keep up with a Popula Tion that is now approaching billion and expected to be billion by it took from the Dawn of time until 1830 for the world to reach a population of one billion but Only 100 additional years to attain two the third billion was produced in the three decades Between 1930 and the fourth billion will re quire Only 20 years from that latter part of the population explosion can be traced to the increased longevity realized through better medical Considine wonder the life expectancy in George Washington Day was hardly 30 today in America and a number of other it hovers around the world is steadily and alarmingly failing to produce enough it will be before the nations that need food for the the knowhow or the industriousness to support their Twentyfive per cent of All the wheat now grown in the United states is shipped to but thousands die there daily of malnutrition and All its attendant our food surpluses once threatened to sink us As deep As but Lester administrator of the International agriculture development there Are no sizable surpluses of Staple foods anywhere in the world and no solution is in sight for the immediate which spends millions each year on books and Maga Zines preaching has hundreds of thousands who need no such they Are losing weight because they dont have enough to but their plight is never As desperate As that of millions through the a Magazine published in los puts the crisis in unnerving focus two thirds of the worlds population is now inadequately fed Overall food production in 1980 will at Best Only maintain the extra billion people at today inadequate level three of the worlds largest India and the soviet containing close to half the worlds Are now heavily de pendent on food Africa and latin All Grain exporters 30 years Are now losing the capacity to feed other solutions to food deserts with desalted massive birth control the adoption of improved farming technologies or development of exotic foods on a massive at least 15 years and billions of dollars away last year 600 ships carried 25 per cent of the wheat crop to and the process is expected to be repeated this year the Farmer is currently feeding 200 million 60 million indians and 100 million others around the world the world is saddled with 500 million illiterate Farmers Pace sees the coming when food will be the 1 Issue in most election cause of most source of most debates on campuses and the nations with sufficient food will dominate the As bombs and missiles now tip the balance of the ultimate War May be that Between the fats and the King features Syndicate Don Oakley quest for Good life a Survey by opinion Sampler Louis Harris finds that by a slim 46 per cent to 43 per cent Are now opposed to the program to land a Man on the More than 60 per cent said they would oppose it if the russians were not in Competition with not Low income people and those Over 50 were heavily represented in the though the question was not where we a Conof we May at least 0 Pacific stars stripes 1967 it is a Safe Assumption that a majority of in this poll or any would like to see some space or other funds diverted to projects or defense closer to this ment Elk by has few echoes in viewing the wreckage after the House vigorously wielded an a against an appropriations request by the department of housing and Urban Louis reminded his colleagues there is just about enough in the present appropriation for this Model cities program to fuel and fire one Large Saturn the House went on to chop million from the million mean a House Senate Confer ence committee was Only Able to Weed out a Mere million from the space Agency billion budget for says president can afford both the Vietnam War and the poverty it can also probably afford the Moon race and anything else it feels it must the is not Over Means but in architects and City planners met in Washington recently to talk about according to published by nonprofit Urban the conferees agreed that space and weapons Complex As they have the advantage of clearly defined but there is no similar agreement about the ends of Urban said Ronald science adviser to the the suburban the Small downtown the Low income the real estate All have quite different though those goals All come under the heading of the Good said scientist Walter Rosenblith of we cannot define the Good life in measurable and operational terms we cannot foresee How this Defini Tion might change in the and we cannot judge adequately All the effects of Means which might be used to achieve thus americans in in favor of Large scale spending programs on Domestic Congress sees the Moon and the sees the enemy in sees the shape of the supersonic it does and see the shape of America As it could be or should be 10 years or 50 years from newspaper Enterprise Mockridge animal antics the ladies who Are planning the next Benefit for the new York chapter of the arthritis which is to be a tour of elegant new York have asked the Printer to put a curious notation on their it reads no please theres a Little Story be Hind seems that the last time the foundation conducted a tour of some of the m Ore exquisitely f u r wished and decorated Homes in f one Mockridge of the visitors smuggled her pet Monkey into a House on Beek Man hiding him under her All went quietly until the lady who owned the House suddenly discovered that the Monkey had used a costly aubusson Rug As a pot de she whirled around to try to find the and the Monkey at that moment stuck its tiny head out of his mistress the lady of the House stalked Over to the rather acid by explained the damage to the Rug and admonished her in some rather Strong the monkeys never batted an she just turned away and said did anybody see him do it speaking of animals and the habits they get a Friend of who lives on East 83rd Street in for years has seen a lady who lives across the Street emerge from her House each morning about 8 leading a Small clog on a the As do most Al ways made a beeline for a tree planted in front of the House and did what a Good Doggie one after a Street widening Crew had removed the the dog trotted out As usual and went directly to where the tree Al ways had he didst see the of and this stopped him right where he looked and looked for the glanced up at his looked Down and sniffed the ground and then walked around in trying to find the he decided the Heck with and he performed As just where the tree had with what my Friend swears was a sort of shrug of the he turned and walked United feature tie Purnell Bailey bread of life Oudy Peterson was a Veteran conductor on one of our largest one Day when he joined the Crew on a Willow run a local freight operating out of and it reached Ann Peterson was thrown off Between his two feet were after More than 100 Days in the expert and great circles of Peterson was Able to walk he carries ugly and one leg Shorter than the but with a special shoe he walks someone who heard him Tell of the recovery called him a religious at such a Peterson is reported to have rammed his right fist into his left and declared Praise the int he wonderful they know whose Side in on with god All things Are Mark

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